After Travel Blues

It’s been about a bout six days since I have returned back from the beautiful dream I had for a month in Britain. And now here I am back in my bed, having to do things that are just so “whatever”.

I miss waking up to the birds chirping from the window next to me, the sun shinning through the sun-roof windows and going downstairs to the wedding fun and getting ready to start a new project or travel some-place new. Now I wake up, turn to my right pick up my computer check e-mails, Facebook and then get onto Netflix and watch New Girl, which I have fallen in love with, but it’s not getting me anywhere with my days. I finally sent an e-mail into work today saying when I’d be coming back. I went for a day trip to the beach yesterday with one of my friends which was pleasant but I found myself complaining about the gross hot humid weather or how I want to go back to the UK right away…I felt like a 2 year old annoying their parents about something so unnecessary.

I call all this, “After Travel Blues”. When you come back from such an amazing vacation and you’re at home thinking, what a boring life I live. I’ve already texted one of my friends that after college I am moving to the UK and I am being completely serious. America is so ‘blah’. We have cool places to see in America but there’s not much to it, I really enjoyed the culture in the UK and seeing so many different kinds of people everywhere I went, every single person dresses differently and they dress nice there. The system of doing things is a bit different but when you go to a new place its cool to just learn someone else’s lifestyle vs. sticking to your own.

In the beginning of 2014 I made a lot of promises to myself, one of them was to travel, but I never really believed that I’d be able to get out of North Carolina even. When I did, everything in my head turned around and the world around me felt like I was on the top.

I’ve found myself going through the pictures of my trip at least twice a day and just smiling at all the stories and moments behind each photo. I’ve found myself listening to different kinds of music apart from just Hindi songs. I’ve also found myself enjoying a cup of tea at least twice a day and not just any tea but Earl Grey. I’ve found myself getting bored of my own wardrobe, as if I had a different one in the UK?

…at the end of the day though, home is home. I was really happy to see some of my friends this week and tell them endless stories about my trip. I think they are already sick of hearing me talk about my trip. I found it surprising that nothing exciting happened with my friends while I was gone and then of course, I realized it’s because I am the life of the party (or I like to think so)!

I believe that in every persons life though that no matter how old you are or where you are in this world, one must give their minds a break for a month or at least two weeks. I hadn’t ever traveled alone so far away from home, but sometimes the distance from the lifestyle you constantly live in, is needed once in awhile.