The Mardaani Film Review


It felt good to be in the theater today after a long time. She was bold, she was fearless and she was an independent. Rani Mukerji played the role of Shivani Shivaji Roy in Mardaani, directed by Pradeep Sarkar (maker of Parineeta, Laga Chunari Mein Daag & Lafangey Parindey).

The film brought goosebumps to my arms, it brought tears of confidence to my eyes and the topic of Women Empowerment, yet again has been touched upon in a unique matter. This year, the film industry has created outstanding films on this topic and Mardaani has hit the top of the list.

If you’re looking for a ‘typical Hindi film’ with romantic songs, a love story, laughing and crying… this isn’t quite the film, and I was glad. Script writer, Gopi Puthran, shaped the right kind of dialogue for each and every character in this film. It was so powerful and so real, there were points I forgot I was just watching a film. When the story and acting is so powerful, one forgets about all the other necessary things when it comes to a film.

But, the cinematography was excellent. The editing was flawless. There were no gaps, no holes in the story yet it didn’t take forever to develop the story either. I sat there and didn’t want to stop seeing Shivani prove a point to any person she walked up to that being a cop doesn’t mean to just follow the rules but having to break a few to fix a large issue.

This film is different, it’s realistic and touches upon one of the many kind of stories which occur in India and/or many other places in the world.

This must be the first film, where I loved it so much, I am speechless. This morning when I planned my day out and decided to go see a film Friday night, I said; “I am just seeing the film because its a Yash Raj Films”. Maybe my old fan-fanatic towards Rani Mukerji as a child had faded away– I had missed seeing the glamorous Tina Malhotra or Maya Talwaar on-screen, but she changed my mindset as always and had me fall in love with her all over again with, Shivani Shivaji Roy. Rani Mukerji truly was the soul of how amazing this film was, alongside with Pradeep Sarkar’s Directing & Gopi Puthran’s marvelous script.

A New Girl in a City’s review for Mardaani

4.5 stars out of 5