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4,380 Days Without My Dad

4,380 Days Without My Dad

I have lived 4,380 days without my dad as of today and I wonder often how life would be if he was here with me every step of the way through my journey. I’ve talked about my dad here before, in fact my first short film and only film so far was sort of about him. […]

A New Month, A New Day!

A New Month, A New Day!

June has always been an interesting time of the year for me. Unfortunately it is always a time of the year where I begin to remember those I’ve lost in my life and it is unfortunate that in this past week that another close family friend has been taken away from us. Last night, I […]

UNC Chapel Hill’s – A Cappella Group – Samaa

UNC Chapel Hill’s – A Cappella Group – Samaa

This Sunday April 19 at 6:30pm UNC Chapel Hill’s premier a cappella group. Samaa, will be performing their 3rd Annual Spring Concert sponsored by the Carolina Asia Center at the Nelson Mendela Auditorium of the FedEx Global Center. Doors open at 6:00pm. Tickets may be purchased from a Samaa member in the Pit at UNC, or […]

Happy New Year to All!

Readers & Fans, Happy New Year! Welcome to the year of 2015! I remember when I first started my blog, I frequently kept a countdown towards big events, such us going into the next year. I found myself counting down only because I was ready for something new… Today, I woke up at 8am with a […]

The Mardaani Film Review

It felt good to be in the theater today after a long time. She was bold, she was fearless and she was an independent. Rani Mukerji played the role of Shivani Shivaji Roy in Mardaani, directed by Pradeep Sarkar (maker of Parineeta, Laga Chunari Mein Daag & Lafangey Parindey). The film brought goosebumps to my […]

A Special Bond of Friendship

{25 Days till I leave for London} {43 Days till “The A Team Wedding} It’s a little over midnight in Raleigh, North Carolina and I have already finished watching my 4th Netflix movie this week and even saw a couple interviews. I still can’t sleep and I don’t have a schedule to follow on this […]

Main Tera Hero – Film Review

Main Tera Hero Film Review Did you have a tough week? Did the Spring heat hit you too hard? Are you feeling stressed? Then go see this light, comical and mindless film, Main Tera Hero. I remember when I saw Student of The Year I was thinking what kind of films the new stars would get after they starred […]


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