September, finally!


It’s my favorite month of the year! September!

If you’re a frequent reader, then you know that September is my favorite month because 1. it’s my birthday month & 2. September has the best weather from all the other months of the year!

This year I’m hitting a milestone age, 20. I actually didn’t think much of this, but when I was in England this summer, the family I stayed with put their own version of “Sixteen going on Seventeen” with everyone in the family whose hitting milestone ages, I happened to be in that and it hit me then that I am getting ‘old’. If you’re older and reading this, you must be laughing at calling myself old, but its true, I feel old.

Now when I go to family gatherings, I find myself asking ‘kids’ those questions I used to get asked by people my age and found it intimidating. I feel like I can start using the things I learn in school now and apply it to ‘real life’. And the other day when I was in, Toys ‘R’ Us, I felt like such a big ‘kid’ walking in the Barbie aisle reminiscing my childhood memories.

I for some reason find Birthday’s to be a big deal, and I thought this would ware off with time… I see people slightly older than me saying, “it’s just another ordinary day” and in my head I still think it’s a special day to celebrate ones birthday.

LETSBECOPSThis long weekend, I have spent more time getting myself back into reality (for-real this time) and finally unpacked all my bags, did all my laundry and put new girlmy room back to normal. I got to spend time with my childhood best friends, Bri & Banna and caught my eyes in the mall on the beautiful new fall collection. I also spent some time in the cinemas with another good friend, Anjali as we saw Lets Be Cops. When I was in the UK, Gayatri and I spent some of our late nights, after long days of touring, watching ABC Family’s New Girl. I cam back home finishing up all 3 Seasons. I fell in love with both, Jake Johnson & Damon Waynes Jr., I loved the film and can’t wait til season 4 staring up on September 16!

I’m eager to get my life back on-track and start running the rat-race of “Bhavna Singh’s Lifestyle of Chaos” but at the same time, enjoy the little things, enjoy the wonderful moments and still explore the world. Hopefully, September will bring even greater things ahead as the rest of the year has for me.

Today is also my Best Friends birthday, so here’s a shout-out to my best friend, Akash– Happy 20th Birthday! :)