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Happy March!

Unfortunately down here in North Carolina, the beautiful March Spring weather has not kicked in quite yet. As I look at my window, I see patches of snow blankets everywhere and an occasional fall of rain or ice from the sky. I haven’t been to class for two weeks due to the weather and it […]

5 Years of ‘A New Girl in a City’

It was only a few days ago I went back and read my first blog post and a couple other older posts. I find it rather weird when I look back on old writing or work. Yesterday, February 23, a year ago, I had released my first short film–to tell you the truth, I have […]

What is Love? What is Life? What is Happiness?

What is Love? What is Life? What is Happiness?

Our outer selves believe that all we want in life is money and a good job… our inner selves though want just a little love. It’s true, don’t deny it! Earlier today I was surfing through old Hindi songs from the 50’s and 60’s. What I love the most about old cinema is the simplicity […]

Losing Someone Special

Today, as I drive from North Carolina to South Carolina to spend time with close friends, I also spend this day every year trying to live in the spirits of my father. My dad turns 56 today and in all 20 years of my life, this is probably the first time on his Birthday I […]

Built up Thoughts of February

Feberuary is one of those months I always forget exist. It’s that month that unnecessarily elongates burst of cold on our cheeks.  I typically dislike the cold wither, I haven’t had much of a problem with it this winter, but I am surely ready for some warm weather and less layering on my body. I […]

Personal Updates & more…

Personal Updates & more…

Good morning, evening, afternoon (or whatever time it is)! I want to apologize for lack of updates, film reviews, and just general ‘stuff’… from the last couple of months. No need to explain reason and what not. Obviously this is a very in-formal post and just a personal message to all my readers and fans! […]

What Makes a Good Cup of Coffee?

If you know me well, you know one my addictions is coffee. I have been so addicted to coffee since the age of thirteen maybe and from then till seventeen, the addiction increased more and more that I ended up in the hospital in September 2010, due to an immense intake of coffee with the […]


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