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Hello September.

Hello September.

Okay, so today I was going to post something special, but due to press reasons I can’t quite share the news with you yet! BUT it’s a new month and my favorite month of the year! September, it’s the time when leaves change colors, the hot sun cools down a bit and the boots and […]

4,380 Days Without My Dad

4,380 Days Without My Dad

I have lived 4,380 days without my dad as of today and I wonder often how life would be if he was here with me every step of the way through my journey. I’ve talked about my dad here before, in fact my first short film and only film so far was sort of about him. […]

When is it time for a Vacation?

When is it time for a Vacation?

This post will probably involve many mixed emotions. Lately, I have felt blocked from writing and if you are a writer of some-sort you understand the feeling. Last night as I was wounding down after yet another exhausting day, I surfed my Netflix and clicked a random film to watch, Not Another Happy Ending, a Scottish-English Independent […]

Losing Someone Special

Today, as I drive from North Carolina to South Carolina to spend time with close friends, I also spend this day every year trying to live in the spirits of my father. My dad turns 56 today and in all 20 years of my life, this is probably the first time on his Birthday I […]

A New Girl in a City’s 2014 Overview!

Here it is, my 2014 Overview-recap Video!  Lately I have ventured into putting everything in a video, slowly learning the amount of effort and time it takes to just make the right shot in a few minutes. It took me two days to perfect this, even though in my eyes I don’t think it’s perfect […]

Happy New Year to All!

Readers & Fans, Happy New Year! Welcome to the year of 2015! I remember when I first started my blog, I frequently kept a countdown towards big events, such us going into the next year. I found myself counting down only because I was ready for something new… Today, I woke up at 8am with a […]

Finding Fanny – Film Review

Love is such an interesting topic, or more so a topic every filmmaker covers… but one can never have enough stories on love. Finding Fanny, a film which shows love from all angles, whether its falling in love with you childhood best friend, the love of dysfunctional friends, love because their appearance is the most […]


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