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Finding Fanny – Film Review

Love is such an interesting topic, or more so a topic every filmmaker covers… but one can never have enough stories on love.

Finding Fanny, a film which shows love from all angles, whether its falling in love with you childhood best friend, the love of dysfunctional friends, love because their appearance is the most appealing aspect or a lost love who never received your proposal love letter 46 years ago.

Dimpla Kapadia, Naseerudin Shah, Pankaj Kapur, Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor–what a cast to see on-screen together. They all did an amazing job playing the characters of dysfunctional yet loving ordinary human beings. They were all in search for love in their own way, some found it and some unfortunately did not. My favorite had to be Naseerudin Shah, a classic actor who always seems to display different characters on the big screen and so believable too.

The film had all aspects; it was comical, there was a feeling of sympathy or sadness for some characters and then the ‘feel good inside’ feeling. The road trip to Goa, had me striving to take another road trip in my life. The hardships the characters over-came together, through simple remedies and that is friendship. It was a simple film and a well written script. I felt it was a bit slow, but slow movies do not bother me much if the story still has my full attention.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Homi Adjania’s Finding Fanny(maker of Being Cyrus  & Cocktail). 

I think my favorite message from the movie was that, in life we constantly want everything to come to us, but once in a while we need go to it or in this scenario… we all think and hope love will come knocking on our door but instead we need to go find that love, and knock on the door even if the door doesn’t even exist.

A New Girl in a City’s review for Finding Fanny is



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Thoughts from Raleigh Roads

Raleigh is a growing city, I can see it just be the increase of traffic. People getting used to a “large” crowd and just simply seeing things spring up wherever the once used to be green land. One thing about Raleigh is that it will never become a ‘real city’ and I only say this because we are southerners who are wanting to raise a family and have good jobs. That’s pretty much what Raleigh is known for and of course the amazing southern food which you will never find anywhere else in the world.

This isn’t about Raleigh though… it’s about everything and anything that comes to my mind when I am driving on the roads of Raleigh. I am constantly thinking about how much further I can drive on these roads and hope to escape them as quick as possible. Today I took those thoughts out of my mind and thought about just the things I needed to get done right away and then I turned my head to a mini van next to me and caught myself staring into the life of a family, it seemed as if they were setting off to some place, maybe the beach? There was a mother, father, three kids and grandparents; it was quite cute to see and I said to myself, how lucky are they…

This year I promised myself to be as positive as I can, be as happy as I can and just simply stop worrying. Of course it’s hard to do it, but it’s surely possible and I’ve been pretty good at it, sometimes it can be hard though.

The room I sit in to write all my blog posts has been designed so I CAN write, I believe every wall and corner has something, whether it’s photographs of me and my friends & family, a wall with things to do lists and a calendar, a wall with inspirational quotes with shelves of some favorite magazines and trinkets, or a wall with Bollywood posters and magazine snippets and my newest addition…my travel wall. All these photographs, words, magazines, etc. are what make me who I am.

The most important thing is missing though, a perfectly large family photo.

I don’t talk much about family, and when I do, its hard for me to talk about it. The only family members I can speak about are the ones who are in my house, my mom, brother and dog. I’ve grown up in this environment where all of our close-net friends have large families and I have been lucky enough to be part of their family affairs and where they consider me as a daughter, sister or even grand-daughter. I constantly have this desire to have my own, take pictures with my own kind and put a family photo up.

Not all of us in the world can have everything though, some of us feel we have less than others, but truly we are given what we have in hand for a reason. I think if there is any person in my family I wish I could have met, is my grandfather (mothers father). When my mom talks about him and all his achievements, I feel the craze for Bollywood and my creative-writing passion has come from his blood. I also wish I could have met my fathers, father–I hear the business side of me comes from him.

I am not writing this post for sympathy, or to bring tears to ones eyes. I am not complaining about what’s not there, because there is not much one can do–I am simply conveying my thoughts from the on-the-go roads of Raleigh and today’s thoughts seemed to be slightly different from other days.

Random thoughts and small conversations are what keep the world going and people happy.

For now this is all!

Signing out,

- A New Girl in a City – 


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Mary Kom Film Review & a Special Day

Saturday September 6, 2014

I woke up at ease this morning. I let the day take me in whatever direction it took me in. I had planned a small birthday celebration with friends in the evening; we went to the RDU Observation Park and ordered my favorite southern food, Bojangles. Later in the evening, some friends and my mom and brother joined me for the 10:10pm show of Mary Kom. I was extremely thrilled to be sitting in the cinema at Midnight for my birthday (September 7).


Mary Kom, a 31 year old Indian born and brought up in Manipur. Priyanaka Chopra couldn’t have been a better actor in history to have played such a role. The entire film was based on a true story and real life events. I truly have no words to describe this emotional uplifting film. This true story on the ongoing life of Mary Kom fulfilling life dreams and still being able to be a woman, daughter, wife and mother displays that women can do anything and not just women, but anyone can do anything as long as you put your mind and heart to it. We all stumble, we all reach dead ends, but there’s always multiple chances at life and when people around you believe in you and you can believe in yourself then nothing else matters.

Priyanka, as always did an outstanding performance and I hope she is recognized in every way for her heartfelt and powerful work of art as Mary Kom. Sunil Thapa, as Coach Sir and Darshan Kumar playing the role of Onler Kom, her husband and life support– they all were also just as phenomenal as Priyanka. Debut Director, Omung Kumar made a hit for his first and you could tell the production teams of, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Viacom 18 all had hands in the film and making it so powerful and moving.

Most important moment I must touch upon is when the National Anthem was displayed at the end of the film (I normally don’t like to give away scenes or parts of the film) moved me the most, mostly because every single person in the the theater stood up. This was partially because of the respect towards the National Anthem, but I think the film was so real feeling that I felt we were really watching Mary Kom fight in the ring and her outstanding achievement of fighting all sorts of emotions, being Indian and Indian Woman made us all stand up for the National Anthem as well. And then my mom and I began an applause in the audience at the end and of course the emotions showed into my eyes as I got teary eyed.

The film was purely amazing.

A New Girl in a City’s review for Mary Kom is

5 stars


I’m 20 and ‘old’. I find myself trying to ‘perfect’ this day every year, somewhere in the day something doesn’t seem to click correctly. I’m not unhappy, but my expectations are way too high. I realized today, while watching planes take off and land, that I was spoiled as a child by my dad’s smile on my birthday. It’s a small thought but it’s true, He made my birthday so wonderful because of his heartfelt smile. Every year on my birthday for the last 12 years, I am constantly trying to look for that smile, just so I can have a good day. Today when I realized this, I just imagined it in my head and then suddenly the words came out, “let’s just be positive.” My dad would have said that, and I feel good to know that I am able to say those words finally, because for some strange reason, I have never verbally said it.

Life is tough, and we get through it. It’s harder when you constantly wish the people who you have very little memory with, are not here and the people you have the most memories with are always there. But it’s part of the everyday doings… I constantly capture my life on camera, because I’m afraid I’ll forget these moments like I have forgotten all my memories with my dad. We should all be grateful for what we have and not be judgmental towards people, not worry about why people make a wrong decision and instead just let it go and move on and simply be as positive as we can no matter how down-hill things are going.

I couldn’t be happier though, I spent the first 45 minutes of my birthday watching the end of Mary Kom and thoroughly felt happy. It was like a dream come true, wanting to live on films for life and the idea of wanting to live on film sets itself forever!

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September, finally!


It’s my favorite month of the year! September!

If you’re a frequent reader, then you know that September is my favorite month because 1. it’s my birthday month & 2. September has the best weather from all the other months of the year!

This year I’m hitting a milestone age, 20. I actually didn’t think much of this, but when I was in England this summer, the family I stayed with put their own version of “Sixteen going on Seventeen” with everyone in the family whose hitting milestone ages, I happened to be in that and it hit me then that I am getting ‘old’. If you’re older and reading this, you must be laughing at calling myself old, but its true, I feel old.

Now when I go to family gatherings, I find myself asking ‘kids’ those questions I used to get asked by people my age and found it intimidating. I feel like I can start using the things I learn in school now and apply it to ‘real life’. And the other day when I was in, Toys ‘R’ Us, I felt like such a big ‘kid’ walking in the Barbie aisle reminiscing my childhood memories.

I for some reason find Birthday’s to be a big deal, and I thought this would ware off with time… I see people slightly older than me saying, “it’s just another ordinary day” and in my head I still think it’s a special day to celebrate ones birthday.

LETSBECOPSThis long weekend, I have spent more time getting myself back into reality (for-real this time) and finally unpacked all my bags, did all my laundry and put new girlmy room back to normal. I got to spend time with my childhood best friends, Bri & Banna and caught my eyes in the mall on the beautiful new fall collection. I also spent some time in the cinemas with another good friend, Anjali as we saw Lets Be Cops. When I was in the UK, Gayatri and I spent some of our late nights, after long days of touring, watching ABC Family’s New Girl. I cam back home finishing up all 3 Seasons. I fell in love with both, Jake Johnson & Damon Waynes Jr., I loved the film and can’t wait til season 4 staring up on September 16!

I’m eager to get my life back on-track and start running the rat-race of “Bhavna Singh’s Lifestyle of Chaos” but at the same time, enjoy the little things, enjoy the wonderful moments and still explore the world. Hopefully, September will bring even greater things ahead as the rest of the year has for me.

Today is also my Best Friends birthday, so here’s a shout-out to my best friend, Akash– Happy 20th Birthday! :)



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Have I changed?

Ever since I have been back from the UK, I feel everything at home has a different feel. People in good ‘ole Raleigh are more flustered and irritated by traffic and roadwork. Students at school are so mad, because their summer was ‘lame’. I’ve been feeling this weird sense of sarcasm from all the people around me…suddenly everyone’s tongue has become bitter. I am not sure if it has always been likes this or if it’s a sudden change?

OR simply I have changed… 

Looking back at the last day of 2013 which was a complete disaster on my end, I started with a new slate of stone in-front of me and began with a fresh mind and with happier feelings. It’s not that I am letting go of sorrows or problems, I am just not making a big deal of sorrows because it only makes them worse.

It’s something I have just learnt with time, if something doesn’t work out, making a big deal about it to the world doesn’t help a bit. Screaming and yelling and trying to get people to hear you out only makes them want to walk away and no one will ever run up to you if you begin to cry. At the end of the day, life is not a movie and everything we see on-screen is almost never true. I learnt a lot while traveling overseas and being a lot more positive about things was one of them. My last post, I wrote something about expectations vs. reality. Even if those expectations don’t turn out the be the way you imagined it in your insane mind, then throw those expectations out and just be happy what life has given you.

IMG_2786-001‘To succeed, one must fail a few times.’ I really do believe in that phrase, I believe all the great people of this world have had to face a lot of failure to be the ‘great people’ they are today. 

So yes, I have changed. I’m listening to non-Hindi music, but still love Hindi music forever! I wake up every morning and look into my closet and ignore the sweat pants & yoga pants section and look at the pretty dresses and skirts to wear instead. I’ve stopped judging people, you know when you’re in a public setting and you see people doing something out of the norm, maybe they are just normal… 

I want to laugh more so I can live more. Smile more and enjoy life the way I did this summer, I’d like to spread this happiness and positivity of mine to the people around me and the people I meet in the long run. 


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The Mardaani Film Review


It felt good to be in the theater today after a long time. She was bold, she was fearless and she was an independent. Rani Mukerji played the role of Shivani Shivaji Roy in Mardaani, directed by Pradeep Sarkar (maker of Parineeta, Laga Chunari Mein Daag & Lafangey Parindey).

The film brought goosebumps to my arms, it brought tears of confidence to my eyes and the topic of Women Empowerment, yet again has been touched upon in a unique matter. This year, the film industry has created outstanding films on this topic and Mardaani has hit the top of the list.

If you’re looking for a ‘typical Hindi film’ with romantic songs, a love story, laughing and crying… this isn’t quite the film, and I was glad. Script writer, Gopi Puthran, shaped the right kind of dialogue for each and every character in this film. It was so powerful and so real, there were points I forgot I was just watching a film. When the story and acting is so powerful, one forgets about all the other necessary things when it comes to a film.

But, the cinematography was excellent. The editing was flawless. There were no gaps, no holes in the story yet it didn’t take forever to develop the story either. I sat there and didn’t want to stop seeing Shivani prove a point to any person she walked up to that being a cop doesn’t mean to just follow the rules but having to break a few to fix a large issue.

This film is different, it’s realistic and touches upon one of the many kind of stories which occur in India and/or many other places in the world.

This must be the first film, where I loved it so much, I am speechless. This morning when I planned my day out and decided to go see a film Friday night, I said; “I am just seeing the film because its a Yash Raj Films”. Maybe my old fan-fanatic towards Rani Mukerji as a child had faded away– I had missed seeing the glamorous Tina Malhotra or Maya Talwaar on-screen, but she changed my mindset as always and had me fall in love with her all over again with, Shivani Shivaji Roy. Rani Mukerji truly was the soul of how amazing this film was, alongside with Pradeep Sarkar’s Directing & Gopi Puthran’s marvelous script.

A New Girl in a City’s review for Mardaani

4.5 stars out of 5

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Summer Ends – Back to the Norm

This past Monday, I started back to school and yesterday I went back to work after two months. I’ve seen a few of my friends this week, I’ve been back in the driver seat and back on the road to the usual places… quite frankly, it is all depressing me.

Anything that reminds me of England or an inside joke from the trip or if I see things laying around my room from the trip, I just sigh and then rewind the wonderful times in my head over and over again. For a while I had been asking myself, “why was I born in Raleigh?”. then I realized, it’s so that I can see all these wonderful places in the world and when it’s time to just take it easy for a bit, then come home and do the ‘norm’ of this thing called, Life.

One can’t necessarily be on a vacation forever…I have to constantly remind myself this and it’s true. We need to make the daily dose of money, get our hour of education in hand and simply enjoy the way things go. I am happy that I had a good time in England but I am also happy to be in my own bed and sleep on my own pillow. I am happy to sit in the driver seat and take myself places I need to go (except when the needle hits E). I am happy to have sweet tea, fried chicken and still be able to have hot tea with biscuits every now and then. I am happy to listen to Hindi songs on repeat, out loud and happy that today, I will get to see a new Hindi film!

These things are part of the ‘norm’ in my life of course and we can’t do some of these things when you travel around the world. We can’t call up friends and say, “hey, Coldstone in 20 minutes!” or “let’s go get Chipotle!” or say, “sorry, I don’t care that you’re sick, I’m already outside your room”! It is impossible to do these things while being abroad.

Of course the life-style abroad was rather much more adventurous, spontaneous and brought something new to my eyes each day. I’d like to live that life for a longer period of time in my future, but it is good to simply be home and enjoy the little things which I have missed.

In my entire life though, this has to be the one of two best summers I’ve had in my life. The second one being when I went to New York City last summer. But neither of these trips are in any order; I am still debating in my head constantly whether I liked New York better or England better. I keep thinking England would be better but then I feel I am betraying my childhood dreams of wanting to always live in New York City. Either way though, I think I’d live in both places for long periods of times in my life.

So what’s the next destination in my life? Travel wise, nothing is planned yet. Otherwise, I am just working closer and closer towards my career path. I am juggling my old schedule and for some reason it is a lot harder for me to get back into it. School has been at the top of my life lately and I think it needs to stay this way for a while… which means films is my second and for my film-fanatics, film reviews and updates will be delayed (apologies before hand). Of course though, once I get in the swing of things then I’ll try to be on-time when positing updates!

Generally though, there is no plan left. I am simply going with the flow… I think I have burnt my brain out from pre-planning and constantly expecting more and more out of myself and others as well. It’s not that I haven’t been reaching goals or completing things on-time; more like just giving myself time to breathe in all this space that we don’t take advantage of.

I remember when I saw the Hollywood film, 500 Days of Summer the comparison scene between expectations & reality really strikes to my mind a lot, and often lately. We’d all love for our expectations to turn out 100% accurate as pictured in our mind, but reality doesn’t treat that too well and almost demolishes it into little pieces. So, better to expect nothing and be happy with the way everything goes…with the flow.

For now, signing out! Look out for the Mardaani film review this weekend.

See You At the Movies!

- A New Girl in a City – 



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