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The Flat Tire Day.

This to this

The holidays have been eating my brain cells away, I can’t get over how yet again I am having to work on Thanksgiving. I’ve made this statement before, but the day they plan to open stores on Christmas (my ALL time favorite holiday of the year) I am quitting retail for-sure.

I think because of this, I have been in a ‘pissy’ mood which led to me waking up Sunday morning to a nail in my cars front left tire which led to it being flat. And I just knew it was just going to go downhill from here.


I live in a ‘city’ where calling ubers and taxi drivers are very rare, and forget any other source of transportation. And I kept contemplating on utilizing this service, but I thought nah someone should be able to give me a ride… right?! Sunday’s are typically my study days and because I have an exam on Tuesday, I decided to start studying early and make my way to Barnes and Nobles with a good cupa tea. Later in the day I had plans to meet with a classmate to study for the exam too. Literally the most simple plans I’d ever made for a day and that to all for school…

I called many people and either no one picked up, or they were already obligated to other things which was totally understandable. I decided to just wait till I had to meet my classmate and help my mom out with an event she was prepping for in the evening. It was okay, I guess the thought of not being able to drive my car was really making me mad. Eventually I made it to B&N at around 3pm and began studying with my classmate. Of course it was packed because everyone is trying to get their hot red cup at hand and we just needed an empty table and good WiFi… but the internet sucked and I thought I should ease my mind with a cup of coffee instead of tea. I reached inside my purse and my wallet was gone, in fact I kept thinking I lost my debit card too.

I wanted to get up and scream. Instead, I just sat there and stared at the study guide which I felt clueless about and pretended like I was okay. But I wasn’t.


We attempted to study for a few hours only to realize my bad mood was reflecting on my performance of studying and it just wasn’t working out really. My classmate was nice enough to drop me off at home and I got home and took a shower to ease my mind and listened to the soundtrack of Tamasha which was very helpful. I decided to throw some rollers in my hair so I’d look fab the next day, and began my homework. It was a bit successful I guess.

I decided to just take it easy the rest of the night. I popped my rollers out, blow dried my hair and popped some homemade popcorn (which was 90% burnt) and made a big cup of hot chocolate (which was TOO chocolaty) and watched the Indian version of Big Brother aka Bigg Boss. After Big Boss I watched an Indian comedy show, Comedy Nights with Kapil which featured Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali as they promoted their film Tamasha. Boy did this make my evening!! I was laughing harder than I needed to and was just cheesing hard seeing Ranbir!


Basically the sum of this little rant-story of mine is, there was no need for me to be so mad because of my flat tire. I personally have been in far more worse situations and fretting over a flat tire was the last thing I needed to be worried about. All the events that occurred after finding out about my tire was just me simply attracting lot’s of negative energy. I reflected about all this today and thought how much I wasted a day that could have been spent well studying and just enjoying another day of life.  I also thought about how my emotions really played with me yesterday and thought about the film Inside Out. All my emotions were probably just going through a roller coaster…

Funny thing is, this morning when I woke up, like always I pulled out my phone and sat in bed for a bit. I hopped onto Pinterest and this is the firs thing I saw…

flat tire day

So while the universe gave me a huge sign this morning, I hopped out of bed and put on some good clothes and got that dang ‘ole tire fixed and got loads of things done today and even managed to fit in a good hour long nap! On that note, you can probably tell what to get out of this post. For now keep reading, keep watching and see you at the movies! This week Tamasha releases early in the US on Wednesday November 25, stay tuned for the film review coming soon!

Happy Holidays & Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo – Film Review

About a week ago I prepared myself for the grand Sooraj Barjatya film by watching Hum Saath Saath Hai. Let me begin by saying I am not a fan of ‘these types’ of films. But I have this logic, you can’t review a film because you don’t enjoy a certain genre, you have to review it by itself and whether or not the film covered all elements.

Today, November 12 I entered the cinema hall with no pre-mindset of the film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

There are numerous reasons why I enjoyed today’s film surprisingly. And I may even give away some spoilers while explaining my reasons.

The film began and I was immediately grasped into it. Seeing the gorgeous elaborate sets, the traditional get-up and the charming Salman Khan as Prem it was such a delight seeing these elements. And then when characters were introduced, and then seeing that Salman has played a double role had me fully engrossed in the film. In PRDP the problem was introduced, which was very simple and basic… I am sure every other household could relate to the problem.

The obstacle was simple, Yuvraj Vijay Singh, played by Salman, has two sisters and brother and none of them get along due to past family issues. And then Prem also played by Salman comes and saves the day. But as simple the story sounds, there was a lot more to it because it’s in the eyes of Sooraj Barjatya. It was grand, happy, funny, dramatic and maybe partially emotional at some points. Where a simple problem is taken and instead of sitting on the problem for three hours and having a happy ending, Sooraj made the problem seem minuscule and came up with many solutions for the maharaj household. This is another element of the film I really enjoyed seeing.

I was of course fully taken in by Sonam Kapoor’s clothing by Anamika Khanna I was also in complete awe of her performance. It has taken a lot of time for Sonam to open up on screen, in fact eight years and today she opened all possibilities for her film career down the line. She showed innocence, quirky romance, and all sorts of emotions. In addition to her gorgeous beauty, she showed the actress hidden in her.

Supporting actors like Swara Bhaskar, Aashika Bhatia, Anupam Kher, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Armaan Kohli and Deepak Dobriyal were all outstanding. Each and every characters was dissected and portrayed into the story beautifully.

I understand for a film like this, it’s hard for us NOW to take in. I hear from so many older generation folks they miss the innocence, elegance and simplicity old films used to hold. And NOW these days films expose everything, from a romantic scene to expressing how we feel it’s all said with dialogue. In today’s film I saw a mix of both which was very delightful for me. I saw innocence between Salman and Sonam, yet at the same time they slightly expressed their selves to one another but in the most beautiful touching way. There were dialogues delivered by Anupam Kher which are life lessons that will stick with me forever. And many other moments in the film which I found simple beauty in. Loads of symbolism was portrayed and it’s just been a while since our eyes have seen such a film.

While I loved the music by Himesh Reshammiya there seemed to be too many songs. And knowingly that it’s a Sooraj Barjatya film and there are never too many songs for him, it could have cut some time. But I thoroughly enjoyed the song Jalte Diye. The playful-romantic scenes between Sonam and Salman could have also been cut down, as the film seemed a bit too elongated. The film had a more of Bhansali film feel to it because of the elaborate sets and clothing, but it is really pleasurable to see a film so fully rooted and traditional. I don’t think I want to demand this from every film made today, but it’s surely nice to see once in a while our hero and heroines dressed in lengha cholis and kurthas.

And lastly, I can’t forget to mention that I thoroughly enjoyed Dilwala Prem aka Salman Khan. The charming, lovable and comical character of the film. I loved seeing Salman back as Prem and really enjoy him in this persona!

A New Girl in a City’s review of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is

3.5 stars

Check out my favorite track of the film!

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No Phones this Diwali


I’d like to wish all my readers a very Happy Diwali! I encountered a reader of mine at a Diwali party a few days ago who complained that I am not posting enough here at home on my own blog. While I wish I could take more time out of my days to post as often as I used to, I am not able to, but it’s not just about time but also about content. While my blog has always been a mix of Bollywood-film updates it is also an update on my life stories and things I learn on the way to wherever.

It’s not that I do not have anything to share with you, but I am at a point in my life where I am living vicariously through my every day experiences. And simply there are some days I am constantly working I don’t even realize those are part of my experience.

But I find myself often glued to my phone and computer screen and I made a promise to myself this Diwali that at any Diwali party I attend this year or any social setting I am in, I need to turn the phone off and listen and engage myself within real-time-conversations. Maybe that is why I am unable to write more experiences.

So here’s a little message from me to you…

A very happy diwali to all of you!

And lastly, for those reading in the Triangle Area in North Carolina, I am currently hiring interns to help assist with some future film projects I have in store. If you’re interested please contact me!

Keep Reading, Keep Watching, & See You At The Movies 

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Fall in Love, its November.

A New Girl in a City (5)

It’s my favorite time of the year, Holiday season!! While I dressed up as a Minion for Halloween, I have been way overly ecstatic about the BIG Christmas tree that went up outside my store, Charming Charlie’s at Triangle Town center about three weeks ago. We also just got holiday shipment in and can’t wait to decorate the store with holiday floor-set!

The holiday of food aka Thanksgiving is not too far away either and neither is Christmas itself. I am so anxious for the holiday’s like every year and it gets even more exciting each and every year!!

But there’s so much more I have to tell you!

Today, November 2 is king of Bollywood’s 50th Birthday, Shahrukh Khan! It’s been such a delight posting all the SRK birthday posts on Urban Asian and seeing fans all over the world appreciate such a divine actor in cinema. I was connected with an a cappella group, Chai Town originating from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne, and they have compiled a beautiful Music Video tribute to SRK for his 50th!

Check it out below & you can check out more on the group on Urban Asian: Click Here

This past weekend, while I dressed up as a Minion for Halloween, I also vlogged! I spent my Hallow-eve at Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville, NC. A friend and I frolicked around, and felt like little kids all over again. I even did a little Matargashti in a pumpkin patch! Check out Vlog 24 below!

Please hit the thumbs up if you like the video & Subscribe to my channel!

Speaking of Matargashti about two weeks ago I posted a dubsmash of me doing the ‘Tiaon dance’ from the song Matargashti! I mimicked Deepika Padukone’s which she posted about a month ago. Yesterday I found out she retweeted my dubsmash along with other fans across the globe!

Deepika’s Tiaon-Dubsmash: 

Are you ready for some #matargashti? Here's @deepikapadukone's #tiaondubsmash , where's yours? @TamashaOfficial

A video posted by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on

My Tiaon-Dubsmash: 


Tamasha releases November 27, 2015! The film is directed by Imtiaz Ali, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. For more updates on Tamasha, visit my Tamasha Constant Updates page.

And aside from being in love with A.R. Rahman’s entire album of Tamasha! I am currently in love with this new track, Jalte Diye from Prem Ratan Dhan Payo releasing this Diwali November 12.

That’s all the updates I have for now! Enjoy some of these pics from Halloween and my visit to Hill Ridge Farms!

Remember you can follow more Bollywood Updates from my on Urban Asian

Keep Reading, Keep Watching, & See You At The Movies! 

Happy Fall!

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Shaandaar – Film Review

When the Shaandaar trailer released and promotions occurred, everything was very BIG and GRAND!

Today at the movies, I was taken into Vikas Bahl’s vision of a ‘shaandaar’ destination wedding with a bit a quirkiness, a cute love-story between JJ and Alia, and quite a lot of… cheesiness.

Walking out of the cinema hall today had me at a stuck point on how I felt about the film. It was cute, refreshing and mindless and a hundred-percent entertaining. But it could have been a lot more grand without the cheesy animation-story-telling.

So a heads up, this will be a very mixed-review…

What I loved was the chemistry between Alia and Pankaj Kapur they portrayed the correct father-daughter relationship almost every daughter or father could relate to or wish to have. I also enjoyed the relationship portrayed on-screen between Shahid and Pankaj, where in real-life they are father-son and in reel-life Shahid is Pankaj’s to-be father in law. All three of them had amazing chemistry and it felt so natural. Another on-screen relation I enjoyed was Alia and Sana Kapoor who play each others sisters. Again it was extremely natural and beautiful to see.

The cinematography, locations, and entire sets of Shaandaar were breathtakingly beautiful!! I know every girl who will see this film will take a piece of it to their future wedding.

The unstoppable music by Amit Trivedi was catchy and I wanted to join in on every song that played. I particularly enjoyed the qawalli, Senti Wali Mental by Arijit Singh and Neeti Mohan and Nazdeekiyaan by Nikhil Paul George.

I guess what pulled this film down was the cheesiness as I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to give much of the story away, but there was a knock-off Koffee With Karan scene that featured Karan Johar and it was unnecessary. And the animated insects which flew off Alia Bhatt’s clothing brought a bit of immaturity to the film.

I wish Vikas and the Shaandaar team would have overlooked these over-the-top points in the film which may have made the film a bit more pure and original.

A New Girl in a City’s review of Shaandaar is


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Raj & Simran celebrate 20 Years of DDLJ!


I know for a fact that not many from my generation of Indian’s in America are not as obsessed as I am with Indian cinema. BUT there’s always that one film every Indian in the world has seen, and forget Indian’s SO many non-Indian’s have been exposed to this evergreen classic film… Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

I have expressed before how DDLJ is not a film I’d put in my top favorites, but it still is a classic film and I could still watch it over and over again. If I look at all the films that have ever been made, this one is ‘complete’. From the first scene to the last, it makes you laugh, cry, sing and dance and most importantly…makes you fall in love. This is one of those films which has every ingredient one would need to watch a film or even make a film.

I think every future Indian filmmaker needs to watch this film and analyze it in a filmmaking perspective. The story, the dialogues, the expressions, reactions…and everything else. It is perfectly put together and perfectly presented on-screen.

Here’s something interesting… the DDLJ duo, Raj and Simran AKA- Shahrukh Khan and Kajol are returning back on the big screen in Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale this December! So this video below is not only a thank you from the on-screen power couple, but a fantastic promotional strategy for the next film coming soon!

20 Years later if I had to give a film review of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge I would give this film 5 Stars then and 5 Stars now!

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Addicted to Work.


I’m twenty-one and people get really confused about my lifestyle… and sometimes I do too. I conveyed to my Urban Asian team today that I am not really sure how I get it all done with my insane schedule, but it gets done somehow and on-time and I am happy with that.

And I really am! So if you don’t know me or my lifestyle already, I go to school, write on this blog, write daily for UA and also the PR Marketing manager for a short film Now and ThenIn addition I assist my mom with our Event Planning and Catering company we’ve been running for about seven years. AND I have been working in retail for 6 years.

So I have a lot on my plate, and get very little sleep, am constantly tired and constantly on-the-go. At the end of each day as soon as I close my laptop and place my computer down and shut the lights before sleep, the one thing I tell myself is this,

“Everything you did today will be worth it in the long run, so keep working hard.”

While all of it sounds amazing yet chaotic, I have noticed that I am just way too addicted to all this ‘work’ or I like to call my ‘passion’.

Addiction experience One: 

I went to attend a social cultural dance event this past Saturday and was constantly checking my phone in-between dance breaks and making sure I am not missing out on anything at ‘work’. I was physically present at the event, but my mind was on spreadsheets, schedules and blog posts. I came home and told my mom,

“I was really trying to focus on the dance steps…”

My mom shook her head and told me that I wasn’t enjoying it because I was trying to focus and not just dance like I used to.

Addiction experience Two:  

In the last couple of months, I have noticed myself not ‘being there,’ meaning whenever I am hanging out with friends, even if it’s just chilling at their house, I am still constantly checking that I am not missing any deadlines and or taking phone calls. I have repeatedly heard the following comment,

“You’re too involved with your work, go home.”

Addiction experience Three: 

I can’t have conversations outside of my jobs… so I have consistently found myself only talking about all the jobs I mentioned above. I really don’t know what else to talk about these days and if it’s not about work, then it’s about how exhausted I am.

My Explanation…  

So people say, “you’re only 21, enjoy life.” I am enjoying life differently and on my own terms. No one has asked me to do any of this, I am doing them because I thoroughly love every moment of my day. Sure it can get a bit depressing sitting in-front of the computer all day while I see everyone’s Snapchat stories and Instagram pics of them out together having the time of their lives… but behind here I am also having the time of my life, writing, connecting and building relations and learning something new every single minute of the day.

And when I take a break from the social media world, I spend time with fresh air at the park or pull out a book with a cupa tea! And I continue to tell myself before I shut my eyes to sleep,

“Everything you did today will be worth it in the long run, so keep working hard.”

So I believe that what others say or feel about my lifestyle is not wrong, but at the same time neither am I… we all just have a different perspective and that is okay.

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