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Main Tera Hero – Film Review

Main Tera Hero
Film Review

Did you have a tough week? Did the Spring heat hit you too hard? Are you feeling stressed? Then go see this light, comical and mindless film, Main Tera Hero. I remember when I saw Student of The Year I was thinking what kind of films the new stars would get after they starred for the first time in a Karan Johar Film… and so far I have been very impressed with Alia Bhatt, Siddarth Malhotra & some may differ from my opinion but I really enjoyed watching Varun Dhawan in a commical-action-hero role, it was quite refreshing.

Along with Varun, his two hot, beautiful and gorgeous co-stars, Nargis Fakhri & Illena D’cruz were also very refreshing to see in the big screen. What I also loved about Main Tera Hero was that there were these three fresh faces on-screen with the older actors like Anupam Kher, Rajpal Yadav and other supporting cast.

Two other things I really enjoyed about the film was the music and the costume & sets!

I have always enjoyed Sajid-Wajid’s music, it has a classical feel to it no matter how strange the lyrics may be the melodious beats and tunes had me tapping my feet through every dance number!

The costumes reminded me of the 70′s with bright colors infused with the modern look of high-waist-ed skirts, crop tops. The Indian wear was just gorgeous and definitely had me rethinking my wardrobe for some upcoming weddings I will be attending. The sets of the took me back to Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham days where there is this perfect modern school where the dress code doesn’t matter and singing and dancing on campus is an everyday normal routine. The houses were astonishing and were unbelievable.

So yes, it’s a masala film with a twist. The comedy didn’t had me rolling on the floor laughing, but the film had it’s funny points and it’s very bad puns.

I definitely wish, David Dhawan the director and father of Varun Dhawan would have introduced his son in a better story line or at least with some better dialogue but the  bright colors, beautiful sets and wonderful actresses definitely helped me ignore the “okay script”.

A New Girl in a City’s rating for Main Tera Hero is

2 1.2 star

1 star for Varun Dhawan, half star to Nargis and another half star for Illena & half star for the music and costume!

Definitely do not see this movie if you are trying to get any logic or moral from it, but always support the new upcoming talent and the film industry so say no to piracy and see the film in cinemas!

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Film Friday

Good morning readers, it is finally Friday! My favorite day of the week, because I get to see a new film today! Main Tera Hero, starring Varun Dhawan, Illenamthshowtimes D’cruz & Nargis Fakhri! If you want to see a romantic-comedy action film with the new-gen film stars then definitely make it out to the cinema today! Below are the showtimes & an exclusive interview with Komal Nahta.


New Trailer

From the director of Aashiqui 2, Mohit Suri

Ek Villain

Starring: Siddarth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor, Riteish Deshmuk 

Written by: Tushar Hiranandai

Music by: Pritam, Mithoon & Ankit Tiwari

Releasing June 27, 2014

ek vilain

New Trailer


Directed by: Sabbir Khan

Introducing: Tiger Shroff & Kriti Sanon

Produced by: Sajid Nadiadwala

Music by: Sajid Wajid

Releasing May 23, 2014




Remember under the ‘City Productions’ tab on the blog, keep yourself updated with a film we have been waiting for, 2 States! Don’t miss this wonderful story based on Chetan Bhagat’s marriage.

The film stars, Alia Bhatt & Arjun Kapoor


Check out my, Wanderlust Moment right here: http://newgirlinacity.com/asheville-nc/ & soon I’ll be announcing my next adventure in another city over the Summer. Stay tuned for more film reviews, more film updates and many more travel moments!

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Indian Cinema Updates!

Good Morning readers & fans! It’s almost Friday and we’ve got some wonderful updates for you…

New Trailer

The Xpose

Starring: Himesh Reshammiya, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Irfan Khan, Zoya Afroz

Releasing May 16, 2014

Directed by: Ananth Mahadevan & Produced by: Himesh Reshammiya


New Trailer 

Revolver Rani

Starring: Kangna Ranaut & Vir Das

Releasing April 25, 2014

Directed by: Sai Kabir Shrivastav


New Song from 2 States 

Iski Uski

More Updates on 2 States check it all out here: http://newgirlinacity.com/the-queen-of-bollywood-productions/2-states-constant-updates/


Rajeev Masand with David Dhawan & Varun Dhawan 

Promoting the film, Main Tera Hero!
Releasing Friday April 4, 2014

Local showtimes for Raleigh, NC are below


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April, the simple steps of being Positive!

Hello April!

Where do I begin? Over this past weekend, I spent time with prospective clients for upcoming events and then proceeded to write all the events I am doing in the next month or so… I am actually booked for Weddings and events all the way up to October, on one hand I am very excited, but I am eagerly awaiting to step out of the Event Planning & Retail fields and step into permanent shoes of being a filmmaker. It is taking forever though…

I’ve been spending my days, looking into the sky no matter what color it is, grey, blue, red-orange or midnight-blue. I have been enjoying the many rays of color the sky has shown in the last few days. Today it was about 68 degrees with a cool breeze, I really soaked myself into the environment today…deciding to park further from my classes and give myself enough time to walk and enjoy the weather. Fresh ideas were coming to mind and I really felt like I was getting things done.

April will just be another month where I’ll be diving into more of my life experiences and continuing to live my “chaotic” lifestyle… except not so much because I am not looking at my life anymore as if it is “chaos” but just many opportunities which are guiding me into the right direction of being that dream filmmaker.

It’s strange, this time of the year always seems to be stressful, people are looking for new jobs, new changes, people need to file taxes… relationships for some reason either go really well or really bad at this time of the year (or so in my life I have seen this) and a lot of different things happen. I was talking to an old friend today who currently lives in California and I suddenly started giving free therapy (which I do enjoy when it comes to my friends) and it was very pleasant because I was finally giving someone advice that I had first applied to myself… it was a wonderful moment for me.

The piece of advice I gave to my dear friend which I’d like to share with everyone and I hope some people of my generation are also reading this and apply this to their life…

In life, we get so flustered by the smallest-to-largest of things. Our brains feel overwhelmed and all we feel like doing is curling up into a ball and sleeping (avoiding everything). It’s better to unveil those flustered thoughts by doing many things like, writing them down, talking it out with someone or here’s a weird one… sitting in an open space where there is no one and talking it out-loud to nobody. Yeah, that sounds like a crazy person would do it, but I have tried it recently and it was amazing.

Next step, to stay positive. This has to be the hardest thing for young people to do these days or any person in-fact. I used to always stress out so much and I have no idea why… there are a few steps to fix this.

One, don’t get overly attached to people, whether it’s your best friend, boy friend or girl friend, classmate or a stranger… don’t get so attached, it can hurt deeply one day and healing it takes forever.

Step two: I always used to plan out how situations would be before I end up in them, even if it’s hanging out with my friends or before going to work or school… I would plan out how I am going to talk and even plan out the general response of the other person all in my head. Once again this can create that “flustering” feeling and it’s really irritating to yourself… at the end, I would realize the complete opposite of what I presumed to happen, would not happen at all and it either led me to disappointment or again irritation. Learn to just do things with no expectations and go with the flow as life brings it to you.

Step three… being positive sounds like it is really hard but of course nothing is easy. Find yourself, understand who you are before you try to understand someone else. I think I always spent my time worrying about what others thought of me or what my friends think of me… OR what is my friend feeling, are they okay? I would always wonder and ask and get frustrated when they don’t give me an answer. We try to find out happiness, our lives in someone else’s lives but you cannot live your life finding happiness through someone else… you must know yourself and be happy for who you are.

That’s that, my simple ways of being a positive, stress free person. And it works, I have tried and applied all these things on myself in the last three months in 2014 and it is working really well for me. I haven’t completed it all but I am in the process of almost reaching the accomplishing point. I think after I complete the 12 Events I have coming up in the next two months, I’ll feel happy that I accomplished something and will be moving onto a new destination.

Be a little selfish, make yourself happy and move forward! Enjoy life to its fullest and don’t keep things bottled up in your head…

Wishing all my readers & fans a Happy April & See You At The Movies!



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Hindi Cinema Updates!

Good morning readers & fans! Hope you had a pleasant week and those in North Carolina are excited for the nice weather change we are seeing!

Every day I keep hoping I’ll be able to share a lot with you all but nothing has really “striked” to me to share anything. This morning as I got up at 7am for my 8am class, I drove my car into the parking lot for school and noticed the sun was rising… it was just beautiful.


So as I had that moment with the sunrise I got an notification on my phone for new Dialogue Promos from 2 States! I jumped, pulled out my computer and was so excited & immediately shared it on my ’2 States {Constant Updates}’ page. I’ll share it right here as well with all of you!

For more updates on the upcoming film releasing on April 18 check it all out right here…



Then I came across a tweet from an actor praising the trailer of an upcoming new film

Hawaa Hawaai 

Releasing May 9, 2014

The director of Stanley Ka Dabba & Creative director of Taare Zameen Par
Amole Gupte


New Song 

From the film Main Tera Hero

Releasing April 4th Starring: Varun Dhawan, Ilena D’cruz & Nargis Fakhri

More Fun Interviews, behind the scenes & promos- with the cast of Main Tera Hero 


Lastly I’d like to add, there will not be a Friday Film Review today as there is no new film releasing locally here in Raleigh, NC. Those in the area though, Queen is still playing in cinemas. Below are the showtimes, definitely go see this film!

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Have you ever fallen in love…with life?

They say, to fall in love, one must love themselves before you can love anyone else…

I truly believe in this theory/saying. I have friends who bounce in and out of relationships, it’s quite absurd actually, because we’re so young and stressing over someone else who is just as confused as you are about life is just about the most warped way to say, “I am in a relationship”.

On the flip side, I think I have fallen in love…but not actually with any ‘person’ per say but with life in general. My Spring break brought a lot of smiles, laughs and happiness to myself. I never understood for a while that thing characters do in films when they are with themselves and they look into the view and smile… but after experiencing that multiple times in the last 10 days, I can finally say it all makes sense.

Understanding yourself and being in love with your self is very important and I have fallen in love with myself in these ten days and have shown my love towards the outside world. Some reading this must think I am going crazy or just talking nonsense, but if you live in the shoes of a young person for just 10 days and just keep walking endlessly where you see all kinds and part of life and really see it–not just walk in the sate of mind, of wanting to reach somewhere…but really just walk endlessly and go on and on… you finally get that feeling of happiness and like you are finally doing something right.

When I came back from Asheville, people have been asking, “how was your trip?” My response has been un-justified and this post probably justifies my feelings towards that trip…but I keep saying, “It was REALLY good!” and a lot of emphasis on, ‘really’. I wanted to go back really badly, but when I came home it felt good too.

It was raining the day after I got back, while I was quite unhappy, I stood outside in the rain for a few moments, looked up into the sky and let the drops of water touch my skin. I closed my eyes and smiled.

A few days later it was bright and sunny, I was going to work and driving with the windows down, wind blowing through my perfectly done hair and singing away to the new soundtrack of 2 States. I stuck my hand out the window and let the wind just brush through my fingers and once again smiled.

On Saturday, March 22 I went for lunch with a friend at UNC Chapel Hill and afterwards we walked around campus on the beautiful sunny day and as we walked through this garden like area, I just looked around at the simplicity of nature and again…I smiled.

In all honesty, I have no idea what has gotten to me. Is it the good movies coming out this year? The promised resolution my friends and I made on New Years night of us wanting to do spontaneous things? Is it the un-predicable change in weather everyday in North Carolina? Is it the people I am with? Or is it just life giving back some love to me for appreciating the outside world?

Whatever it may be, I hope for this wonderful feeling to never go away. I hope to travel throughout my life till the day I die. I hope I can keep coming close to new things and experience the taste of different cuisines on the tip of my tongue. I hope I can walk through life and face the problems and brush them off immediately and enjoy the good things of life…

For those who face difficulties, stress or just feel confused all the time… stop it all for a moment. Step outside, no matter what time it is or what the weather may be, step outside, take a huge deep breath in, look up into the clear sky or look out into the view in-front of you. Appreciate what’s in-front of you and smile.

Just fall in love with the life ahead of you and stop worry about all the confusions in life.

A glimpse of my 10 Day Spring Break or just random pictures…


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Queen – Film Review

Film Review

Original Release Date: March 7 

Starring: Kangna Ranaut, Rajkumar Rao & other support cast

Directed by: Vikas Bahl
Produced by: Anurag Kashyap & Vikramaditya Motwane

Music By: Amit Trivedi

I think something about 2014, in my opinion the idea of simplicity is creating a very strong perspective in the film-industry. Simplicity being the theme of my first short film, In Search of Simplicity it is even the idea in the film Queen along with many other aspects…

Love, marriage, friendships… that’s the basis of most films, Queen also has those three composites along with the idea of a Delhi-Punjabi girl who wants to just go on her “Honeymoon” with or without her husband or in other-words her dream is to just travel to Paris and Amsterdam. I to would say that those to places are on the list of “places I want to travel”.

Queen, you laugh from beginning to the end of the credits. You feel the emotions of the character Kangna plays, Rani, you feel her hardships, you understand her sense of humor and most importantly no matter how old you are, at one time in your life you have or you will have experienced the feeling of just wanting to be you.

The film takes the audience through the story of Rani and many other people she meets on the way who were strangers at one point and became her friends the next moment. She is able to connect with the laughs, the cries and the heartbreaks and so is the audience watching. The entire audience was rolling on the floor about 80% of the film and the other 20% of the film you are just waiting to see what actions Rani takes next.

I really enjoyed watching this film and hoped it never ended. The two-and-half hour film didn’t feel long at all, but instead it felt sweet and wonderful. I personally was able to connect to the story in some ways and I had good feelings in me during the film. Her outlook on life was so simple even when she had a very complicated situation in-front of her, but she took the complication away in the moment and lived in that moment. She kept the promises she made with her friends, she was true to her parents values that she grew up with and the most important thing was she was very practical and real with herself.

In-depth to analyze the film, the moral of the film is to simply follow your heart and not worry so much about tomorrows schedules. Don’t worry about who keeps calling you while you are with friends or with family. Don’t worry about due dates or anything really… just live it up and understand who you are and what you can do for the people around you, even if it’s just spreading a couple of laughs or foreign conversations with one another.

A New Girl in a City’s review for the film, Queen is

5 star

Rajeev Masand in conversation with Kangna Ranaut

| See You At The Movies |


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