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Personal Updates & more…

Good morning, evening, afternoon (or whatever time it is)!

I want to apologize for lack of updates, film reviews, and just general ‘stuff’… from the last couple of months. No need to explain reason and what not. Obviously this is a very in-formal post and just a personal message to all my readers and fans!

But still want to update you all with what’s happening as nothing seems to be on-schedule in my life currently (which is completely okay with me).

filmfareUpdate 1: So this entire week, I’ve been keeping up with all the stars (as usual) and assumed that since they’re all attending Filmfare Awards today… it’s going to be on TV today, but it’s actually going to air on TV on February 8th! EXTREME appologies if you have been keeping up with all my updates on my Facebook Page!

Update 2: Hawaizaada releases today, January 30! Unfortunately though it is not Hawaizaadai2releasing here in the Triangle Area. If you get a chance to see it, send us your review at: anewgirlinacity@gmail.com

Update 3: I’ll be back into vlogging February 6 weekend! I’ll be going on a road trip with some friends for the weekend, more details to come soon! Haven’t seen my last vlogs? Go to: youtube.com/anewgirlinacity

The month of February is just around the corner, and I personally have a lot of things to be looking forward to! I won’t share it all at once, otherwise what’s the point of suspense and building excitement, right? Once all my plans are all set in-stone, I shall slowly share.

The second to last thing I’d like to share for now is this…

the secretIn life, we have our ups and downs, but somehow only seem to focus on the downs. I’ve been reading this book, The SecretA beautiful book, a friend of mine and I can say ‘film-mentor’ recommended me to read the book. The book is quite philosophical one would say, but it really just gives you the way of life. Of course in the year of 2014, I took a take on changing myself by simply thinking positive. But then when I came back from the UK, two months later I began reading this book and it gave me reason behind why being positive and why we shouldn’t let life control us but instead control life itself.

‘The secret’ works. It is working for me and I know after reading this beautiful piece of writing, it has already gone in full effect in my life. Thanks Rome for the read!

Coming back to ‘ups & downs’ though… since we seem to only focus on our downs most of the time, try this new thing, focus only on the ‘ups’. I’ve began doing it, and it really works. Every time I would be down, that’s all I could think about for days, it’s quite nerve wrecking.

Then last Friday, I found out my best friend’s grandfather passed away. After losing my dad when I was eight years old, I had gotten really tired of hearing ‘sympathy’ from people and still do. So when you find out someone else has lost someone close, sometime I just want to be silent and say nothing because no words said mean the most (or so I believe). But while talking to my friend, Akash to get through the down in his life, I was thinking of all the good things and trying to embed that idea to him.

And Lastly! I want to thank all my Readers and Fans for helping me reach to 300 Likes on my Facebook Page! 300 seems to be a small number for some, but for me it’s a lot! In February it will be 5 years of me writing on my blog! I believe, personally that I have come a long way on my blog, A New Girl in a City. 

Truly, my all time favorite thing is when I walk into a room and people say, “Oh you are new girl in a city film reviewer!” That makes me feel so wonderful, I cannot even explain. To the locals in the Triangle Area, I definitely must thank all of you first… some of you have seen me from the beginning of my ‘Bollywood Obsessed’ days…not that I am saying much has changed. And I must thank those from all around the world, I love to see that people from India, UK, Singapore, Australia and Canada are reading my blog. I hope my obsession is helping those who enjoy seeing a quality film and getting a dose into my crazy lifestyle!


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What Makes a Good Cup of Coffee?

If you know me well, you know one my addictions is coffee. I have been so addicted to coffee since the age of thirteen maybe and from then till seventeen, the addiction increased more and more that I ended up in the hospital in September 2010, due to an immense intake of coffee with the ‘froth’ of stress on-top and ended up with a stomach ulcer. This sounds like quite the cup right?

Well, since my diagnose of something that typically occurs to older men and women, I had decreased how much coffee I’d have each day.

I am very well now going to bring England back into my post (so prepare yourself), but when I went to the UK I started to gain a liking for tea. I was never much of a ‘chai’ person before and honestly am not so much now either. Earl Grey is my new favorite, or an Tazo teas.

Lately I have just entirely changed up my diet due to too much intake of fats, carbs and sugar and even though people say to me, “you’re so skinny, what do you need to diet for?” Well to clarify, I am not dieting, just taking on healthier choices, which in-fact going well and beginning to feel a lot about internally with my body.

Coming back to coffee though… I have found myself not enjoying my favorite, Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks or anywhere in-fact. I began to order different drinks from Starbucks, but the excitement of coffee started to fade away. I was shocked. Me-the Starbucks-crazy-insane-lover, was beginning to not enjoy coffee!? Truly, I’ve been a sick person since I’ve returned from the English world.

Then, I went to single hole-in-the wall coffee shops, I began to find my love for coffee again. Then I asked myself, “is it the cup of coffee or the ambiance?”

I have this in-between personality, I sometimes like the things everyone likes and then some days I am like, eh I hate what everyone else likes. And since England, I think I have rather enjoyed being someone different from everyone else. It’s more beautiful to see life differently from the eye of the norm.

To answer my own question though,” it’s the ambiance.” Coffee or Tea is nice to have in a different setting, whether its on your porch on a nice sunny-cool day or in a different coffee shop. For me, it’s become more of a social setting thing; maybe I hung out drinking too much tea with the English.

I used to drink coffee to get energy, but cup-after-cup has definitely wiped that out of my system. In-fact its definitely a psychological thing that ‘caffeine’ wakes you up or at least that’s what I believe. I think the best way to gain energy is to simply do something extraordinary. I think I have the most energy when I see a new film or writing a new script–that’s when you’d see the most energy in my eyes probably and less of me talking.

To leave you with a thought…

Next time you go to Starbucks or your favorite Coffee Shop, think about what you will be ordering and think about why you are ordering that drink?

If it’s because you want energy, you will gain no energy.
But if it’s because you want to just enjoy a wonderful drink with all its beautiful flavors in a nice cup and a warm coffee place, then you are just about on the right track.

Just a heads up though, I haven’t stopped drinking Starbucks, though I have accepted to have coffee elsewhere too! 

- A New Girl in a City – 


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Top 12 Hindi films of 2014!

First of, I need to apologize for promising a video of myself giving my top 12 films of 2014. I wanted it to be perfect and I have been slightly ‘lazy’ and slightly busy to put it together so I am going to stick with what I always do for now–my blog post!

2014 was a year of outstanding Indian cinema and we as the audience got a different taste on the tongue, film after film. This year was also hard to choose the ‘best’ ones. I think it actually took longer for me to decide which ones were the top one should see.

12. Bobby Jasoos

One of the many women-centric films of 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed Vidya Balan play, Bobby: a spunky and determined detective. I also fell in-love with Ali Fazal who played Bobby’s friend and soul-mate as Tassawur. Ali, a rising star and Vidya had amazing on-screen chemistry and in addition the wonderful story, was the song ‘Tu’ by Papon. The cinematography, lyrics and ensemble of the song swept me away.

I gave Bobby Jasoos 4 1/2 Stars!

11. 2 States

I have this strange soft corner for all these new stars, but it’s not sympathetic, its more-so they all are SO good and have amazed me. These newbies have been hiding in closets and now they are on the big screen releasing outstanding films. Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor, both amazing and flawless actors. The two played the characters from Chetan Bhagat’s novel, 2 States. Krish and Ananya’s relationship had me exactly when Krish took the chance to sit with the most beautiful girl in college at the canteen. After reading the novel and then watching the film, it all went perfect together. I remember hearing about this film at first in 2013, when I had the chance to converse in my car with Ehsaan Noorani (one of the music directors of the film) about this film and many other films. He told me, “Bhavna you are going to love the film and more-so the music too!” He was definitely right, I can listen to the soundtrack of 2 States at any given point of the day.

I gave 2 States 5 Stars!

10. Hasee Toh Phasee

Again, another film with my favorite new stars, Parineeti Chopra and Siddarth Malhotra. This film is quirky and light. It also has a reality behind love, not all of us look perfect or ever have the ‘perfect personality’ in-fact this is a story about how two strange minds come together and fall in love. The music, the sets, the costumes, the awkward conversations and feel good moments and the entire film was perfect.

I gave Hasee Toh Phasee 5 Stars

9. Humpty Sharma Ki Dhulania

Are you a Dilwale Dhuanlia Le Jayenge fan? After you see Humpty Sharma Ki Dhulania, you will forget DDLJ. Honestly, I have never understood the hype of DDLJ actually, but I have fallen in love with this new age tribute film to all 90’s films. Humpty Sharma is a bit more realistic (in its own filmy way) the emotion conveyed on-screen by Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan is timeless and the entire film is simply beautiful. While most love Raj and Simran, I am extremely in love with Humpty and Kavya. Also the music of the film is amazing!

I gave Humpty Sharma Ki Dhulania 4 Stars

8. Ek Villain

Siddarth Malhotra made it again and along with him, Shraddha Kapoor did too. But here’s a twist, Ritesh Deshmuk was the villain and he is what impressed me more than ever. I have grown up watching Ritesh’s films and they have always been the few comedy films of Indian Cinema I have enjoyed. This time seeing him play a villainous role had me at the edge of my seat and I had never imagined seeing him in such a character. Also charming Sid, played a dark and serious lover role while Shraddha was the out going companion who saw happiness through every little thing. Another outstanding film and story.

I gave Ek Villain 4 Stars

7. Haider

Back in 2007, Shahid Kapoor had broken screens as he played the romantic Aditya Kashyap in Jab We Met. In 2014 he broke the screens again playing the role of Haider, a depiction on Shakespears Play, Hamlet. Director Vishal Bhardwaj is known for creating the right kind of play adaptions and again he did an outstanding job. Along with Shahid, Kay Kay Menon, Tabu and Shraddha Kapoor all played their roles extremely well and I hope they all get equally recognizes for their outstanding performances.

I gave Haider 4 Stars

6. Gulaab Gang

A film which has been the least recognized, but I am taking the chance to do so. While many women empowerment films were made in the year of 2014, Soumik Sen’s Gulaab Gang stood out to me the most. At the end of the day, if I am not crying by the end of the film then it simply wasn’t good enough (and this can be through happiness or sadness). I need films which will convince my emotions more than anything else. Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla the leading ladies of the film and renowned actresses of the industry, made their mark in this film. I loved the idea, concept and message behind the film. Making a film on real-life events based on a real-life group in India is what our industry needs to start doing more.

I gave Gulaab Gang 3 1/2 Stars

5. Mardaani

Another moving, women-centric film. I have always adored Rani Mukerji. When I was a kid I always wanted my hair, makeup and entire look to be like Rani. Year later, she does something different and I still love her! She played the role of an aggressive Indian cop, but took advantage of being a cop. In India, it seems to be said that our police force isn’t as strong as it should be. Of course not all of this is entirely their fault. This was a good film to see in that perspective, in addition the film also had a moving story which was based on other true events which constantly occur on the everyday lives of young girls in India.

I gave Mardaani 4 1/2 Stars

4. Mary Kom

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, then you know how very much I am a huge Priyanka Chopra fan. That of course is not why I only liked her film Mary Kom, but an added perk. Priyanka did an outstanding job doing a biopic on 5-time winner Female Boxing Champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist, Mary Kom. Director Omung Kumar, envisioned and executed an beautiful film and most importantly made awareness on a sport other than cricket to our Indian audience!

I gave Mary Kom 5 Stars

3. Queen

Personally, I have been a Kangna Ranaut Fan since I saw films like, Woh Lamhe and Fashion. The versatility actress has always brought a unique look on the big screen and this time she aced it with the film, Queen. Kangna is the kind of actress that makes you believe she is that character. It does not even seem like you’re watching a film, but a real story. She is an excellent actress, I would love to work with her one day in my life. Director Vikas Bahl, had a small vision and had no idea he’d break the screen with a beautiful story and film.

I gave Queen 5 Stars

So before I continue with the last two, you are probably wondering why I have Top 12? Well it’s simple, like I said before there were a ton of good films this year. In fact I just saw two I missed during the year, Happy Ending & Khoobsurat. I was tempted to do a top 15 but I figured to just stop at 12.

Still doesn’t make much sense, but the next two films are sitting at the same level for me.

2. PK

A Rajkumar Hirani, Abhijat Joshi and Vidhu Vinod Chopra film. An outstanding film. One of cinemas most beautiful stories. The concept, the idea and the little, little things that were touched upon were just different. After the film, I wanted to run to every temple around the area and show everyone to watch the film. Yes, the film touched a topic which is extremely sensitive in India. Some fast for day, worship for days and pray for goodness in life, but the concept PK explained to us about everything we do in our crazy lives only made it seem a lot simpler in his world.

I gave PK 5 Stars

1. Highway

My Facebook Status the other day: Imtiaz Ali’s 2014 film Highway leaves some kind of feeling in ya. One of cinemas best films. I have seen this film about 15 times already, it never gets old. I cry at the same points every time and smile and laugh with Veera at the same points. I am shocked at the least amount of Recognition AR Rahman has gotten for his amazing music in the film. But hats off to Imtiaz Ali, Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda for put together such a film. Some would think I am crazy to be in love with such a film, but you are only looking at this film in a perspective that it is okay to be kidnapped. I on the other hand, look at it in Veera’s perspective, she found herself within, she was free from this enclosed world of materialism. I want to be Veera. And that’s how much I loved the film.

I gave Highway 5 Stars


 See You At The Movies!

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I have been so lazy, I have never seen myself in this state of mind ever. This definitely has nothing to do with the UK (or so I don’t think it does). I made a promise to put my top 12 Hindi films of 2014 up like a week ago, but that did not happen and do not think it will be happening anymore… so in conclusion the best film of 2014 in my eyes was Highway! (This is how bad it’s getting…please help me).

I have postponed so many things, its ridiculous. Simple things, responding to emails, phone-calls, reading a book that literally is tucked under my pillow so I can read it before bed…but I just sit on buzzfeed instead and read that (what)?

I am totally updated to upcoming films, but have not posted very much on the blog… (apologies again). Remember how I decided not to keep a planner for the last 8 months… that’s going to change. I think I have pushed my ‘Bhavna buttons’ to the max so it’s time to Reel back into Real life.

I am so lazy I am going to stop ranting about how I lazy I am and get some sleep, wake up tomorrow, buy a planner, and put a balance of lazy me and organized me into this body. I’ll respond to emails and phone calls. Finish my homework and crack down on-to this book I’ve been trying to finish.

Lastly, here’s a nice track I’ve been in love with since yesterday, from an upcoming film, Hawaizaada releasing on January 30

Signing out for now,

- A New Girl in a City – 

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New Year Thoughts

Today was my first day of class. Every time I think about “first day of school” I think about when I was a kid, it was the most exciting thing, I’d choose out my outfit, what I’ll eat for lunch in my new lunchbox and raise my hand every time a teacher asks a question just to impress her at how ‘intelligent’ I am.

Now, it’s different. My first and only class today was at 3:00pm to 5:20pm. I woke up at noon, took a shower, blow dried my hair, watched a couple episodes of Friends on Netflix and fixed myself a decent brunch. I made it to my car at about 2:27pm and began my short drive to class. I parked in the parking garage, which is the furthest parking spot from campus buildings, I always park here because I enjoy a bit of a walk in the fresh open air, it lets me think for a bit before entering the dreadful classroom environment, little did I think about the cold weather and the burst of wind that slapped me in the face and ruined my hair which I worked on for a total of 15 minutes. Eventually made it to the fourth floor by stairs and to my class and then the same old, go through your syllabus routine of first day of class.

After class I headed home and just hit the couch under the warm covers and continued watching episodes of Friends on Netflix. Clearly this routine will change as we get deeper into the school semester.

In class though, while the professor was yapping about what we’d be doing throughout the semester, I was sitting and reflecting for the millionth time on 2014. I honestly can’t get over the greatest year of my life, I almost feel like writing a book on how amazing it was.

At the same time, I keep thinking, “nah it can get a bit better than this, right?” I hope I didn’t enjoy myself too much in 2014?

In the first half of 2014, I was hanging out with my good ‘ole friends for quite some time, then after I traveled to the UK and when I returned, I felt I missed an entire lifetime…which honestly I am still recovering from. I can’t stop talking about the UK, every person I run into all I keep blabbering about is, “well in London they do this” or “in Scotland it looks like this.” People are just so tired of me talking I find it quite comical.

But what was eating at me the most when I returned that I saw very less of my friends, I kept wondering if I had done something wrong, it was so bad that I told my mom, “I’m pretty sure all my friends hate me for some odd reason.” My mother knowing me so well, invited them all over the Holidays for dinner and BAM (like Emeril Lagasse) I was reconnected with the lost-long friends of mine. And then following days, I found myself back with the old crew.

Anyway, so now its a new year, 2015! I feel no different, I still find myself in la-la land in the UK and reliving moments of being there in my imagination. I am still a film-freak and dream of making films with directors like, Imtiaz Ali and Ayan Mukerji. I still love my southern food and sweet teas plus the added, earl grey!

So what’s different? I don’t think anything needs to be different, I think if I just continue who I became in 2014 it will get me even further in 2015.

If you are completely satisfied with your current life, minus the “we all want a million dollars goal,” then I truly think you can continue living the way you are. I find goals, resolutions and all a bit dumb at the end of the day because they just make us nervous and anxious and feel like we aren’t doing life right.

Things I’d wish to have sometime in my life include finishing up my college education as soon as possible, because let’s face it, I would rather write my stories on my blog all day vs. sitting in class and taking exams I will never look back on in life. Another thing would be what every girl and guy wants, a life partner, it’s not a life necessity for me though, just an added perk which would be wonderful to have! And lastly, to hopefully accomplish another stepping stone towards my film career.

I hope all of you are enjoying my Vlogs and I hope to have my Top 12 Hindi Films of 2014 out by no later than Sunday!

For now
Keep reading,
Keep watching,
Keep Traveling,


See You At The Movies

- A New Girl in a City – 


Check out my 2014 Recap Video right here

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What’s coming in 2015?

Alright I’ve been putting off a lot of writing lately and have been to addicted to my video camera lately. Today, my last day of winter break, I have finally had the drive to share with you all what we will be seeing on the big screen in the year of


Here are a few upcoming films between January and March!

In 2014, we saw Arjun Kapoor in films like Gunday and 2 States, Director Amit Sharma brings to you


Releasing January 9, 2015 



Releasing January 16, 2015 


Dolly Ki Doli

Releasing January 23, 2015 



Releasing January 3, 2015 



Releasing February 6, 2015 


Dirty Politics

Releasing February 23, 2015 



For more updates on Roy Check out my Constant Updates Page




Releasing February 20, 2015


Margarita With a Straw

Releasing March 13, 2015 


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A New Girl in a City’s 2014 Overview!

Here it is, my 2014 Overview-recap Video! 

Lately I have ventured into putting everything in a video, slowly learning the amount of effort and time it takes to just make the right shot in a few minutes. It took me two days to perfect this, even though in my eyes I don’t think it’s perfect enough.

Hopefully by tomorrow, I’ll be releasing my Top 12 Hindi Films of 2014. You’ll get to see me talk about these top 12 this time and less reading.

Happy 2015, Enjoy & See You At The Movies!


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