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Do not take advantage of Happiness.

February 10, 2016 iiSuperwomanii AKA Lilly Singh’s A Trip To Unicorn Island released on You Tube Red.

I’ve been watching Lilly videos for as long as I can remember.

When the trailer of her film released my mom said,

Is this the same girl you watch on YouTube? She looks very pretty now.

Yes she’s the brown girl on YouTube everyone around the world CANNOT stop talking about. But why?!


It’s really important to understand that YouTube isn’t just a place to watch your film trailers or funny animal videos, even though that’s always nice. But it’s also a platform for all these creative people around the world working unlimited hours to make some small tiny difference. It’s so important to understand that Lilly isn’t an ordinary person, but someone I can relate to every single minute of the day.

I watched her film today and I was moved, like always. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to one of her impeccable shows, but watching her film was enough for me to understand what was so moving about it. More than that though it made me see a part of what I am facing every single day.


Everyday I am trying to build myself into a better person and create new ideas to share with the world. I am constantly balancing a million things on my two hands and shoulders and there are days I ask myself,

Is this all really worth it? I am trying to do everything to be happy, but why do I feel so sad and depressed some days?

Lilly expresses this while she preps for her tour, and while she’s on tour. She constantly finds herself being the one person in the room constantly working while others are working, and having fun. She constantly finds herself trying to work harder because sometimes just ‘working hard’ isn’t enough. She believes if you sleep and dream at night, nothing will actually come true unless your awake and making those dreams come to life.

I cannot express how much these kind of thoughts run through my head every single day I am on the go and doing everything. I never know how to tell people why I am tired because there’s a long list as to why I’m tired.

Because of Lilly I have had the chance to meet so many other YouTube personalities, like my daily favorites Humble The Poet and Jaz Saini, and many more. I won’t say Lilly created them, but somewhere in their own work I can see these individuals have also created their own island. They have taken their friends and family to their own island too. That’s why Lilly emphasizes why it’s so important to be happy for yourself.

Yes, Lilly is the brown girl on YouTube dressing up as her parents, making videos in her room… but do you know what else she has accomplished!? Everything and more. She’s not even thirty years old, and she has done it all. She has accomplished her dreams and has touched millions of young hearts across the globe. She’s the reason your child is in front of the computer turning their bad day into a simple smile. She has met other celebrities which she doesn’t just fan-girl and take a selfie with, but genuinely wants to know how they are doing.

If there is one thing I had to take from her and my own experiences, it’s this:

Please do not take advantage of a single day in your life. Really think about what will make you happy and just do it. And in addition spread your happiness to others, make them realize the importance of happiness. Create your own island and spread the love.


I am so happy I am part of this YouTube generation and was able to grasp my eyes on this film. Not only has it made me realize that it’s okay to feel the way I feel, but that this message is being conveyed to all. I want parents, kids, and everyone to watch this hour and twenty-minute film, and not see the celebrity in Lilly, but the human in her.

A Trip To Unicorn Island

Keep Reading, Keep Watching, & See You At The Movies! 

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If you were here then…

Today is my dad’s 57th Birthday.

if you were

I’ve written a blog post every year here on his birthday and his death anniversary. For the last twelve days I’ve been trying to patch up a nice post for his birthday…but my writing creativity has been on the dead side lately.

I’m so wrapped around all the various things I do in a day, and as always there comes a point where I work so much I get stress-sick.

Yesterday I went to Charming Charlie’s for work, then worked on some film stuff. I then sent emails, had lunch with a friend, then met up with another friend to plan stuff for his sister’s wedding. Reached home around 10:00 pm and hopped on some conference calls, and did some blogging.

I was pretty much in and out of the house all day, and just going, not stopping, a single moment. In between each destination, meeting, and blog post– the only thing on my mind was I wonder what my dad would think if he saw me running around like a maniac all day. I’ve never thought about what it would be like if he were here today. I’ve always thought about the days he was here, and how it’s sad he’s not here anymore.

All the various places I work, I always hear my co-workers tell me how amazing my working skills are, and how happy they are with me. I am going to have to say it, but I am never sure of myself about my working skills, or any skills honestly. I am always doubting myself.

Today I also questioned whether I’d be a completely different person if my dad was here. Would I even be running this chaotic life? Would I be downing cups of coffee, or would I spend my Saturday morning drinking tea and watching cartoons still?

My dad left at a time where cellphones were just creeping in and we still had dial-up internet. I can only imagine how many techie items my dad would be playing with today, and how many cool cameras we both would have bought together. I am pretty sure he’d find the selfie concept awfully strange, yet amusing at the same time. He would be able to capture all the behind the scene things I do for me accurately because he was so good at doing that when I was a kid. I also think he would be mad happy to see me going into films; just so at the end, he himself would be able to meet his favorite star, Amitabh Bachchan.

It’s kind of lame that he couldn’t see this tech-world and the fast-pace-chaotic lifestyle I am living.

One thing I always want to convey to anyone reading. If both your parents are alive, I want you to take a moment to just be thankful you are able to live each moment, and share each moment with them.

Because my dad was fighting cancer, we knew one day he wouldn’t be with us. Unfortunately no one prepped me enough to understand what its like to not have that figure in my life. I can confidently say though that my mom has done an impeccable job at filling that void in our lives. The journey for me has always been tough, and bumpy, but I know I have a fantastic mother who bares with my insanity each day, and when it gets really tough I just close my eyes and see my dad’s joyous calm smile.

Happy Birthday Dad. We all miss you. 

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Airlift – Film Review

After a snowed in weekend, it felt good to be at the movies today! What made my trip to the movies even better though was walking out feeling uplifted and happy. That’s what you will feel when watching Raja Krishna Menon’s Airlift.

I have a soft corner for films that surround India and patriotism, even though I am not an Indian born, I am still Indian. And that’s what I have learnt from these kind of films. When you watch Airlift many of us may be able to connect to Akshay Kumar’s character Ranjit Katyal. There are times we feel so angry about India because it’s not a perfect country, but there are large events that have gone unrecognized in our country, just like the story of Airlift.

Akshay Kumar was not alone in this film though. There was Nimrat Kaur who is a divine actress and had a strong role as Ranjit’s wife Amrita. Alongside Akshay and Nimrat were many supporting actors, to name a few; Purab Kholi, Prakash Balawadi, Kummud Mishra and many more!

This story originates from true events and more importantly a story about the largest air-evacuation that has ever occurred in the world.

A beautifully told story, showing realism and practical reaction from the common man or woman. Emotional, moving, and even some funny moments. The entire film covers all elements, yet with simple messages that ought to be conveyed to the people of our country.

The film also had really good music. Not a lot, but just enough to keep the film entertaining, emotional, and have you fall in love too. No matter where you are in the world, if you are an Indian, you will feel proud to say “yes I am an Indian.”

A New Girl in a City’s review of Airlift is

4 stars

Check out my favorite track by Arijit Singh 

Soch Na Sake 

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T-shirts & Auditions!

Everyday I wake up wanting to accomplish a million things and while I may be doing so, it doesn’t feel enough. I am constantly trying to brainstorm new ideas and something unique.

So to kick off the year with my first new project that is these really comfy and cool t-shirts!

ANGIAC tshirts

The story behind the Bollywood > everything else. tee…

Every Friday when I go see a movie, I wear this shirt which says ‘the Queen of Bollywood’. It’s really cheap and simple, my mom got it made for free from a career expo a few years back. For a while I wanted to get a better version of the shirt made. I also thought it would be cooler if I got a shirt made that everyone could wear to the movies on Friday’s, or just when its rainy and your having a Bollywood marathon under the blankets with some popcorn! Then I came up with a few ideas and narrowed this to be the first t-shirt to release under the A New Girl in a City brand!

Special thanks to my friends, Priya, Anjali, & Karan for helping me with the t-shirt photo shoot! It took us about 6 hours to do the whole shoot…and I condensed the whole shoot under 2 minutes in this clip below.

And that’s pretty much it!

Now they’re on sale at my own online store: https://squareup.com/market/anewgirlinacity and so far I’m getting great feedback! People from all over are buying the tee. From Miami, California, New York and even locally from North Carolina!

Right now if you purchase a shirt, 10% of your purchase will go towards a really good friend of mine Anuva Fellner, who is traveling to Ghana in March to help educate children.


Buy your very own now, or wait till Sunday January 24…


But there’s more happening!

If you’ve been following my vlogs, I’ve talked about how I am starting a new film project! I am really nervous for this one, because it’s slightly bigger and I get to finally sit in the directors chair, and well direct! I need some help though… I’m looking for an actress for my film. Here’s the flyer for details:


If you are interested in this, or no anyone then email me at anewgirlinacity@gmail.com.
Preferably someone from North Carolina as all the shooting will be happening here locally in Raleigh.

Keep Reading, Keep Watching, and See You at the Movies! 

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I watched a movie & felt like crap.

Transitioning into 2016 has been smooth for me. I have jumped straight into new projects and finishing up old ones. My list of things to do’s are increasing and well I already started classes this past Thursday…

As always I am constantly trying to educate myself with the art of cinema. Be it watching interviews or simply a film itself. Yesterday I started watching a film that I had been wanting to see, but it did not release here (typical). The film I finally saw was Hawaizaada. The film is inspired by the biography of Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, who constructed and flew the first airplane in 1895.

The film, which got really bad reviews, happened to be a film I liked (again typical). It had one of my favorite new-age actors, Ayushman Khurrana who did an exceptional job as the role of Shivkar Bapuji Talpade aka Shivvy.

The film which was about an Indian who created the first airplane to simply gain freedom from the Britishers at the time. This topic touched my heart in many ways. First reason being because I have grown up listening to stories about my grandfather who was a freedom fighter and fought intensely for freedom from the Brits. Second reason being because well… the most believed story is that the Wright Brothers from North Carolina are the original guys who created the first airplane.

Honestly I am not here to fight the case… I just felt awkwardly like crap at the end of the film, especially when the film was complete, a blurb popped up saying “It is said that the first airplane was created by the Wright Brothers in North Carolina…”. So here I am finishing a really good movie at 2:30am and then realizing that I am both Indian and a North Carolinian who drives around with a license plate that says ‘First in Flight’. Who has also been taught in school all my life that we’re the state that created the first airplane…but in reality India would differ that it was thought of and created almost ten years before America.


A bit bittersweet you could say. But oh well! If you need a good Hindi film to watch (in my eyes) check out Hawaizaada on Netflix! A beautiful film, with lovely songs and exceptionally memorable dialogues!

Check out my favorite track of the film!

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Wazir – Film Review

Captivating, thrilling, and different. Those are the three words I would use to describe Wazir.

The film directed by Bejoy Nambiar and written by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Abhijat Joshi was a fantastic film to kickoff the 2016 year of films!

I can’t stop thinking about the easily meshed chemistry between Farhan Akhtar and Amitabh Bachchan. The way they both individually executed their roles on-screen was electrifying. Every dialogue Amitabh delivered as the role of Pandit Omkarnath Dhar brought goosebumps to my arms. What an evergreen and versatile actor we have in our industry! Farhan plays the role of Danish Ali who goes through a swoop of emotions from beginning to end. Farhan also an actor of many talents portrayed a different persona on-screen today, it was refreshing to see him in an intensifying thriller role, while being a hopeless-romantic.

The other supporting actors added to the suspense mystery story line of Wazir.

Aditi Rao Hydari is playing the role of Farhan’s wife Ruhana Ali. She’s a dancer at heart and has very little dialogue throughout the film. But she still did justice to her supporting role. Neil Nitin Mukesh playing a conniving villain as Wazir, but it’s the twist of his character that brings the film to life. The small role John Abraham had on-screen was another supporting character to help solve the mystery. It was nice to see John on-screen, wish I could have seen more of him though.

So the acting, dialogues, and story were all good. What I felt a bit tiresome was the pace of the film. Even though the film is a bit shorter than a typical Hindi film, it still felt like forever! Every time Farhan and Aditi came eye-to-eye, the scene went into a slow motion mode. At the beginning of the film we’re introduced to both their character with the song Tere Bin, it worked the first time, but this repeatedly kept happening during their scenes and it was a bit annoying to see. Because of this, the film felt dragged and well it would have sped up the story a bit!

The music and cinematography of the film was up to par! I rather enjoyed all the music of the film in-fact. The conclusion of the film really got me at the edge of my seat and by the end I was just at awe.

A New Girl in a City’s review of Wazir is


Check out my favorite song!

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Fitoor official trailer out now!

The makers of Kai Po Che and Rock On return with Fitoor!


UTV Motion Pictures unveils the trailer of Fitoor today starring Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif and Tabu. The film is based on Charles Dickens’ novel The Great Expectations. The romance, lust, and sizzling chemistry is to die for in this brand new trailer.

The Abhishek Kapoor film Fitoor will be releasing near Valentines day on February 12!


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