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The Bombay Velvet Film Review!

The Bombay Velvet Film Review!

Bombay Velvet, the film that has tackled multiple release dates and has finally hit the big screen with a “Big Shot!” Anurag Kashyap was originally inspired to make the film after reading a sequence of crime fiction novels by James Ellroy, L.A. Quartet set in the late 1940’s. Bombay Velvet is set in the 1960’s, at […]

Broken Horses – Film Review

Broken Horses – Film Review

A Vidhu Vinod Chopra Film  Presents  Broken Horses I spent my entire day debating whether Broken Horses, should be the first Hollywood film I will be reviewing and as I contemplated, I decided moments before seeing the film that I must! On December 19, 2014 prior to seeing the film, PK there were two trailers that intrigued […]

Top 12 Hindi films of 2014!

Top 12 Hindi films of 2014!

First of, I need to apologize for promising a video of myself giving my top 12 films of 2014. I wanted it to be perfect and I have been slightly ‘lazy’ and slightly busy to put it together so I am going to stick with what I always do for now–my blog post! 2014 was […]


LazyMe…  I have been so lazy, I have never seen myself in this state of mind ever. This definitely has nothing to do with the UK (or so I don’t think it does). I made a promise to put my top 12 Hindi films of 2014 up like a week ago, but that did not […]

The 5 Star PK Review

PK Film Review The last film I saw was in mid-November, Kill Dil, the film wasn’t ‘so bad’. I seem to have said this a bit often towards the end of this year…February 21, 2014, I had not seen another “best film” of the year quite yet. Only little did I know that walking into the movie […]


It’s December! One of my favorite times of the year, Christmas! My excitement and happiness level is beyond a hundred percent today and honestly, I have no idea why because all I did today was sleep in til noon, go to class, come home, do homework and work on posting my third Vlog! But hey, […]

Filmy Updates!

New Song – Mileya Mileya | Film: Happy Ending Here’s a new song from the upcoming film, Happy Ending! I’ve been eagerly waiting to share this song with you all as I just recently heard it about a week ago and have been non-stop playing it everywhere I go and humming it when the stereo […]


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