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An Update or Two…

quotes3I feel like I have been completely MIA from so many people and even from the web world. It’s been a little over three months since I’ve been back from the beautiful country, England. Something about that place though has simply swept me into a whole other world of life, its either because it was my first time alone in a different kind of place or just because the UK was so perfect from good ‘ole North Carolina.

I think I’ve had a blank new post opened on my browser for over a week now and I still have no clue what I should write about.

I’m back at my normal life style of planning weddings and events for people, going to classes, watching films on Friday…but there are a few things that have changed itself– I feel I have lost a slight connection between myself and other people, those people may be my friends, my family or just the strangers I come across on a day-to-day basis. I feel like there is this crazy amount of negativity from people that I used to be apart all my life before June 24, 2014 and when I came back home on July 24, 2014, I started to notice this negative energy from everyone and it is not very appealing to me. I pass on a smile to strangers I walk by and I get a grin back, I greet a friend and they go on about how sucky everything is, I try to have a healthy conversation with people about anything and all I get is the negative parts… why has society turned into this and I am a victim, I was a huge part of this but something changed me and I can only think positive.

I get invites to parties or the same ole events I’ve been attending all my life like the State Fair, AKD (Aaj Ka Dhamaka) or Halloween on Franklin Street, but why do we repeatedly need to attend these things over and over again… are they really fun or are we just going to post a few pictures on Facebook to show the world that we are part of this AWESOME social lifestyle?

Instead, I am using my time to read a new article, to write new ideas (which are very little at the moment) but some small idea may lead to a bigger one. I am using my time to learn how to cook exclusive recipes. where before finding me in the kitchen was a dreadful task, I am actually trying to understand what the teacher is teaching me in class instead of just filling out letters A-D on a bubble sheet. I am texting people and asking them how they are doing (even though I get negative responses). I am just taking the time out to do things that I never did before, they are simple things but its a bit more exciting for me than just doing what everyone else is doing to look like I have a “fab social lifestyle”.

So that’s what’s happening with me. What’s happening with you? What are you doing different from the norm or are you just part of the norm? Sit back in your chair, gaze outside your window and think about what you can do differently in your life that may make your small negative thought into a more positive one.

Also take a look at this intriguing new trailer to Aamir Khan’s new film, PK! Also take a look at  the Penn Masala Accapella groups version of the song, Manwa Laage -I am in love with this version!

- A New Girl in a City -

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Happy New Year Film Review

Happy New Year

Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, Abhishek Bachchan & Vivaan Shah

Directed by Farah Khan

Happy New Year, a film directed by Farah Khan & produced by Red Chillies Entertainment & Yash Raj Films. I went into the film with zero-expectation, as soon as the film started my excitement for a new Friday film was slowly dropping…

The film started with a few old dialogues of Shahrukh Khan’s from DDLJ, Devdas and it just continued throughout the film, different SRK film connotations just kept popping up, it was almost as if their were no new dialogues written for this film and just a lot of old recycled-used-to-be good dialogues were put together in a 3 hour film.

So that’s what I hated, unfortunately the script and dialogues play a very huge factor in any film I watch (in my eyes).

What did I like?

I loved the cast, everyone acted well–I will say a little over-acting appeared here and there, but that just happens to be a typical Farah Khan thing. But on a whole, the entire cast did a great job, I can’t say I liked one better than the other because they all had an equal role with one another and complimented each other nicely.

What really grasped my attention though was the story that was created between the dance competition is the heist, and then when the heist came along it was rather interesting–had to be my top 3 favorite parts of the film.

My other top 3 favorite thing about the film was the final ending, (even though I don’t like to give away what happens in films, I am now), but the ending brought goosebumps to my arm and a slight tear and feel of emotion to me. That’s what swept me in becoming doubtful about liking or not liking the film. At the end of the film, it gave off a really good message to our country, India and how we constantly compete for the better of our-self but no one ever competes for India as a country.

Lastly, the other top 3 thing that caught me was the main message of the film, that in life there are two kinds of people-losers & winners and that you become either one of those things through fate. I truly believe in this idea and was probably one of the very few things I was able to relate to realistically from the film.

Music & choreography, I’d be shocked if in a Farah Khan film, the choreography was bad, but good thing it was wonderful and just beautiful to see on the big screen–props to Deepika for doing an outstanding job as being a dance teacher to 5 other ‘horrible dancers’. Vishal and Shekhar’s music is always a hit or miss, it’s either really good or just “alright”. This time it was just alright, my only two favorite tracks from the film are Manwa Laage & Indiawaale. 

A New Girl in a City’s rating for Happy New Year is


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Alia Stands for Herself

“Never underestimatealiabhattmate the power of a common man”

Yesterday on Star Plus, the very first “Star Box Office Awards” was aired, where Alia Bhatt received the “Ms. Game Changer” Award. This was of course for her three talented and successful films she completed in the year of 2014, Highway, 2 States & Humpty Sharma Ki Dhulania. The actress has also shown her talent through voice as a beautiful singer.

In addition, the talented actress has been teased over and over again because of a mishap answer given during the Rapid Fire Round on Koffee With Karan. The media has bashed her intelligence and she didn’t let that continue… instead she decided to “fix” her brain for all of you who think her intelligence is below average.

Alia Bhatt is a phenomenal actress and has tremendously grown in her profession as an actress just within this year. It is unnecessary for people to bash the personal life of an actor, because all they need to do is be a good actor and bring entertainment on the big screen at the movies.


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A Happier Me!

Since yesterday, I’ve had a really bad migraine, and have just felt sick internally. This brought me down and I haven’t done anything. Well, actually I haven’t really done much since I’ve been back from my fantastical trip which I can never stop talking about.
quote11 But that’s besides the point, I realized today, after I finally kicked the blanket off my feet, lifted my head off the pillow and realized enough is enough Bhavna, time to get productive with life and stop being in vacation mode. I realized, I haven’t really been as up-to-date with any of my friends lives, I haven’t been harassing them with a million texts when everyone will be home next so we can plan our next get together. I haven’t opened a planner to start making lists for the next two weeks and I haven’t really sorted much of my life since I’ve been back.

Yes, I did promise myself to take it easy and focus on what’s important BUT sometimes, we need to get serious? Or maybe I’ve been too serious in my life that I am just enjoying the little things which come as I go against everything. It’s kind of like when you step into the ocean, and you aren’t sure if the wave in the back will really be big when it comes close to you, but you still walk towards it anyway and take a little risk… that’s how I see my life right now.

I am enjoying my life, but I am in my own world of who knows what and have forgotten about the most important people in my life, my friends. (Sorry guys)!

But, I was quite proud of myself today, after being lazy for a day and half and just feeling ill, I got up, groomed myself and create small happiness out of nothing. I skyped with one of my friends and have semi-caught up with another friend who simply sucks at texting back, which is why I say “semi”.

My only difference from maybe three months ago to now is that, when I talk to people or my friends even, if they were in an off mood, I’d put myself in the same shoe and instead now, if someone is in an off mood, I’ve found myself being the happier one and positive one and I even said “let’s not be negative and just smile”. I received a sarcastic remark back and was a bit confused but I think that phrase itself sounded strange coming from me, but I truly am starting to believe one can find happiness if you just create it or find it in the little things.

To my friends, I know we all haven’t caught up on a full run and with some of you I have, but if there is anything I can give from me to you is to be a bit more positive about life and be happier about what’s happening now. Even if we hate class, hate work (which trust me-we all know I do), but we get it done and then enjoy what’s to come ahead of time.

Lastly, I’d like to share my new venture… Vlogging! I know it’s completely strange, I find it sort of weird to see myself doing this, but I actually have a lot to say about anything, anytime, anywhere. Sometimes I forget to convey all my thoughts here and can sometimes convey it through simply talking. I posted my first one, I think it was kind of lame and am hoping my next one will be better! Check it out though, support me through my next venture and new projects which are to come soon and keep reading & watching!

You can either check it out here: http://newgirlinacity.com/a-new-girl-in-a-city-vlogs/


Go directly to the YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piCmsZpQOek


- A New Girl in a City -

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Haider – Film Review




Film Review

A Vishal Bhardwaj Film 

Starring: Tabu, Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor & Kay Kay Menon

An adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ 

The film is a modern-day adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, that is set amidst the insurgency-hit Kashmir conflicts of 1995,Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, and civilian disappearances.

Vishal Bhardwaj, the maker of, Omkara, Nishabd, Ishqiya, 7 Khoon Maaf, Matru Ke Bijlee Ka Mandola & Dedh Ishqiya, he has created an “intelligent adaptation” (as Amitabh Bachchan tweeted). Bhardwaj, truly brought justice to the Shakespear tragedy of ‘Hamlet’ and formed it into a relate-able story through a story which occurred in Kashmir in ’95 and still in some parts may still exist.

The film, it was beautiful and brutal in its own way. I have mentioned this before, but Shakespeare was one of the few authors I thoroughly enjoyed reading in school, and its because the morality he brings behind every story which happens to involve two people who disagree with one another and are true to their own mind-set.

Shahid Kapoor did an outstanding job playing the role of Haider (Hamlet), his performance was just beautiful. I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing Tabu on-screen and as always she gave an outstanding performance. The entire cast was wonderful!

The music, Vishal Bhardwaj, the film director, but also music director, always captures the right feel of music according to the film. It may not be your everyday car music, but it surely is the right kind of music which fits into the film perfectly. I always seem to enjoy his music though, its soulful and meaningful in its own strange way.

The technical parts of the film were wonderful, I always love watching a film shot in Kashmir. There wasn’t a lot of ‘showy’ sets because its Kashmir, there is no need to lavish an already naturally beautiful place. So the cinematography, direction, dialogue and entire film was simply beautiful!

Haider was definitely one of my favorite Shakespeare adapted films. A New Girl in a City’s Haider review is

4 stars

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Happy Birthday Ranbir!

{September 28, 2014}

Ranbir turns 32!

Normally, on Ranbir’s birthday, I spend the day watching at least one of his films and listening to all his songs all day. Unfortunately, I’ve spent the day studying for midterms. Better late than never, seems to be my new fad lately… huge apologies though, I’ve been juggling a heavy work load from school and long hours at work and trying to squeeze in what I love the most, films.

But, here we go, celebrating another year of this actor who is only 7 years old into the film industry and has played outstanding 12 different characters. He carries on the Kapoor Legend on-wards in his own way. He dances and moves his body like Shammi Kapoor. His delivery of dialogue is almost like his father, Rishi Kapoor and some ways he looks like, Rajiv Kapoor.

What is so special about Ranbir though, he has a few of these elements which are in his blood from the Kapoor family, but he is truly his own actor. Ranbir doesn’t try to be like Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan or Salman Khan. He doesn’t try to be like his mother or father. He is souly just, Ranbir Kapoor and that is what makes him different. He is unique, different and always surprises the audience when a new film of his releases.

I personally, am biased and extremely a die-hard fan of Ranbir Kapoor. If I happened to run into him, or get a chance to meet him, I’d freak out like a fan-girl and then try to have an intellectual film conversation with him.

Here are some favorite Ranbir Kapoor, dialogues, interviews, songs and moments! 


The Humble Ranbir

A Day in the life of Ranbir Kapoor

Barfi’s Love Test 

A walk with Ranbir, Imtiaz & Alia 

A Flashback to Anjaana Anjaani with Zoom

Behind the scenes of Wake Up Sid 

A Rockstar Moment 

The Shammi Kapoor in Ranbir 

KWK Rapid Fire with Kareena  & Ranbir 

Some Ads of Ranbir…

Our Favorite… 

Timeless Yeh Jawaani Moments



Phir Le Aaya Dil 

Aas Paas Hai Khuda 

Tera Hone Laga Hoon 


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A Birthday Tribute to Yash Chopra

September 27, 2014

I remember as a child, in my family, there was one movie that everyone just had to watch all the time and that was, Dilwale Dhulania Le Jayenge (1995). I was probably around 4 or 5 when I saw this movie at first, all the girls in the family were drooling over Shahrukh Khan and wanting to play Kajol’s role as Simran. DDLJ, is a good movie, but definitely not a film I’d say is the BEST, Yash Raj Film. (Go ahead and freak out that I am not are obsessed with this film).

Because the film didn’t intrigue me when I was 4 or 5 years old, I depict from that day I must have had a different mind-set and outlook on films.

…but this doesn’t mean I do not like Yash Raj movies, in fact my fantasies of being on a film-set all started with dance and Dil To Pagal Hai (1997). As a child, center stage and my dancing feet has always been my favorite limelight. I don’t know if I am an amazing dancer, but the audience I have always performed in-front of from the age of 4 til today, has always enjoyed the Bollywood Entertainment I present on-stage. I remember watching Dil To Pagal Hai as a child, and falling in love with the following:

The Dance of Envy: 

I remember watching this and I was purely soaked into this scene as a kid and wanted to be Madhuri Dixit and compete with my fantasy Karishma Kapoor (or vise-versa).

Can I dance in the rain too? 

I think after seeing this, I was at someones house, probably about 6 or 7 years old and we were in the driveway, I asked if I could do a dance for everyone. It wasn’t raining, but in my head I believe I was imagining it’d rain and everyone would coincidentally know all the steps and dance behind me while I take the lead. Of course, I imagined Shahrukh Khan would run in on the scene too.

“Kahaan Hai Meri Maya?” 

The center stage, being the focus and wearing a classic Yash Raj white Indian suit with a mix of modern music and kathak steps. Its a perfect, Directors Cut!

I may not have summed all of these little details as a child, but it slowly built up from time to time and it all came together. I either was to become a dancer when I grow up or something so creative that I too can come up with a creative story and show people tradition, fictional love, simplicity in women and romance in men and just music you never want to stop listening to no matter how old it is.

Then, in 2004 I saw my first Yash Chopra film in Theater on November 12, Veer Zaara (2004). I will never forget this day and most importantly, how the film opens up with a romantic song in a ” yellow kheth.” The song, ‘Kyun Hawa’ written by Javed Akhtar and composed by the late, Madan Mohan. I know in DDLJ there is the classic scene of Raj and Simran running in a keth together, but for me this was a lot more powerful and romantic. Maybe it’s the meaning behind the song or that I was a bit older to understand the art behind a beautiful romantic scene. Whatever it may be, from that moment on-wards I had decided, that whenever I make a film, I will in at least on of my films have a classic scene like this in it. I am sure, every director may have a similar dream, some have even already relived this Yash Chopra moment, but I’d like to live this one shot in my life.

After is aw Veer Zaara my mindset changed, I no longer wanted to be a dancer for cinema, but a director. I wanted to make these movies and tell the world different stories. I began to watch more and more films, I watched old movies over a hundred times. I saw new movies over a hundred times. I started talking to people about movies and then gave myself a title, “The Queen of Bollywood”. People started calling me this, and I went along. Movies became an addictive thing in my life and it surely hasn’t ended from there.

Many years later, I now express my love for film, I write reviews and you read them. I talk about film on a more professional level and show less of the obsession. I find reason behind every story and support every new or old guy/girl in the industry by simply going on Friday and seeing their new film.

I am carrying on my dream which started small as a child, but the only dream I had made in 2004 which I will never be able to complete now is to meet and maybe even be on the sets of a Yash Chopra film. In 2012, when I found out Yash Chopra passed away, I think I cried as if he was family to me. I remember watching Jab Tak Hai Jaan just a month after he passed away, and I was slightly put-off by the film, but when the title track appeared in the credits along with a small tribute to Yash Ji, I cried again.

Yash Chopra, you will always be missed. I have never met you, but I feel you have lived in a large part of my life.
Happy 82nd Birthday to a Legend! 

“Jab Tak Hai Jaan…” 



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