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Happy April!

Since I was a kid, April was always that ‘one month’ which has always been just chaotic!!!

Right now though, I am the happiest! The kind of feeling I am having right now is kind of like when I first met Sonu Nigam in 2009, or when Ehsaan Noorani and I drove through Cary, NC to a drug store to pick up allergy medication together. The feeling is surreal, yet wonderful!

About twenty minutes ago, my first two articles were published on Urban Asian’s blog and one of them also made it to the front page. I finished writing one of the articles early this morning and the second one I finished writing moments before I went to work earlier today. The entire day I kept checking my inbox expecting them not to like any of the material I wrote. Anyways, I am going to stop degrading myself and post the links below for the two articles. Their both on Indian cinema, so I know all my filmy-fans will enjoy it!

Other than getting a position with Urban Asian this week, absolutely nothing else exciting is going on. I am considering not posting my vlog this week as they consist of me doing… well nothing. I have glued my eyes to the computer for the last three days just sending emails, writing, finishing up homework and studying. I feel the next three weeks of my life are looking like this due to the end of the semester just around the corner.

I am crossing my fingers and praying a new film releases this Friday, if so you know who you will be running into in the cinema on Friday! If a film does release this Friday then I’ll be seeing, Director Dibakar Banerjee’s film, Detective Byombkesh Bakshi, starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Anand Tiwari & Swastika Mukherjee. Check out the trailer here:

Going to make this post quick and speedy as I have had very little sleep in the last three days and just containing my excitement for all the wonderful things occurring in my life.

Here are the two articles posted today on Urban Asian:

“The New Face of Indian Cinema!”  – This one hit the front page!

“It’s My Way Or The Highway for Shakti Kapoor”

Keep Reading, Keep Watching, & See You At The Movies!

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The Vision Came True

IMG_3854If you have been an avid reader of A New Girl in a City since the time I began the blog, then you know quite a lot about me. If you know me personally, you are highly aware of my insane personality and obsession of film and how close my blog is to me.

You will always notice though I only write about a few specific subjects, personal life stories, my friends and how wonderful they are to me, my mom, filmy updates, or anything about Ranbir, Karan, Alia, Priyanka and you know the rest of the list!

The question though I have been asked is, “why the title, ‘A New Girl in a City’?”

I go into this explanation…

The title originated from the 2010 Ayan Mukerji Directed film, Wake Up Sid. The main character, Aisha played by Konkana Sen Sharma. She lands in a large city (Mumbai) and runs into a stranger, Sid played by Ranbir Kapoor. While she starts her new life in Mumbai with one goal in mind, to be a writer for the famous magazine, Mumbai Beats. By the end of the film she gets her own column, titled ‘New Girl in the City’ which her stranger friend came up on day 1 and became her life long companion.

Yes, some would say I stole the title, I just like to say I was inspired by it and feel it fits perfectly for me.

Some of you may already know this story though. Here’s what’s new…

So I read this book, The Secret, earlier in the year (which I have mentioned before). The book is amazing, every second of my life all I think of is this book and how I am able to apply all its ideals on me and this past Friday I gained more reason to believe in what the book teaches.

Rewinding back to maybe about three weeks ago, I created a vision board. The book said to create different types of vision boards for yourself, so far I have just created this one. My board is organized by different sections and I have one section which is ‘career’ based you could say but really the entire board focuses on all the things I plan to accomplish or do in my life. On my vision board, I added “write my own column for some magazine/online site.”

Now rewinding back to about early February. My friend Rome, an active reader of my blog, got me in-touch with someone from the blog, Urban Asian. I had vaguely heard of their site, but never really visited their work before. He told me at the time that I should write for them, let me be honest, when he first told me this I thought two thing:

1. there is no way I am going to stop writing on my own blog and move with someone else.
2. Am I even eligible to write for such a huge platform?

I didn’t think to in-depth though and just went with it and said to myself, “if it happens then it happens!”

Back to this past Friday March 27, I was sitting at home with a box of tissues watching a little NCAA and relaxing with my dog like an old person. I got a call from the Founder of Urban Asian and am now officially on board with them! I will now be writing a column on Urban Asian and am super excited! All those thoughts I had are all gone.

I keep telling myself that the point I am at right now is right at the top of the mountain and I am able to see my life in a whole new perspective and it is simply because the universe is working within my favor. The fact that only three weeks ago I created my vision board, one thing has already been accomplished from that vision. The vision has come true!

Last thing I will add in is this, I won’t stop writing on my own blog! I will continue to keep you all updated with all the things you enjoy reading here, in addition though you will now get to read more of my work on an alternate site which I will constantly link you all to here and of course all my social media sites.

Keep Reading, Keep Watching & See You At The Movies! 

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The Little Kid in Me!

While I am gearing back into my class schedule this week, still catching up on a ton of little tasks I have and now currently caught the allergy bug…I have come to realize that deep, deep inside, I am quite a child.

If you know me well, I seem to end up being the ‘baby’ of any group I hang out with and I have been perfectly okay with it. I get to see everyone else in-front of me make a mistake and I just say, “oh won’t do that” (or at least for the most part).

Since I was a kid though, pretending and enjoying the little things of life have always excited me and they still do.

I think till this date, ‘Peter Rabbit’ will always be my favorite book or any book with fewer words and more pictures! I love children books especially anything by Dr. Seuss. Animated anything is the best. Robbin Hood, Snow White, Cinderella, The Land Before Times are just a few of my favorite old time classics. The newer favorites are probably, Shrek, Finding Nemo and the latest obsession over ‘Minions’ from Dispicable Me! I have always loved Winnie The Pooh and Tom & Jerry! Some Saturday mornings, I wake up with my four chocolate chip, Chips Ahoy Cookies and a glass of milk and watch Tom & Jerry and laugh away!

Ever since I was a kid, dressing up for anything was always a fun thing to do. And that definitely has not gone away (except when I have to go to class, I don’t really care what I look like sometimes). But really though, as much as I despise working in retail, I enjoy working at the store I am at, Charming Charlie’s! The entire store is organized by color and you can buy all types of jewelry, handbags and shoes. My three main obsessions when it comes to Fashion and since I was a kid, are those three things which are always important to the outfit. Anything shiny amuses me, be it sequins or pretty jewels.

Small surprises… as much as I am over surprise parties, I really, really like when people do the ‘little surprise thingys’. Meaning, if a friend of mine just popped at my doorstep at some odd hour with some popcorn and a movie, I would be jumping with joy! If someone sent me a hand written card or small gift in the mail, I’d be the happiest!

And lastly, the small things. I love when I go to a party and request the DJ to play a favorite song and then he actually plays it, you know who you will see in the center of the dance floor! I’m not much of a flower person, but occasionally I will buy myself a bouquet of tulips and that really makes my day, and of course if someone else gave the bouquet, I’d be just as happy! When a new song comes out and I like it on the first hear, it makes my day and you know I really like it if on the first day the play count hits over a hundred.

The best little thing that makes my day though is a good deal, I am such a bargain shopper and currently am looking for a nice spring pair of shoes. In the last two weeks I have been to seven different shoe stores, but haven’t found the right shoe where I say :yes I love it and that price too!” And I won’t by a shoe until I get that good ‘ole deal. But I know it’s going to come soon… just like a lot of other good things that are to come in my life ahead of me.

I guess the purpose of this post is that it’s okay to be a kid inside and just to enjoy life as it comes to you. I say this a lot or have been lately, but life is an adventure and we are supposed to enjoy it and not dwell over the things that let us down. Sweep all that up and dump it in the trash.

Just be a sophisticated child, that’s it!


Check out the Minion’s Trailer Releasing this summer!

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B-town Updates!


Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone & Irrfan Khan

May 8, 2015 


Tanu Weds Manu Returns – Launch Event

Gabbar is Back
Official Trailer

Starring: Akshay Kumar & Shruti Hassan 

Releasing: May 1, 2015

Margarita With A Straw

New Song: Dusokute 

Releasing April 10 

Interview with Kalki Koechlin 

iiSuperwomanii & MissMalini

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Why I don’t want to meet Ranbir Kapoor

Yes, it’s true I don’t want to meet Ranbir Kapoor. Someone once told me that, ‘you dream too big’. A little astonished by such a statement because without dreaming big, how does one get there?

My craze for cinema is a bit different, I am not just a ‘fan’ of a hot actor or a sexy looking actress, but obsessed with the work made by directors and producers. A film with good cinematography is an amazing film. A film where every track can be heard in the car on repeat in any type of weather is the best kind of music. And lastly, an actor who can act and bring a different taste to the tongue in every film they do is marked to be a good actor.

I guess this is the technique I use to review my films.

Why am I not interested in meeting Ranbir Kapoor? It’s simple, because I want to work with him. In the 50+ interviews I watch in a week, Ranbir Kapoor in some ways reminds me of myself when it comes to his personality. I am of course only judging this from the way he delivers his interviews and the way his co-workers talk about him. Whenever I see Ranbir though, I believe it will be the time when I get to work with him and direct him.

When I’m in a social setting, I find myself constantly trying to convince people why Ranbir Kapoor is the next big thing. While most ‘fans’ are still stuck under love Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir… I have moved on. While they are great actors and have done their part, I believe it is time to give a chance to the new guys on the block. Yes, I still consider Ranbir new. He has done about 12 films and his character is almost different in all 12. Unlike Shahrukh Khan who delivers the same dialogues, under the same character name. Salman Khan is still fighting a whole bunch of bad guys with chairs and PVC pipes in a random garage and flipping his sunglasses on the back of his shirt. Aamir Khan is a wonderful actor and I am glad he always brings awareness through all his different films, but it annoys me once in a while when he doesn’t show up to Award events or do many interviews.

And I am not just saying Ranbir Kapoor is the only good actor, there are so many on the list. Like Varun Dhawan, Siddarth Malhotra, Arjun Kapoor and how about the women? They are booming films out every month! Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Shraddha Kapoor, Jaquline Fernandez, Ilena D’Cruz and the list goes on. I have been more than impressed by the actors, more like floored by them. Every time I see them in a new character, new story my jaw is hanging by the end of the credits.

Hats off to the directors, casting directors and screenplay writers though for bring a different taste of cinema on the big screen. Its because of you I am able to believe in myself reaching in the same chair and am able to dream big to work with Ranbir Kapoor and some more like, Director and Producer, Karan Johar, Director, Ayan Mukerji , Director and Producer, Imtiaz Ali, and Actress, Alia Bhatt.

I guess the problem for some to believe and see though is to understand that this field of work is not just a hobby or a ‘side job’. It is a real career. a few days ago I was talking to a friend, Rome and he was giving me details on an upcoming event they are holding an event, ‘In Betweener Networking Initiative‘ this Sunday March 29 in New Jersey. While they are also going to promote their upcoming film, Now and Then, ‘a fictional love-story,’ the event is calling all people like Rome and I and many others on the Now and Then team who are aspiring to achieve film-making as a career and not a ‘side money making job.’

I am constantly asking my mom, “Why did you move here? It would have been a lot easier if I was in India to achieve my goals!”

Now though, I think about it, I am so happy I have grown up here. Having the chance to learn from both worlds, the American Culture and Indian Culture, learning from people around me from all places.

To all my fellow future filmmakers or just general ‘film-freaks’ (I like to call myself that), next time someone asks you;

“What field are you going in?”

Your answer should be simple and straight forward,

“I’m going to be a film director!” (Or whatever unique position you are going in).

Don’t be afraid to tell the world who you want to be, otherwise you yourself have not accepted that and it can only harm you.

Check out some of my Favorite Ranbir Kapoor Dialogues, Scenes and Interviews 


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Where have I been? What am I up to? Who is India’s Daughter?

It’s been an awfully long time since I have written a film review, updated much on cinema and generally about me.

I have been caught under the world of spontaneity and general enjoyment of life. I have been following what the heart and mind want to do and say and I have found that saying little and seeing more is sometimes the best way of life…

While I spend my last few days of Spring Break relaxing and getting a few things done here and there, I have been lost in thought under the bare trees outside which are budding towards Spring. I am slowly stepping out of a chapter of my life and entering into a new one where I have no idea what is to come onto the next page.

This past weekend I wandered around Washington DC and in a cave, Luray Caverns. A few days ago, a friend and I had a two minute conversation… “just got off work early, want to go to the beach?” “Yes! Let’s go, be at your house in 15 minutes!” and we drove to the beach leaving the house at 5pm and got to the beach moments after sun-set, sat in the cold sand and bundled up under the dark sky near the ocean and just enjoyed that moment and then headed back home.

I came home that night and thought in bed, is this reality or am I just watching myself in a movie-reel? How do I differentiate ‘real life’ to ‘reel life’?

Then, last night my mom and I were preparing for a few events we have this weekend and she said, “Have you read about the India’s Daughter?” and I said, “yeah, took a glimpse at it.” She asked me what it was about and I pulled up an article and explained to her. A few days back someone asked me, “I was expecting to see you write about this topic on your blog…” I wondered why someone would say that to me.

I do not typically enjoy writing about negative things, I mean I even feel bad giving a film a bad review I do not even feel like writing them. When I read the book, The Secret, it said that reading and watching the news is a source of bringing negative thoughts to your mind… and in my opinion, I agree with that. Strange enough, I lectured my mom maybe 4 months ago about why she does not keep up with the world-news and she had given me this same reason, but why should I listen to my mom, right?

Coming back to ‘India’s Daughter’, no I will not write about it because there is nothing to write about. I have been to India a total of 4 times maybe in my life, the last time I went was back in 2007. I have very little memory of the country, but the memory is all beautiful places and how amazing the country is.

I have never traveled anywhere and thought, “Oh, am I going to get raped?” “is this a safe place for me?” The only thoughts that ever come to my mind when I travel is, “One day, I am going to buy a house here and live here” or “What a killer movie-scene I could create here” because those are the natural thoughts that come to my mind.

When I see Hindi films, I only think of how beautiful the country is and how beautiful the culture is and that India as a country needs to be embraced by its beauty, not by how many people are being raped and what time girls should leave the house and not leave the house. Because quite frankly, wherever we are in this world, there are dangerous people that are out there to get someone, but if you believe advertising India by it’s Rape count is going to make our country look good then great, continue to do that.

I am glad we have social media and the internet to make things viral, but I believe the wrong things are going viral. Awareness is needed for these problems occurring in the world, but how about some awareness for the good things happening? How about creating awareness on beautiful destinations to visit when in India? How about awareness on how to improve India?

I am an Indian, born in America. I carry my roots with me everywhere I go and embrace my culture wherever I am in this world. I jam Indian music with my windows down, I am not embarrassed to walk in a grocery store with Indian clothes on and I could care less what people think about my brown skin. But what hurts me the most is when I sit in a room full of Indians, and all they have to talk about is how dirty the country is, how it’s not safe to do things in India or how corrupt the country is. If that’s what you fly 18 hours across the world and come back to talk about, then might as well stay in India and fix those problems.

This reminds me of the time when I traveled to England this past summer. Lot’s of people stuck all these weird things about the UK in my head, it’s boring, its dark and gloomy, people are too rich there and all the UK is made up of is farm-land. But when I went to the UK, I saw something else which no one had told me and it was a beautiful country with polite people and a peaceful place to be.

Lastly, every time I have seen a headline pop-up on my Facebook feed that titles, “India’s Daughter…” I have clicked “Hide Post”. This is simply me applying The Secret, to my life and deleting the negativity out of it. Because if Indian’s really care for Women Empowerment, raising awareness could be done in a different way. I am glad someone has made a documentary film on the 2012 Delhi Rape Case, and yes it is not okay that the government did not let this air publicly in certain places and now removed off the Internet… but may-be it is better for the people not to see the film. Maybe for that girl who got raped and her family who was affected, it is better for them that world does not know everything. Some things I better to be hidden under the covers than revealed for everyone to see.

A lot may not agree with my words, and that is okay, to each is own. I hope I have changed the idea and perception on at least two people and understand that problems in the world are going to always occur, but let’s not always make the problems the awareness, but give attention to more wonderful and valuable things in our lives.


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Bombay Velvet – New Trailer


Phantom Films
Fox Star Studios

Bombay Velvet


Ranbir Kapoor as Johny Balraj
Anushka Sharma as Rosie Noronah
Karan Johar as Kaizad Khambatta

Directed by
Anurag Kashyap

In cinemas
May 13, 2015



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