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Happy March!

marchUnfortunately down here in North Carolina, the beautiful March Spring weather has not kicked in quite yet. As I look at my window, I see patches of snow blankets everywhere and an occasional fall of rain or ice from the sky. I haven’t been to class for two weeks due to the weather and it has just been simply dreary here.

On the flip side though, one of my dad’s sisters and her husband have come from India to stay with my family and I for the next two and half months! This is the first time I have gotten the chance to have family stay with me and the feeling of having them here under our roof is unexplained.  I am so happy though… the last three days they have been here, I have only been hearing stories from when my dad was a kid and even got a glance as his child-hood pictures!

I guess what I have already learnt in these three days they have been here is that, the feeling of having people in your life whom you can call your own had never existed for a while, and now that it does… it is amazing!

What else is happening in my life?

Not a whole lot, and I am completely okay with that! As I gear back into classes tomorrow after an ‘uncalled’ two weeks off, I am already looking forward to spring break and more importantly, warm weather!!

I mentioned in my last Vlog that I have recently completed a new script! No details to be given out right now other than how happy, satisfied and excited I am with this new story I have created. If you’re a writer or some creative artist, then you will understand what it’s like to begin and finish a story, a song or even just getting a scene right. While I see my friends engrossing their lives in biology books, I am over here creating characters, happiness, problems and solutions. Can I emphasize more how beautiful the art of film-making is. I know I am just a rookie in the field, but technically I have already started my dream career and I am in love with it!

For my film-readers, I am aware that I have only seen one film so far this year, but will mention that I have been extremely busy! This week, I am going to try to see Badlapur!

Keep Reading, Keep Watching & See You At The Movies 

- A New Girl in a City – 

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5 Years of ‘A New Girl in a City’


It was only a few days ago I went back and read my first blog post and a couple other older posts. I find it rather weird when I look back on old writing or work. Yesterday, February 23, a year ago, I had released my first short film–to tell you the truth, I have not seen the film again since.

When I started this blog, I had no purpose or no goal, I just began to write words. I am not a ‘professional’ writer in any way or form, in-fact I am not good at writing at all. But the ideas, the stories, the thoughts in my mind… I always felt they needed to be shared with the world. Since I was a kid, I always had this weird imagination of a new story…

I used to convince people as a kid with the weirdest ideas. I remember when I was about 9 or 10 years old, I convinced my best friend Bri that I had met Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen and that they gave me this really pretty Indian outfit… at the time and moment she believed me, but then I know later on she thought I was the biggest liar. Another thing I did was, if I had a really cool dream I would ice it up with a few toppings and make it sound juicy… for example; if I had a dream that I met Shahrukh Khan (an Indian actor) then I would tell people he came to my house and gave me a huge hug and had lunch with me and we talked about all kinds of things… but the original dream was just “I saw Shahrukh Khan in my dream last night.”

With time my imagination became deep and emotional, reality starting to come between me and my thoughts. So I had to somehow find a way to express my thoughts the right way… and here I am 5 years later writing film-reviews, making Vlogs and sharing my stories with all of you that read my blog!

I don’t want to rant on and talk about myself, but instead simply thank everyone. I am so thankful for all the support I get from those who visit the blog on a daily or whenever they get a little free time. I have said this before; my favorite moments are when readers of A New Girl in a City, see me and say, “I love reading your blog!” or “I can’t wait till you post the review on Friday so I can decide to go see the movie on Saturday or not!” This here is the greatest feeling ever and I cannot be more happier!

And lastly, I must thank Dharma Productions & Ayan Mukerji, for inspiring me with where the title ‘A New Girl in a City’ came from, Wake Up Sid!

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Roy – Film Review

film review…

To kick off my films for 2015, I started off with my all time favorite actor, Ranbir Kapoor’s Roy. 

Have you ever met a guy or girl and had such high expectations and then when you started talking to them your expectations dropped drastically word after word!? (Don’t stop reading the review quite yet…)

Roy, labeled as a ‘Romantic-Action Film’. If you’re a philosophical writer, director, film-maker or creative artist then just maybe you will understand the film.

What went wrong? 

Director & Screenplay writer, Vikramjit Singh clearly had a good idea, but his execution of he film had it’s flaws. There was a vast confusion as to who was what character in ever scene and the most common statement I heard around me was, “what on earth is going on?”

Where Ranbir Kapoor plays ‘Roy’ I feel the films title should have been, ‘Kabir’ played by Arjun Rampal– Kabir is a director in the film and portrays his “inner” life in the characters of a film he is trying to make.

(I typically do not give away story-lines, but if you are going to see the film then it’s important you are aware of this at least). 

What went right? 

Jacquline Fernandez, who plays a double role and was one of the main pillars of the film. I thoroughly loved her fresh face and the two different personalities she projected on-screen.

The music, Ankit Tiwari, Amaal Malik & Meet Bros Anjaan, fantastic music! I’ve been listening to the tunes of the film for the last four weeks and cannot stop playing the music, my two favorites are Sooraj Dooba Hai & Chittiyaan Kalaiyan!

In My Opinion… 

Like I mentioned before, if you are a creative-artist with a lot of deep emotion and ideas trapped inside your mind, then you may get the idea of the film. I personally somehow was connecting with the dialogue, in my eyes the dialogue was the only powerful point of the film. All of the acting played by the three main characters seemed quite weak and not powerful enough. The film can get quite confusing, at some points I was trying to match up dialogue and story and ideas together as if I was trying to patch up the script itself in my head. I also found myself just watching all three characters lost in thought (for a bit too long on-screen) and then constantly drinking and smoking their feelings away. It was slow, the ‘thriller’ background music would make one think we are building up to something intense, but it only built up to switch between scene-to-scene.

Roy had so much potential, the idea of the film was fantastic, but director Vikramjit Singh clearly made this film in his head just as Arjun Rampal’s character ‘Kabir’ does in the film itself. Perhaps though, it is a helpful film for aspiring filmmakers who are only trying to write stories to seek their inner-self. Perhaps it is a film for those who do not understand love, life and happiness. Perhaps it is a film which only leaves us with so many unanswered questions.

So yes, my expectations for the film were exceedingly high, just like when you meet a guy or girl for the first time. Lastly, like after every film I discuss the film on the drive back home with my film partner my mom. We were disagreeing and agreeing and then I kept talking out what I liked about the film… before I was feeling rather ‘sorry’ and wanted to give it a 3 star review. I then thought again and said, “okay maybe 2 1/2 stars,” but now I am only re-thinking what I am giving these stars for. In conclusion, my expectations dropped, but somehow I was intrigued to find out exactly what was happening in this two-and-half hour film and as it was not the best film, I grasped a single lesson for myself for my future career ahead as a filmmaker and writer…

A New Girl in a City’s Review for Roy is 

1.5 stars

*this is unfortunately the first film I am giving below a 2 star rating*


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Our Favorite Dharma Moments


For as long as I can remember, I grew my love with cinema with the classic film, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I have probably seen this film over 500 times since the age of five. So ever since I was five, somewhere in my conscious it was probably already decided that I’d be a film fanatic and with time I have grown this dream of mine to make films with the maker of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and many other films of his that he has directed or produced til this date.

“Tootata Taara”
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

Anytime I see a shooting star, my mind turns filmy and I only think of this film.

k2h2 11

“Mandira proposes to Rizwan”
My Name is Khan (2010) 

Twelve years later we see Rahul and Anjali on-screen in a different role. My Name is Khan is one of my favorite films of Shahrukh Khan, where most did not like this film, I rather enjoyed it. And this scene simply makes my heart melt.

“Humpty Promise”
Humpty Sharma Ki Dhulania (2014) 

Lately, I have been talking about this film. It is truly one of my new favorite quirky love-stories. The kind of relation Kavya and Humpty build with one another seems to natural. A conversation like this in the film, seems to be like any conversation a girl and guy would have. Karan Johar did not direct this one but did produce it and lately I have enjoyed his produced films, he has ventured into finding new young directors bringing new flavor on-screen.

“Meeta’s Proposal”
Hasee Toh Phasee (2014) 

Hasee Toh Phasee, another film produced by Karan Johar. This is another favorite love story, it’s fresh, its a bit weird and different.


Next Monday, February 23 will be the 5 years anniversary of my blog, ‘A New Girl in a City’. 

I know whenever I meet someone and talk to them about my blog, they have a confused look on their face when I give them my blog name and then say, “that’s rather unique.” I wish I could say I came up with it on my own, but I didn’t. Along with Karan Johar there is another chap I would do anything to work with, Ayan Mukerji. The maker of the film which inspired me to start up my blog, the film which encouraged me to begin my career now or it’s going to be never.

“Wake Up Sid” (2009)
New Girl in the City 

wake up sid

And lastly, the film which is close to me in some strange way (with no reason)…

“Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” (2013) 

This is Ayan Mukerji’s second film after Wake Up Sid, what a film. This film gives me that ‘bittersweet’ feeling, it expresses a kind of love through friendship and relations like no other film has. It covers all shades of life from immature times to the most mature moment of your life.

When Naina confesses to Bunny… 


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What is Love? What is Life? What is Happiness?

Our outer selves believe that all we want in life is money and a good job… our inner selves though want just a little love. It’s true, don’t deny it!

Earlier today I was surfing through old Hindi songs from the 50’s and 60’s. What I love the most about old cinema is the simplicity in the cinematography, yet the dialogue and stories are so strong and powerful. I am not saying filmmakers today though do not make good films, I think today they are extraordinary and have their own flavor.

When I talk to people though, who sometimes believe they have me “all figured out” they believe that I am the kind of person who wants to have the ‘Big Fat Bollywood Wedding’ when in reality, I find it more beautiful to just elope (I wouldn’t really do that)… but in all seriousness, I am a very simple person. I could care less about designer clothes, a nice car or a huge house. People see me as this ‘Bollywood Freak’ but if you notice, I don’t really care about the glam and how much money a film makes, but more so the quality.

So where on earth am I going with this?!

I will be upfront to all, I am a very single person and my mom has never brought up that talk “you need to be married at this age.” Thank God! And also to clarify, I am not sad that I am a single girl at the age of only 20. I have a million things I want to do in my life, and being in a relationship is of course on that list, but much later on in life.

Coming to my point though, What is Love? What is Life? What is Happiness? Let me ask you one question; do you love yourself and who you are right now in this moment at all? (Think for a moment).

If you said yes right away then good for you! If you are still thinking and unsure, then you don’t understand the meaning of love. How can one simply love someone else if they don’t love themselves? One cannot find happiness or love in someone else, it is not the way of life.

I am going to now tell you a little secret of my life…

I used to not care for myself much, this was in maybe High School. I wore sweatpants and a t-shirt to school, to the mall, to the grocery store, to sleep and repeat. I never cared about what I looked like, at the most I’d do my hair. Then I noticed, the only time I was looking good was when it was a special occasion, but when I put the pretty clothes on my body I felt like I was masking myself in these glam outfits everyone found beautiful on me. I also used to pretend I lived in a film, that only made life worse because I wasn’t the heroine of the film, everyone else was and I was just the loser people made fun of and judged.

I started to eliminate people from my life, I began to talk to just one or two people. I reconnected with old childhood friends and also found a few new friends, and kept the ones that matter. By the end of Senior Year of High School, I started to feel like a whole new person. One day, I opened my closet and took all the t-shirts and sweatpants and put them in a drawer which I hardly reach into. Then my closet looked empty, so I went and bought new clothes alone, that time I spent the most number of hours in stores, (I don’t like spending to much time to shop but this was crucial) and tried on every kind of look, whether it was a cute little black dress or booty shorts or a new pair of jeans. I changed myself appearance wise and started to actually look in the mirror at myself.

Once I began college, I decided to be a whole new person. All my close friends who are all guys and a few girlfriends who all were in different places. This was my time to spend time with myself and understand who I really am.

I went through a roller-coaster throughout my life. But what have I learnt…

I learnt that if you treat yourself, then you feel good about you and bounce that vibe to others around you. I learnt that other people making fun of you of what you are should only make you stronger. I have learnt that being friends with guys is a lot less stressful AND I have also witnessed guys be as girly as girls are in their own little way! I have learnt that having less of everything is better, because too much of anything can make you sick (except for films…one can never have too many films in their life)! I have learnt that without failure, one will never learn, and boy have I failed at least ten times in my life and fallen too.

I mentioned in a few posts ago that I was reading the book, The Secret which I finished last week. After I read the book, which is about ‘the secret to life’ and ‘law of attraction,’ I realized that I have already applied “the secret” to my life almost 3 years back and I am just developing more of this concept in my life more and more each day.

Love, Life and Happiness, come hand-in-hand. If you do you, love you and just be you then you will enjoy life. If you don’t do any one of those things then there is no way you will enjoy life or even love a tiny part of it and not even be a bit happy either.

Lastly, as always I must end everything with a song. My obsession for the film of Highway will never fade away and the kind of person I feel like today is like the character, Veera from this film. She finds herself from within in an extraordinary journey… enjoy!


Keep on wandering, and never be lost… 

- A New Girl in a City – 


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My Old Romantic Story Pick!

guideGuide (1965)

Starring: Dev Anand, Wahida Rehman & Leela Chitnis 

Guide is a film I will remember forever. I consider myself a dancer by passion, I am no professional dancer and not nearly as good as trained dancers, but I dance for myself and the enjoyment that I feel from it. When my mom showed me the 1965 film Guide, I first fell in love with the dances and then when I saw it the second time I fell in love with the tragic love-story.

This is one of my favorite scenes from the film, it may not come off to feel romantic… this scene symbolizes where our heart and mind stand when one may be at its worst point in their life. Raju (Dev Anand) in this scene has performed this persona in a beautiful way with his dialogue delivery and just the simple thought process of understanding that in life nothing is as effective to oneself other than just yourself.

aradhanaAradhana (1969)

Starring: Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore, Sujit Kumar & Farida Jalal 

Another classic love story from the 60’s. The best part of this film I believe is Sharmila Tagore, her acting in this film is just simply amazing. Of course the hero of the time, Rajesh Khanna strikes this film with a double role, in the first half of the film he plays Sharmila’s lover who dies in a plane crash and later in is reincarnated to be her son.

The best part of this film though are the songs, the beautiful tracks by RD Burman and lyrics by Anand Bakshi. I surely wish these artists were still around to make such tunes for our films today.

kashmir ki kaliKashmir Ki Kali (1964)

Starring: Shammi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore (debut film), Pran & Nazir Hussain

Another classic and beautiful film. I guess why I love old films is because they are very simple and instead the plot and story-line is what makes the film so grand! These days it only seems they take the worst script and make it look glamorous and call it “quality cinema.” Kashmir Ki Kali was Sharmila Tagore’s first film, the film itself became the sixth-highest engrossing film of the year and was declared a hit at the box office!

And if you are a cinema lover, then you surely must have heart the classic, Deewana Hua Badal. My desire to go to Kashmir one day, started from this romantic song…

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Cinema Updates!

New Trailer
Dum Laga Ke Haisha

A Yash Raj Films
Starring: Ayushmann Khurrana & Bhumi Pednekar

Directed by Sharat Katariya


Some of our Favorite 60th Britannia Filmfare Awards Moments

Shahid Kapoor Receives the Best Actor Male for Haider

Vikas Bahl Receives the Best Director for Queen

Alia Bhatt recieves the Best Actress Critics for Highway

Kapil Sharma, Karan Johar & Alia Bhatt get Comical


Director R. Balki & Amitabh Bachchan
in conversation with ETC Bollywood on

The Official NH10 Trailer

Starring Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam & Darshan Kumar
Directed by: Navdeep Singh


Check out the Remix of ‘Jeena Jeena’ from an upcoming film, Badlapur


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