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Interviewee Experience in NYC!

This past September I had made a weekend trip to New York City. The trip was ideally for my birthday, and I spent the first day doing ‘work’ most would call it– but Interviewing two individuals. One of them was Gurj Sohanpal Singh. I’ve been chatting with Gurj over text-messages and email to meet up and actually make this interview happen. It just wasn’t working out since I don’t really live anywhere near the city.

When I was introduced to Gurj, it was via email and we had set up a time to chat on the phone. Typically when I meet people like this, I like to do my research before hand, but for some reason I didn’t get a chance to look him up much and just hopped on this call with him. Now if you’re a frequent reader, you know my obsession over England and when I got on the call with him I heard this British accent and was totally startled and was so happy to be speaking to a British person.

Anyways, so we chatted and finally met and I finally got to interview him under the Urban Asian banner of course!

You can check out the UA article right here!

Check out the Interview: In Conversation with Gurj Sohanpal of Singh Gentry!

Check out Gurj’s Blog here: http://www.singhgentry.com/

Why am I sharing this with you? Thus far I have shared every big or little moment of my life with all of you. And as I expand myself under these different brands like Urban Asian I still want to end my day here at home on my blog and tell all of you what I am up to.

That day when I interviewed both Gurj and another growing artist Rohit Gijare, I didn’t prep myself or feel like I was doing anything big before the interview. But then when I sat in-front of the camera for a moment I wasn’t sure what to say, what to ask (even though questions were right in-front of me), and I even realized that what I am doing is actually a big deal.

I spend SO many hours of my week watching Anupama Chopra, Faridoon Shahryar, Rajeev Masand or other big B-town interviewees and I kind of got to be them that day and it was a really uplifting moment for me.

Keep Reading, Keep Watching, & See You at the Movies! 

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October, Finally!


My favorite time of the year is here!

I sorta kick-started my fall sweaters a week ago as I have just been in the mood for the cool weather lately. I’ve already got my holiday Pinterest board going and already planning in my head what I might do for the holidays this year!

For once though, I don’t want the year to come to an end. With only three months left, I feel I need more time to complete the things I envisioned to have completed by the end of this year…and well this has just been a magical life changing year for me.

The beginning of October seems to be a bit gloomy due to the tropical storms from hurricane Joaquin… not so great I guess, but I am sure happy to finally get some cool weather.

Nothing much has changed in my day-to-day life. Still blogging for Urban Asian and gearing up towards the end of the Now and Then marketing campaign, still spending a few free hours at Charming Charlie’s and still going to my classes.

What I am REALLY looking forward to are all the wonderful Hindi films coming out in these last few months. From Alia and Shahid’s Shaandaar to Ranbir and Deepika’s Tamasha! Then there’s Salman and Sonam’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Bajirao Mastani with Deepika, Ranveer and Priyanka Chopra!

Speaking of Priyanka did you get a look of her new show Quantico on ABC Family last Sunday? The second episode is tonight at 10 PM and you MUST watch it!



The other day I was thinking of what I wanted to do as a career when I was a kid, you will laugh but I always wanted to be an Interior Decorator up till the age of 12 almost. Every now and then it’d go from Interior Designer to a Dancer. And then I became obsessed with everything Bollywood related, I was (and still am) a freak when it comes to B-town. I found myself correcting someone in the room about some information they had about an actress… first I thought, maybe I am being rude… but then again that’s what I am aware of and educated in so if someone can correct me on politics then why can’t I correct someone on Bollywood?

It’s really strange how I went from weird Interior Decorator girl… to blogger and one day a filmmaker.

These days I have found myself checking off things on my vision board and counting down the days till I make it. I have applied a positive perspective on my life and flushed out all the negative. I have even changed my diet (or some of it) which truly changes the way you feel, if you give your body good food then you will give out a good vibe. I am still working on a way to get enough sleep in a day and how to get ride of the dark circles that grow under my eyes each day, but the lack of sleep is worth it!

It’s really important to reflect on yourself, to ask yourself… am I doing the right things for me? Or am I doing this for someone else? It’s important to be happy and to enjoy life. You can work all day and not enjoy it, and that’s only hurting yourself.

Apologies for this post being so ‘jumpy’ and not so informative! I will be posting a B-town updates soon, for now you can check out all my posts on Urban Asian!

Keep Reading, Keep Watching & See You At The Movies! 

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Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon – Film Review

My unplanned evening at the movies was a total disappointment. I made last minute plans to go see tonight’s filmy-Friday film, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon starring Kapil Sharma as the lead star and directed by Abbas Mustan.

While I am quite a fan of the comedian and the many talents he displays on his weekly show, Comedy Nights with Kapil I was not a fan of tonight’s film. And I have numerous reasons why…

Let’s first talk about cinematography and the visual appearance of the film. While the film had a 90’s feel to it, visually it should have been high-quality as it’s not the 90’s anymore and technology has evolved quite far since then. I felt majority of the film was green-screened and if it wasn’t, the editing was really bad then. More about the visuals, well the three actresses-Manjari Fadnis, Simran Kaur Mundi, & Sai Lokur who play his every day wives, majorly needed someone to save their wardrobe! They looked like they purchases ready-made outfits from a cheap shop and threw on whatever fit. From their jewelry, their make-up and clothing it was all an utter disaster. And Kapil’s make-up wasn’t all that appealing either, well it was since I could see it on his face.

Speaking of these three actresses, their acting was too forced and well not natural in any way or form. They were given dialogues and they delivered them, that’s it. I was only appealed by Kapil’s dialogue deliver and did get a good laugh at a few of his jokes. I think I had more of a kick every time Arbaaz Khan or Varun Sharma came on-screen, they played their parts well and made me laugh.

And then there’s Elli Avram the Swedish-Greek actress who is Big Boss famous and now starring alongside Kapil Sharma did not impress me much. Yes she’s a great dancer, but her two dances in the film, or item numbers were not appealing and I wish I had the fast-forward button at those times.

The story was not too unusual, reminded me of bad version of No Entry and maybe a bit like Housefull. The film had a lot of potential, and Kapil Sharma as an actor did a really good job, and his wardrobe wasn’t has horrendous as his co-actors, but it wasn’t the best for his first film. I wish better co-actresses were chosen and a better camera and editor. The music is definitely not something I want to ever hear again either.

A New Girl in a City’s review of Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon is

2 stars

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Katti Batti – Film Review

Director Nikhil Advani is known for his timeless classic, Kal Ho Na Ho. I remember seeing this film back in 2004 and feeling all sorts of ways, from laughs, to dancing, to heartbreak and to an emotional roller-coaster.

Today at the movies I felt a very similar feeling, but with a more laughs, more dancing, more heartbreaks and an extreme roller-coaster of emotions. Katti Batti… the only way to describe the film is ‘beautifully crazy.’

I was taken into Maddy and Payal’s story of their relationship, how they met, how they fell in love and how it fell apart. Like any relationship there are multiple sides to every incident. Your friends know one side, your sister knows one side and your parents know another. The whole world is involved when you’re in a relationship and that’s why some of the most extraordinary love-stories become crazy yet memorable.

I was undertaken this story and I felt I was part of their lives from beginning to end. It was so real, so convincing and I have to say, very emotional towards the end. Having Kangana Ranaut play the role of Payal was an excellent choice. Kangana is known to take on different roles for every film, and this role was very different from your typical ‘Hindi film heroine’ and almost any girl can relate to Payal on multiple levels. Imran Khan has always been a favorite of mine, I like him in these rom-com films especially, and seeing him fight for his love was so emotional to watch, you wanted him to get what he wants by the end.

I can go on about this film. The music has swept my heart away since the day I saw the trailer. And when each individual track released, I especially tweeted at Shankar Ehsaan Loy telling them that this is one of my all time favorite soundtracks of theirs till date. Lip to LipSarfira Ove Janiya are my all time favorite tracks right now!

The dialogues, cinematography, and direction the film went from point A to B was just perfect. Nikhil Advani has a knack for telling us stories with a timeline and jumping from different parts of the timeline, yet still having the audience understand every little detail. I love that about his film-making skills and it’s so intriguing to watch. You don’t want the film to stop, you want to keep seeing what happens next.

Lastly, I won’t give away the plot of the film because it was very surprising on my end and unexpected (in a good way) at the same time it was emotional and I was balling my eyes out the last twenty-minutes of the film. I had a bitter-sweet feeling at the end of the film, but it was truly a beautiful film that I could see again and again!

A New Girl in a City’s review of Katti Batti is

5 stars

Check out one of my favorite tracks from the film!

Keep Reading, Keep Watching, & See You At The Movies! 

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A New Girl in a City in conversation with Producer Rome Chopra

Rome ChopraThere is so much that goes into making a film, and none of it can happen without the producer. Rome Chopra, a multi-faceted person who has both produced and acted in the upcoming 2016 short film, Now and ThenInterviewing Rome was a delight, as he is the reason I am now part of the Now and Then team. He took me through his journey as the producer of his first large project film, to personal insights on his inner life, and of course the infamous rapid fire round!

The Now and Then Journey

Tell us what your Now and Then journey has been like as the Producer of the film.

Rome: Up until Now and Then I had only produced one other short film and acted in two other short films. Now and Then for me marks a great milestone in the beginning of my film career because it is the first project I have worked on with more than five-people, and secondly it is the largest project I have seen so far from beginning to end.

I never knew if I was capable of executing a film, and now that we are in post production, I feel satisfied knowing that now I have matured enough and moved past the early limitations I had set in my mind.

I strongly advocate that films should reflect society, because films are art-works and art is a conglomeration of all different elements that we observe in our lives. When we group multiple lives together we call that society. Now and Then recognizes that there is some void regarding the second generation American story and sheds like on the untold stories that we observe in the society. What happens when your past catches up to you? This is a question I still cannot answer even though Mohitha has asked me what I would do in real life multiple times. I think the fact that I do no have an answer proves the sensitivity of this question.

The InBetweener movement has been introduced recently on various media sites, where do you see this concept going now?

Rome: The InBetweener movement is a phenomena that has been around for a while already. I believe we at CXC were the first ones to coin it in the context of entertainment and passion. I see this movement being identified by more media outlets and others collaborating with CXC to host events which will target the InBetweener demographic.

As producer of Now and Then how involved were you in the story and making of the film?

Rome: As producer of Now and Then, I was very involved with the day-to-day operations. Mohitha Sripathi and I had initial discussions and I told her from day one, to own this project and to boss me around as well.

It was such a great feeling to see Mohitha take that initial discussion we had in my basement to a whole different level which I never imagined. She knows what she wants from her actors and I was very proud of her when she told me specifically why my character says certain lines in the film. When someone challanged her judgement, she explained why she reached her decision and was able to stand her ground.

When you have so many people giving inputs in art, you as a leader have to stay truthful to your vision and your gut. Mohitha did this very well throughout and never let anyone think that she was just doing things for no reason. Everything on her set had a reason and that was refreshing to see.

How does it feel to have both titles, producer and actor next to your name so early in your film career? 

Rome: It feels kind of overwhelming, but in a very positive way. My career is just beginning, and I decided to produce this film under the CXC banner because firstly the film touches upon the InBetweener movement, and secondly it aligns almost perfectly with CXC’s slogan of ‘Culture & Creativity.’

let's get personal

Tell us something you’d like people to know about you.

Rome: I like to people watch. The best lessons you can learn to bring into your acting is picked up by observing natural human behavior. I look for people and their emotions. When I am out with friends I usually play a game where we watch people and improvise certain stories about what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what brings them to that moment when we see them.

Your InBetweener background. 

Rome: I went to school for Economics and Journalism, then went back to school for a masters in Finance, and all throughout, this has balanced the passion and ventures of an actor and producer in films.

What kind of girl attracts you? 

Rome: A girl who has a good balance of creativity and practicality. When a girl can challenge my crazy story ideas, or give me advice on how to act within a scene.

As an actor, what is one thing you want to change about yourself? 

Rome:  I would like to change my outlook on some roles. I want to play a very fit character next, like some rogue agent.

What’s a regular day of Rome Chopra like? 

Rome: I work on my internet startup, We Walk Thru until about 6pm. Then I work on film related logistics and operations for the rest of the night. However, throughout the whole day I am always messaging different stakeholders of the film, actors, music crew, visual FX engineers, etc. The main task a producer has in post production is making sure each part of the film comes together. The number one goal on my mind is to get this film to a festival and hopeful place.

Favorite thing to do that’s not work or film related? 

Rome: Favorite thing to do is watch Ted Talks. I am a really big fan of public speaking. I attend networking events, watch keynote speeches, commencement speeches and more.

take 5

Rome as an actor or Rome as a producer? 

Rome: This is a touch question…but I believe that I enjoy acting much more. For me becoming and understanding production came for the reason that I did not want to take the struggling actor’s path, and instead make good content, and eventually someone who has decision making power will turn his head.

Acting is like_____? 

Rome: Acting is like standing in front of the show tell class room naked, while pretending in the back of your head that you are fully clothes and know exactly what you are doing with confidence, even if you have no clue.

First thing that comes to mind when you hear the following celebrities names: 

Kim Kardashian: Sex Tape and smart marketing.
Ranveer Singh: Picks his films very strategically.
Katrina Kaif: Hard work and dedicated. Can relate to her struggle of learning Hindi diction.
Yash Chopra: My Inspiration for pursuing films and creating a production company.

An idea that changed your life. 

Rome: You have to make enough noise outside of the industry in order for the industry to recognize you. Sylvestor Stallone, Superwoman, Matt Damon & Ben Affleck are all examples of using this strategy to turn heads.

Five years from now, Rome Chopra will be…? 

Rome: I will be sitting in a large production house in India signing an international film deal with a major Indian production company as an actor and co-producing with CXC.

Now that we know more about Rome check out more on the upcoming short-film, Now and Then right here & don’t forget to donate, even if it’s just $1!

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Taking a Mini Break

Raleigh New York City

Staying away from work is the hardest task for me and it’s mostly because I am very obsessed with all the work I do. These days I only find myself talking about either Urban AsianNow and Then or Charming Charlie’s. The best part about being in the creative field is you can grow yourself, you can branch out in different directions and choose what fits you best. It’s so wonderful!

This weekend, or well Friday midnight my friends and I will be taking a road trip to New York City for the weekend to continue my twenty-first birthday celebrations! It’s so exciting that I’ll be in the city again, and I cannot explain how excited I am.

My friends are a bit turned off by the fact I took some Urban Asian work on my shoulders when we get there Friday though, as I’ll be interviewing some people… but to me it’ll make the journey even more interesting as I get to meet new people.

There was a time in my life where I used to use the word, ‘hate’ quite often and that to towards people. I used to say, “I hate people,” and my mom would get very upset by this statement. Of course though, when people are at low points in their life, they hate anyone who is perfectly happy. In reality though no one is perfect and no one is always happy, people are content with their lives and people keep going. Time doesn’t stop and neither does the world stop.

This year I have learnt to love people, to get to know people and I have found a it to be uplifting every time I talk to someone new. You find out a new story and create a new connection. It’s simply beautiful.

I am twenty-one now and people are expecting and hoping to see me get drunk, but I get intoxicated from all this ‘stuff’ I do and it feels so much better. I will have a drink or two while I am in the city, but I can already see myself gazing at the city lights and happy to be in the crowd of chaos!

So for the next three-four days I will be slightly MIA. I say slightly because, I’ll still be capturing moments through the lens, I’ll be thinking of what to write when I come back home, and I’ll be posting on my Instagram (of course)! But I will mostly be offline and engrossed in the city skyline.

Time to wander. 

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A New Girl in a City in conversation with Assistant Director Nidhi Jain

Nidhi Jain

Directors cannot live without their AD’s also known as, assistant directors! Now and Then’s other assistant director Nidhi Jain, had a wonderful conversation with me about the upcoming 2016 short-film. Nidhi took me through her NAT journey, her love for fashion and jewelry and much more! We even had a quick and classic rapid fire round.

The Now and Then Journey

Tell us what your Now and Then journey has been like as the Assistant Director of the film.

Nidhi: It gave me the chance to understand films from a technical lens, in which I had no prior exposure. Along with the technical aspect, this journey assured my confidence in my love for storytelling, cinema, and appreciation for the arts. After having completed this project, I know I will be returning to the arts in some form eventually.

How was it working with debut director, Mohitha Sripathi

Nidhi: Before the project, I barely knew Mohitha, and so we sort of jumped into this big thing together as a new team. It was honestly inspirational to see someone so close to my age and experience level take on a huge task like this film and grow with it. I also loved that as a team we were all able to meet in a creative zone and bounce ideas of each other.

Now and then is about your past catching up to you. Have you ever had a ‘now and then’ moment like that in your life? 

Nidhi: *Laughs* Yeah I guess that’s happened in context of relationships with people, but in another sense, I also lived in Mumbai for about 11 years before I moved to the US so each time I visit I feel a sense of nostalgia with the city and my childhood memories come to life all over.. that’s a nice feeling!

If there is one moment you could relive from the Now and Then journey, what moment would that be?

Nidhi: I miss those all-nighters we pulled as a team and came up with some crazy ideas in the midst of the night, and then actually brought them to life eventually. I probably complained the most about not getting my sleep… *chuckles* but we pulled off amazing stuff from just our ‘ideas’!

let's get personal

Your InBetweener background.
Nidhi: My close friends and family say I tend to take too much on my plate.. so I know I fall in this category! I’m working in financial planning in the fashion/corporate world, bringing this film to life with the team, aspiring to get involved in jewelry design, and always have yoga class or gym time in my routine for the week.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Nidhi: Perhaps still an Inbetweener, but definitely a less stressed one! I’m hoping to hone in on what I’m most passionate about and take it from there.

What is love to you?
Nidhi: Something that makes you forget everything else.

Favorite current romantic song?
Nidhi: Oh… there’s so many! I haven’t heard new Hindi ones recently, but Aashiqui 2 and YJHD were on repeat last year!

Describe your favorite type of outfit?
Nidhi: I love a well fitted denim with a sleek black top, add a few vintage gold accessories, and leather summer sandal! It’s classic with a flavor to it!

take 5

An idea that changed your life.
Nidhi: Yoga.

Bollywood or Hollywood?
Nidhi: AH! My heart lies with Bollywood!

Nidhi as an AD or as a jewelry designer?
Nidhi: Designer and businesswoman, and when the time’s right I want to direct a film of my own.

Favorite vacation spot?
Nidhi: Beaches. Beautiful blue beaches.

A celebrity you idolize?
Nidhi: Blake Lively, Rihanna, & Deepika Padukone!

Now that we know more about Nidhi check out more on the upcoming short-film, Now and Then right here & don’t forget to donate, even if it’s just $1!


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