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Have you ever fallen in love…with life?

They say, to fall in love, one must love themselves before you can love anyone else… I truly believe in this theory/saying. I have friends who bounce in and out of relationships, it’s quite absurd actually, because we’re so young and stressing over someone else who is just as confused as you are about life […]

Simplistic Values

{My 500th Blog Post} February had been a month which I will never forget. Wonderful Indian Films, I released my first short film and I am moving forward with many new opportunities in front of me. Every year there is always that ONE film which always truly touches my heart, and the Indian film Highway has done […]

B-town Updates!

To all my readers, fans, friends & family…would like to first thank all of you for the amazing support and feedback I have been getting about my first short film, In Search of Simplicity. If you have yet to seen it check it out on my YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/theQOB Below we have new songs, new trailers, interviews and […]

the Highway Film Review

February 23 must be a special day for me. I released my first short film In Search of Simplicity today at 4pm and minutes after releasing it, I bought my ticket to see Highway. The film released on Friday February 21 and on the same day I had my very first private screening of my own film, which […]

Gunday – Film Review

A Yash Raj Films Presents Gunday Directed by: Ali Abbas Zafar Starring: Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor {the Film Review} Last night when I went to bed, I was praying all the snow in-town would melt away as quickly as possible… and why? Because, I had to make it to the opening show […]

Behind the Scenes Cinema

The most fascinating art to film-making is not just what we see on the big screen but what happens in the making of the film. I spend more of my time watching how the film was put together before watching any film… it gives a better understanding as to what efforts were put into just […]

More from B-town!

I was just looking at the month of February in my planner and realized the month is packed with some of the best films of 2014! We have a flooded amount of updates coming in everyday and I hope you all are enjoying the new songs, the new trailers, interviews and behind the scenes look! […]

To all my Indian Friends living in America…

Today is Thursday January 23, 2014. I was going through my timeline on Facebook, reading people posts, random objections to Justin Bieber being in jail, people objecting to the governments decisions, pictures from parties over the weekend and happy birthday posts. Then I came across some local peers who I’ve been to school with posting […]

Tuesday Cinema Updates!

Tuesday Cinema Updates!  It must be a lucky start to the week for me to be posting back to back cinema updates but it is the beginning of a New Year and we have a lot to see this year when it comes to Indian Cinema! | Enjoy & See You At The Movies | […]

Monday Cinema Updates 2014

Here is 2014′s First Cinema Update Post! I kicked off the year with a bit of a rough start with certain relations in my life that I almost could have lost and some which I am still repairing…I know with time things just come together once you give people some space. Today I started back […]


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