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UNC Chapel Hill’s – A Cappella Group – Samaa

UNC Chapel Hill’s – A Cappella Group – Samaa

This Sunday April 19 at 6:30pm UNC Chapel Hill’s premier a cappella group. Samaa, will be performing their 3rd Annual Spring Concert sponsored by the Carolina Asia Center at the Nelson Mendela Auditorium of the FedEx Global Center. Doors open at 6:00pm. Tickets may be purchased from a Samaa member in the Pit at UNC, or […]

Personal Updates & more…

Personal Updates & more…

Good morning, evening, afternoon (or whatever time it is)! I want to apologize for lack of updates, film reviews, and just general ‘stuff’… from the last couple of months. No need to explain reason and what not. Obviously this is a very in-formal post and just a personal message to all my readers and fans! […]

An Update or Two…

An Update or Two…

I feel like I have been completely MIA from so many people and even from the web world. It’s been a little over three months since I’ve been back from the beautiful country, England. Something about that place though has simply swept me into a whole other world of life, its either because it was […]

A Special Bond of Friendship

{25 Days till I leave for London} {43 Days till “The A Team Wedding} It’s a little over midnight in Raleigh, North Carolina and I have already finished watching my 4th Netflix movie this week and even saw a couple interviews. I still can’t sleep and I don’t have a schedule to follow on this […]

To all my Indian Friends living in America…

Today is Thursday January 23, 2014. I was going through my timeline on Facebook, reading people posts, random objections to Justin Bieber being in jail, people objecting to the governments decisions, pictures from parties over the weekend and happy birthday posts. Then I came across some local peers who I’ve been to school with posting […]

What’s happening in B-town?

A New Girl in a City Your one stop Bollywood Destination! Here are some new songs, interviews & more for you to take a look at as 2014 is booming with new stories and endless films! | See You At The Movies | Tomorrow January 24, 2014, Salman Khan’s Jai Ho will be releasing! Check […]

Raleigh’s Weather at its Best!

For those who don’t live in the Raleigh-Durham-Cary area, it snowed last night and only lasted for a few hours…Thank God! Yep as you can see, I don’t like the snow or cold weather. The day before it snowed I was wearing shorts, how much more absurd could this weather get? I was quite annoyed and it […]


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