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When is it time for a Vacation?

11133952_10152712033176249_3698341842959332663_oThis post will probably involve many mixed emotions. Lately, I have felt blocked from writing and if you are a writer of some-sort you understand the feeling.

Last night as I was wounding down after yet another exhausting day, I surfed my Netflix and clicked a random film to watch, Not Another Happy Ending, a Scottish-English Independent Romantic Film. The film was about a writer being blocked due to too much happiness and not enough emotions to execute on paper. Strangely it was a coincidence!

I have an unplanned Summer ahead of me and way too many things I want to get done. My drive and motivation to complete tasks is becoming impossible and it is completely mind-boggling. I cannot even get simple tasks done such as, summarizing a script I have written or simply fluffing up a film article.

This weekend my mom and I have two big weddings and one of them is my best friends sisters wedding, which is quite exciting! Unfortunately though, weddings are beginning to tire me out and my enthusiasm is not up to par. If someone asked me to get married today, I would say, “let’s elope!”


What is going on with me?

I think after sometime, when we are constantly on the go in this world of chaos, we need to look at the big picture and see that there is too much happening and it’s okay. But for me it is time to take a vacation!! After this weekend I plan to add a Vacation on my calendar ASAP!

When I was back in England last Summer, I spent most of my time on foot walking around and wandering. That feeling of wandering around is un-explainable and it’s that feeling that I am hungry for. I believe every person, once a year should try to make a trip somewhere for three to four days. Not necessarily abroad, but away from home and with not a lot of people you do not know. You get a chance to live with the silence of yourself and understand the noise going on inside your mind. If you are not the type to be alone, this is the easiest way to learn to do it. Traveling distracts you from even feeling alone, and you meet all kinds of people on the way!

So it’s time for me, it is time for me to go somewhere and be somewhere! Hopefully soon I can share my next journey with all of you very soon!

Thanks for reading always!

– A New Girl in a City –



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The Bombay Velvet Film Review!

Bombay Velvet, the film that has tackled multiple release dates and has finally hit the big screen with a “Big Shot!”

Anurag Kashyap was originally inspired to make the film after reading a sequence of crime fiction novels by James Ellroy, L.A. Quartet set in the late 1940’s. Bombay Velvet is set in the 1960’s, at the time when Bombay was booming and the next big thing.

Anurag takes the audience through a sequence of emotions: anger, kill, love, and win! These emotions though, were executed on-screen differently for Indian cinema. I am sure most of us have seen similar genres and themes in Hollywood, but I am surely happy to see this kind of flavor of cinema appear in India.

What I loved the most about Bombay Velvet was the story. It kept me at the edge of my seat and I was intrigued throughout the film to find out what was going to happen next. More so I was also focused on the three strongest roles of the film, Johnny Balraj as Ranbir Kapoor, Rosie Noronah as Anushka Sharma and Kaizad Khambat as Karan Johar. What a trio! There were points where I forgot that Karan Johar was the same Karan Johar who created Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and there were points where I forgot Anushka Sharma was the actress who always played the love-able Punjabi girl. And where do I begin with Ranbir? His performance was impeccable and I never doubt myself when I say, ‘Ranbir is a fantastic actor.’

In addition the performances by our main actors, the supporting cast played a huge part to making Anurag’s story come together. Kay Kay Menon, Manish Choudhary, Siddarth Basu, Remo Fernandes and Vivaan Shah had to be one of my favorite supporting casts I’ve seen thus far.

Visually the film was grasping and precise. I posted a few days ago the making of ‘Bombay Velvet’ as the film is set back in the 60’s recreating old Bombay was a task for the team, but with the help of CGI technology it all came together. Not only was there a beautiful set, but also the costumes and appearance of each character. Ranbir’s suave look and Anushka’s gorgeous attires were superb!

Along with Anushka’s look the music helped enhance her character as Rosie. If you watch all of Ranbir’s interviews for the Bombay Velvet promotions, he mentions that the music of the film is what completes the film. Music Director, Amit Trivedi having no Jazz background traveled to Prague to select the correct style of Jazz and worked with a team to bring the Bombay 60’s Jazz music alive to the screen.

There were points in the film which seemed a bit choppy and unorganized and I also felt the story moved a bit slow at some points. But on a whole it was a pure-entertainment film and I loved it!

A New Girl in a City’s review for Bombay Velvet is

4 stars

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QUANTICO – Priyanka Chopra coming soon to ABC Channel!

Yes it’s true! My favorite actress, a role model for all and the versatile actress is coming to your home TV screen this fall!

I have been following Priyanka since she began shooting for the TV Show in Atlanta, Georgia which is only a six-hours drive from where I am. I remember the night she landed, I was eager to hop in my car and jet off to find her! Of course, I didn’t do that but I was just happy to know that she found the script she was looking for. I also knew it was in the air that she was going to join the ABC Channel team a while back but she was looking for the right story and time to do it.

So here it is, the very first look of her upcoming TV Show which will air on Tuesdays starting this coming up Fall!



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New Song – Sun Saathiya (ABCD 2)

Sun Saathiya

ABCD 2 Releasing on June 19 

Director & Choreographer, Remo D’souza has created a different body language through a romantic track. Check it out!

abcd2-3 abcd2-4

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What is Bombay Velvet?

Anurag Kashyap talks about the development of the upcoming film releasing this Friday May 15, Bombay Velvet. He takes us through the journey of a city, Bombay and what it once looked like and was. A studio was built on 40 acres of empty land and old Bombay was recreated!

In addition to the looks of the film, the sound is also just as important. Music director, Amit Trivedi recreated the classic Jazz Music from the 50’s and 60’s of Bombay, aka: Hindi Jazz. The team traveled to Prague to grab a real Jazz feel for the film as Amit has no background with Jazz music, but they did what needed to happen to create the right feel. Ranbir Kapoor has said in most of his interviews that the music of the film is what makes the film come alive.

What fascinates me the most is that the entire Bombay Velvet team has spent about 7 years to make a film like this come together. Anurag Kashyap has created a story on a city, which today is known to be the commercial and entertainment capital of India, back from the 60’s. He has recreated a classic time of Bombay and I am very intrigued to see the outcome on Friday on the big-screen!


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New Song – Pehli Baar

Pehli Baar

From the film Dil Dhadakne Do 

Singers: Sukriti Kakkar & Siddarth Mahadevan 

In Cinemas on June 5, 2105 


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Piku – Film Review

For the past week, I have had a song from the film Piku on repeat, Journey Song. I quickly caught up with all the updates, behind the scenes and promotional interviews from the film this past week as well. I knew the film was going to be light-hearted and at some point in the film, I would probably shed a few tears.

If you know me well, you know my favorite kind of films are the simple ones with a really good message. Director, Shoojit Sircar and Screenplay writer, Juhi Chaturvedi took a simple subject, constipation, and developed a beautiful story out of it. I find myself often engrossed in everything but mainstream cinema and lately have noticed the cinema hall packed in a non-mainstream cinematic film. Today the audience was focused on the story because the story was so grasping and most importantly any person in the world can relate to the topic of the film. piku10

Piku is not just about constipation though, it is a certain kind of lifestyle the audience is taken on and it is surely not a lavish one. We get to see a common relation most Indian’s come across at one point in their lives and it is a son or daughter having to take care of their parent(s). It is an experience, a journey and a battle, but Piku played by Deepika Padukone, teaches us that we either leave our parent alone and die or simply help and take care of them because no one else will. Not only is she taking care of her Bengali father, Bhashkor played by Amitabh Bachchan, but also works, takes care of the house, and whenever she gets a chance she tries to find herself a compatible partner to marry.  I definitely could not imagine any other actress playing the role of Piku, other than Deepika.

I loved everything about the film, from the first frame to the last, every moment I lived in the two-hours and two-minutes of the film was worth it. I laughed a lot! The dialogue was grasping and there was some sort of logical-theory behind every dialogue. My favorite dialogues were delivered by none other than, Irrfan Khan who plays, Rana Chaudhary. Irrfan no doubt always has perfect dialogue delivery timing with a taste of wittiness in his personality and this technique of his was executed on screen perfectly!


The technicalities of the film stood out immensely though; the cinematography, editing, and my favorite the road trip journey from Delhi to Calcutta. Cinematographer, Kamaljeet Negi captured a very crisp visual of the entire film. It was naturally displayed, like I was part of Piku and her journey. At one point I forgot I was watching a fictional film it was so real. The three actors, Amitabh, Irrfan and Deepika had a beautiful on-screen chemistry and their different personalities meshed well with the script.


I had already fallen in-love with the music before seeing the film and love it even more after seeing the film itself. Music Director, Anupam Roy has compiled an album of five beautiful tracks where most of them are sung by him and along with Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal.

The best part about Piku, is that it lightens up your heart and mind. Sure there aren’t any item-songs or a romantic scene, in fact the film is quite personal, after all discussions about different constipation motions are discussed with all characters. This film conveys many little life-messages to all and one of my favorite ones is that no matter how young or old you are you are free to do whatever you want whenever. Seventy year old Bhashkor eventually let’s go of his emotions through motion. If he can do it, then so can anyone else. Props to one of the most divine actors of Indian Cinema, Amitabh Bachchan for an outstanding performance on-screen.


A New Girl in a City’s review of Piku is

5 stars

Check out my favorite track from the film!

Journey Song
Singers: Anupam Roy & Shreya Ghoshal 


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