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Hello September.


Okay, so today I was going to post something special, but due to press reasons I can’t quite share the news with you yet!

BUT it’s a new month and my favorite month of the year! September, it’s the time when leaves change colors, the hot sun cools down a bit and the boots and sweaters come out! Along with the season and fashion styles changing, I get to celebrate twenty-one years of my life in about six-days!

I’ll be celebrating the big twenty-one in New York City on September 11 weekend (I know a bit weird) and I am super looking forward to it. I was hoping a lot of my friends from home would join me, but they aren’t and for a while I was frustrated and a bit upset they wouldn’t be there for this special day. As we get older though, its okay to not have everyone there for you and its okay to just enjoy the little life gives. As we get older not everything falls into place and not everything goes as imagined.

This year I stopped ‘planning’ out each day and it has helped me expect less from life. This year I have tried my best to pull out the most positive aspect out of a bad situation and I have even noticed it annoys people when you do that, interesting.

But I am excited to be in a city, surrounded by the tall buildings and to be part of the city-life for a whole weekend with a few very close friends of mine. A few others from the city area will be joining me too and I look forward to seeing them. And while I was trying to make it a ‘non-work’ weekend, it’s hard for me to stay away from work as I love it SO much!! Friday the 11th, I’ll be interviewing some very creative-people for Urban Asian and I am really looking forward to that.

There’s a lot happening the next couple weeks and I am excited to share my journey with all of you here! I will use all my social media platforms and let you all be part of my trip to NYC! You can follow me on all the platforms listed on this page: http://newgirlinacity.com/get-social/  also I just joined Periscope and I will go live on it in NYC only if I reach at least 50 followers on it between now and September 11!

Keep Reading, Keep Watching and See You At The Movies! 

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A New Girl in a City in conversation with Assistant Director Satya Adusumilli


Directors cannot live without their AD’s also known as, assistant directors! Satya Adusumilli and I had a wonderful conversation over the upcoming 2016 short-film Now and Then. Satya is one of the AD’s of NAT and we talked about his Now and Then journey, shared his personal life-happenings, and of course we had a quick rapid fire round!

The Now and Then Journey

Tell us what your Now and Then journey has been like as the Production Manager of the film.

Satya: It was challenging! Being an assistant director, you are in charge of everything that happens on the set, but my role wasn’t limited to being just an AD. Being a part of a small production house, I had to get my feet wet in all departments of production. It was a great learning experience! 

How was it working with debut director, Mohitha Sripathi

Satya: At first, there was a clear learning curve for Mohitha as this marks her debut. Once we got through the first few months, Mohitha really became more confident in her skills as a director! As a team member, watching her grow as a leader and a good director was one of the best things I noticed working alongside her.

How was it co-writing the story of Now and Then? What was the experience like to have more than one person work on the screenplay?

Satya: One of the greatest challenges of co-writing a screenplay is the how well the writers think alike. Mohitha’s writing style and mine differ in extreme ways. However, with collaboration and creative thinking, we overcame that obstacle to present a great story to our audience.

If there is one moment you could relive from the Now and Then journey, what moment would that be?

Satya: We were shooting a scene on a bridge, which is a 2-way one car lane. So while we were shooting and if there were on-coming cars, I had the responsibility of explaining to person why I had to temporarily stop their journey. It was fun and very weird.

let's get personal

Your InBetweener Background.
Satya: I have completed my BA in Economics. I now work a full time job but my passion of filmmaking and being a basketball coach are things that I always make time for.

Share something from your bucket list.
Satya: Travel the world.  

What’s your biggest source of inspiration as a writer?
Satya: For me to fully invest in a film, I have to like the content of the screenplay. Movies with excellent writing and a beautiful screenplay always fascinate me, which is a huge inspiration for me to become a better writer. 

What are some qualities you look for in a girl?
Satya: A girl that has big dreams and aspirations. 

What’s your favorite film?
Satya: Good Will Hunting and Shawshank Redemption! 

What’s next for you?
Satya: Hopefully get into graduate school.

take 5

Satya the businessman or filmmaker?
Satya: Businessman.

Films or food?
Satya: Both!

Choose an alternate career option for the following people:
Satya: Rome Chopra- Successful App Owner , Mohitha Sripathi- Comedian

One big celebrity you’d like to star in your next film.
Satya: Mahesh Babu.

Now that we know more about Satya check out more on the upcoming short-film, Now and Then right here & don’t forget to donate, even if it’s just $1!



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Phantom – Film Review

The maker of Kabul Express, New York, and most recently, Bajrangi Bhaijaan presents to us with Phantom. Director Kabir Khan has a knack for making films which involve India-Pakistan and a couple other current political issues. I think in today’s generation, it’s important for us to be aware of worldly events and most importantly understand the meaning behind ‘patriotism.’

Phantom is originally a ‘spy-film.’ Actor Saif Ali Khan plays the role of Daniel Khan who is an ex-Indian soldier who takes on a mission to fight for justice. The story of the film and concept was beautiful, it was focused on the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack and seeking the terrorist who caused the attack to happen. It was very intriguing, yet intense to watch. I personally haven’t seen anything in Indian cinema in a while like Phantom. Saif specifically really grasped my attention from beginning to end, his past couple films have been a disappointment to me, but his role as Daniel Khan was unique and powerful.

I was not impressed by Katrina Kaif at all who played the role of Nawaz Mystry. Her acting was dull and boring, her expressions were expressionless and dialogue delivery was very irritating to watch. Her character specifically was very important in the film, but I don’t think she lived up to the importance of her role.

The supporting actors though were amazing. Each individual character was intertwined into one another in some shape or form, which was very interesting on the writing side of the film.

What lacked in Phantom though was that I wasn’t convinced as the audience. The events that occurred happened to quickly and ‘easily’ you could say. Even though it’s fictional, there is so much realism to the story and ideas presented on celluloid, but it was not convincing enough to me. I wasn’t as emotionally engaged in the film as I expected to be until the last fifteen minutes, and this may have to do with Arijit Singh’s song Saware playing as the background score during this point of the film.

In-short, a film that was about bringing justice did not make enough justice viewing it. But I definitely enjoyed the patriotism that was projected through the film, it’s something that is rarely seen in today’s cinema.

A New Girl in a City’s review of Phantom is


Check out my favorite track from the film!

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Overdue B-town Updates!

This post has been in high-demand and well I have no good excuse why it hasn’t happened earlier. So here we go!

A Nikhil Advani Film

 Katti Batti 

Starring Kangana Ranaut & Imran Khan

Releasing in cinemas September 18


After Kabir Khan’s successful release with Bajrangi Bhaijaan he is returning this Friday with another film!


Starring: Saif Ali Khan & Katrina Kaif

Releasing this Friday August 28

Check out this exclusive behind the scenes clip!

The official Jazbaa Trailer 

Starring: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Irfan Khan, Jackie Shroff & Shabana Azmi

Releasing in cinemas October 9

New Song from the upcoming Salman Khan Films Production


Yadaan Teriyaan 

Introducing Sooraj Pancholi & Athiya Shetty

Releasing September 11

The Shaandaar Trailer Launch 


Keep Reading, Keep Watching,  & See You At The Movies! 

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A New Girl in a City in conversation with Production Manager Shreya Srivastava

Shreya Srivastava

Film-making is a tedious journey, and without some very important people, the final product we see on the big-screen could never come to life. After talking to Mohitha Sripathi, director of the upcoming 2016 upcoming short-film Now and Then, I had the chance to also interview the production manager of the film- Shreya SrivastavaShreya and I had a great conversation about her Now and Then journey, some personal stories, and the in-famous rapid fire round!

The Now and Then Journey

Tell us what your Now and Then journey has been like as the Production Manager of the film. 

Shreya: My experience on Now and Then is something I really cherish and hold close to my heart.

As production manager I learned a lot about the importance of time, organization, and people management on set. After being a part of this movie making process I now look at movies in a completely different way!

How was it working with debut director, Mohitha Sripathi

Shreya: It was great! Mohitha and I were very good friends before Now and Then, so I think that definitely made it easier to develop a fun, creative, and productive working relationship with her as well.

Now and Then is about your past catching up to you. Have you ever had a ‘now and then’ moment like that in your life? 

Shreya: I think everyone has those kind of moments in life. But you take it in your stride and move on. It doesn’t have to be a big deal unless you want it to be.

If there is one moment you could relive from the Now and Then journey, what moment would it be? 

Shreya: Probably when Satya fell off a tree.

let's get personal

Your InBetweener background.
Shreya: I am currently a senior at Rutgers University, working as a HR analyst, and the production manager of Now and Then.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Shreya: I don’t have a clear image as of now, but hopefully in a new place working on something creative and enjoying life!

What is your image of the ‘perfect guy’?
Shreya: I don’t really care for perfection. However, I would be attracted to someone who is passionate, caring, driven, and has a great sense of humor.

Tell us three of your favorite films.
Shreya: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and DDLJ (apologetically a huge SRK fan)!

What are three things we will always find in your purse?
Shreya: Wallet, perfume, and gum.

take 5

Food or Movies?
Shreya: Both! Eating food while watching movies.

If you could live somewhere else, where would it be?
Shreya: London!

Your opinion on film award ceremonies.
Shreya: Entertaining but apparently very rigged.

Choose an alternate career option for the following people:
Shreya: Rome Chopra- Entrepreneur , Mohitha Sripathi- Actress

What does it mean when people say, “I don’t have time for a relationship.” 
Shreya: I think it just means that they’re too busy working on themselves and their priorities are different at that point in time.

Now that we know more about Shreya check out more on the upcoming short-film, Now and Then right here & don’t forget to donate:

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All over the place…

A New Girl in a City (2)

There are 15 days till I am officially 21. Classes have started back up, but not much in my day-to-day schedule has changed other than there are just a few more things to do on my lists now.

A few days ago I had some time to myself to simply ‘think’ which I don’t get to do often. I was sitting outside with no computer or phone and just simply embracing the sounds and beauty of nature. Then I realized I spent too much time thinking and freaked out over every little thing in my life– the girly side of me kicked in that moment probably.

My life is just all over the place though, I try to do everything I can in a day, and sometimes I just want to put my phone and computer away and enjoy my ‘youth.’ But then I will just be doing what everyone else is doing and that’s not really me. Being all over the place is very me. It’s very exhilarating and in a way intoxicating for me.

Right now I am at this point where I have taken off and now going to be flying for a while in the air till I reach my destination. There’s no turning back and there’s no changing what has happened. I may lose some ‘passengers’ on the way and some turbulence may occur too, but I can feel that it is all going to be a hundred-percent worth it. Most importantly I am really happy, even though I may look tired all the time and sound exhausted, internally I am very happy with myself.

So while I am looking forward to just being able to buy my own bottle of wine from the grocery store, I am also looking forward to more opportunity ahead.

And to continue sharing all what I have been up to, here are some ways you can catch up with all the different parts of my life and just general random things I’d like to share with you!

My latest Vlog features a bit of my trip in New Jersey and some of the work I’ve been doing for CXC Productions & Now and Then! I also announce my next upcoming travel journey. 

Speaking of Now and Then, my team is working towards raising post-production funds! So if you have anywhere from a dollar to any infinite amount to spare then please click this link and donate to our fundraising campaign! It would mean a lot to me! :) 



I can’t say I’ve been the most active writer on Urban Asian lately, but you can keep up with all my articles in this link here: 


UA logos

Here’s a random before-work(Charming Charlie)-car-selfie I took a few weeks ago! 


And lastly take a look at my new favorite on-repeat song!
Sarfira from the upcoming film Katti Batti releasing September 18 

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A New Girl in a City in conversation with Director Mohitha Sripathi

A New Girl in a City

I had the chance to get up-close and personal with Mohitha Sripathi, director of Now and Then, an upcoming Independent short-film in 2016. Mohitha took me through her journey of Now and Then, gave me some personal happenings in her life, and my favorite- a quick rapid-fire round!

The Now and Then Journey

Tell us what your Now and Then journey has been like as the director and writer of the film. 

Mohitha: As a director, I loved every moment of it. It was definitely a new role for me but it helped me realize a lot of my personal strengths and I also learned so much from all the responsibility this position carried.

As a writer, I realized how difficult writing a screenplay was! I think this was definitely my biggest challenge during NAT but luckily I had a lot of help from Satya.

Now and Then is considered to be an Indian-cinema inspired film without the 3-hour commitment. How difficult was it to include all aspects an Indian film has in such a short time-span?

Mohitha: Well, I’m not sure I can say I included all aspects of an Indian film, but I did take a lot of inspiration from Telugu and Hindi films. I tried to incorporate everything I liked from these industries into Now and Then- the songs, the dance, the romantic love story and the very dramatic twist of events.

It wasn’t difficult to incorporate these elements because that was the vision from the beginning but the process was difficult because we were predominantly first timers and also because we are running the project on a very tight budget.

How did the story of Now and Then come to mind and how did you know this idea needed to turn into a film?

Mohitha: I always wanted to make a film or be in a film. When I met Rome, we began discussing our shared interests and one day we both just decided to make a movie. We didn’t have a story, we didn’t have a single clue on how or when but we just knew we wanted to make a movie. We also knew that if we didn’t try this now, we probably wouldn’t have another chance to do this.

The story came much after we made that decision. It’s a combination of a few real life events and observations. It became more real as we got approvals and guidance from Vijay and Ajay.

Was there a surreal moment during the NAT journey? 

Mohitha: There were so many- this whole movie is surreal for me!!!! But I think in general, seeing a lot of my thoughts and ideas come to life was just so surreal.

I don’t know much about the technicality of music but I do know what I like to hear. One day, the music team got back to me with their songs and I remember just being blown away when I heard Fly, House of Rush, and Jaan Meri for the first time. It’s amazing to see a group of people listening and more importantly understanding your ideas and feedback and incorporating them to create something which was even better than what I could have imagined.

let's get personal

Tell us something you’d like people to know about you.
Mohitha: I am trying to learn Hindi.

Your InBetweener background.
Mohitha: I do not have any filmmaking experience before Now and Then. I actually did my undergraduate degree in Biology and am beginning my Masters in Public Health this fall. I do, however, plan to pursue an MFA in the near future.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Mohitha: I see myself as an MFA graduate trying to show my feature film script to a big time production house…..in Hollywood…or maybe the Indian industry, I can’t decide yet!

So what’s next for you?
Mohitha: I’m beginning graduate school this month, but have started on a few smaller projects which I hope to work on while in Miami. I also recently began my second short film script.

Describe the perfect date!
Mohitha: A movie in bed and warm maggi.

Current favorite song.
Mohitha: Often – by The Weekend!

take 5

Candle light dinner or a long drive?
Mohitha: Candle light dinner, long drives make me motion sick!!

One thing that turns you on in a guy, and one thing that turns you off.
Mohitha: Turns me on- spontaneity. Turns me off – a know it all.

Actress or director?
Mohitha: I would love to hold both titles one day.

If you could cast a big celebrity in your next film, who would it be?
Mohitha: Rana!!!

What keeps you up at night, insecurity or ambition?
Mohitha: Ambition.

Now that we know more about Mohitha check out more on the upcoming short-film, Now and Then right here & don’t forget to donate:


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