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Main Tera Hero – Film Review

Main Tera Hero Film Review Did you have a tough week? Did the Spring heat hit you too hard? Are you feeling stressed? Then go see this light, comical and mindless film, Main Tera Hero. I remember when I saw Student of The Year I was thinking what kind of films the new stars would get after they starred […]

Indian Cinema Updates!

Good Morning readers & fans! It’s almost Friday and we’ve got some wonderful updates for you… New Trailer The Xpose Starring: Himesh Reshammiya, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Irfan Khan, Zoya Afroz Releasing May 16, 2014 Directed by: Ananth Mahadevan & Produced by: Himesh Reshammiya New Trailer  Revolver Rani Starring: Kangna Ranaut & Vir Das Releasing April 25, […]

April, the simple steps of being Positive!

Hello April! Where do I begin? Over this past weekend, I spent time with prospective clients for upcoming events and then proceeded to write all the events I am doing in the next month or so… I am actually booked for Weddings and events all the way up to October, on one hand I am […]

Have you ever fallen in love…with life?

They say, to fall in love, one must love themselves before you can love anyone else… I truly believe in this theory/saying. I have friends who bounce in and out of relationships, it’s quite absurd actually, because we’re so young and stressing over someone else who is just as confused as you are about life […]

Finding Myself

{March 12, 2014} First of, I’d like to wish my best friend Sunny a very Happy 20th Birthday! This isn’t a happy birthday post, but just a general post about the wonderful happenings in my life… It’s that time of the year where Spring Break is here and normally at this time of the year I […]

Women’s Day Special

Women’s Day Special

This post is a little extra special. I always think about dedicating the smallest of thoughts which come to mind when I think about certain people who play big or small roles in my life and I never really get to doing it… thanks to India for having such a day like, “Women’s Day” and […]

Simplistic Values

{My 500th Blog Post} February had been a month which I will never forget. Wonderful Indian Films, I released my first short film and I am moving forward with many new opportunities in front of me. Every year there is always that ONE film which always truly touches my heart, and the Indian film Highway has done […]

In Search of Simplicity

In 2012 I had completed writing this story about a specific life event that has reflected the person I am today. It was very short and it was called to turn into a blog post right here one day. On November 14, 2013 I revisited the story and turned it into a script format and […]

Simple Steps to Solving the Inner Problems of your Life

I came across this quote and really thought about it… I thought about my life and started doing what I do every once in a while and looked back at the 3,000+ Facebook photos I have and began to remember all the happy faces from my past but also thought about the events that happened […]

Moving Forward

In the year of 2013 I have learnt a lot but the most important thing I have learnt is to never ‘stop’. Never stop living your life to the fullest, never stop doing what you are doing and simply never stop yourself from being. 2013 was full of stumbling, falling and getting right back up, […]


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