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On this day

On Facebook it notifies you what memories you had on this day years back. Lately I’ve been seeing on this day two years back I was in London, or three years back I was in New York City, or six years back I was in Houston.

What unforgettable memories I have on all three of these trips and now on this day I am preparing for the last weekend of shooting for my film Ehsaas.

I am beginning to realize as a new-filmmaker that this is my thing. Those who have been working with me on the film have been surprised at my laid back-non-stressed attitude with the film. Or how I am not so worried about things running exactly on-time like I normally am.

All my life I have planned peoples events, peoples special day, and have always been so time oriented. With the film it seems to be different and I thought it was just me trying to not freak out, but it really is just me living in the moment and enjoying where I am, enjoying what I am doing, and just letting time go by as we create something beautiful.

These cities I have traveled to have shaped me into who I am today and have given me the ability to write stories, scripts, and now create a short film.

While making this film has definitely made me nervous, and it still is making me extremely anxious. There are parts of my film I never imagined doing, but I have such an extremely dedicated, and talented team they make it feel so simple. I am not sure what a film team is supposed to be, or what the correct formula is to run a film-team, but I can say we’re all having an extremely good time and making every long night, every re-take totally worth it.

I hope that all the hard work and long nights pay off and hope all of you will enjoy the short film when we release it!

To find out more on what’s going on in my life, don’t forget to check out my last video: 5 Updates About Me!!

Keep Reading, Keep Watching, & See You At The Movies! 

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Sultan – Review

Sultan an Ali Abbas Zafar film was full of emotion, drama and extensive elongated scenes.

The sports-drama film was a full Salman-packed film and it entailed all of the elements we ever want to see in a film- dance, romance, emotion, pain, and victory. The films core resides in the flashback love-story between Sultan played by Salman Khan and Aafra played by Anushka Sharma. This almost seemed too long to tell, and by the time I was into the film my eyes were moistened and tiresome.

The film had its good points though, and one was the chemistry and humor between Salman and Anushka. It was pleasant to see Anushka alongside her third Khan and still coming out with a strong powerhouse character as AafraSalman as always is exceptionally impressive each film he completes. I was shocked to see fifty-year-old Salman still have the ability and strength to pull off such a role. But he did it like always and it was fascinating to see him in the persona of Sultan.

By the time the second half of the film came about though, I was ready for the story to move forward and see an end come soon. It seemed dragged out, but I was still thoroughly engrossed. The main message of the film though is what kept all the layers and pieces together, and that is one must never give up and fight for themselves. Another message which stands out the most and delivered by special appearance Randeep Hooda is that failure is what makes a person stronger. His small role made such a huge difference in the film and really uplifted the last twenty minutes of the movie.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Vishal-Shekhar’s music of the film and Irshad Kamil’s lyrics since the music release. My two favorite tracks have to be Jag Ghoomeya and Bulleya. The costumes and sets were gorgeous. And more importantly the training that went behind turning Salman into Sultan was mesmerizing to see on celluloid.

Sultan is definitely a one time watch film!

A New Girl in a City’s review of Sultan is




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Something New

“..and suddenly you know its time to start something new, and trust the magic of beginnings.” – Unknown

I was contemplating on whether I should blog or vlog today, but my blog is my home and it travels all around with me wherever I go, and it represents all aspects of me in a million simple words.

When I was a kid, I always believed my dreams at night will come true. I never even thought that these dreams I have at night are part of my imagination, or whatever the psychology behind dreams are. I always believed they were signs of what is to come in the future… be it good or bad.

Today I still believe this, but then there are the fuzzy parts of dreams which we cannot see or understand. What do the fuzzy parts represent, and what do they entail when I wake up? How can I start my day without carrying what I dreamt overnight with me if its all unknown?

When one hears the word ‘city’ we typically think of “New York City” or “London” or any other BIG city. At one point, my dreams were only seen in a big city, big crowds, and big everything. Little did I know though that the place where I find the most peace would one day turn into my next ‘place’.

I have recently moved in a not-so-big city, Wilmington, North Carolina. You know everyone’s favorite beach spot in NC. And mine too. I have grown up all my life coming here for peace…you know away from all the chaos. Its not too far from home, just a two hour drive from home, but a place with more opportunity for me to grow, educate myself, and keep turning my dream into reality.

I am really excited, nervous, and ecstatic about this new step into my life. While I am completing the shooting of my short film Ehsaas in the next two weeks, I am also becoming a new girl in a city – Wilmington.


I was chatting with one of my new roommates yesterday morning about traveling and how just living in different places, be it down the street or across the globe can make one learn so many things and more importantly create new experiences for oneself. This is me doing exactly that.

A lot and little will change in my life though. Maybe not as many film reviews as often, but I will try! Maybe more personal stories as I meet new people, try new foods, and experience something different each day. More vlogs, and hopefully even newer film-scripts!

I cannot wait to take all of you through my journey as I continue to live my dream each and everyday.

A New Girl in a City 

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Udta Punjab – Review

Many of us have been awaiting for Friday June 17- also known as the day Udta Punjab released! It finally happened and I especially walked out of the film feeling speechless.

The Abhishek Chaubey directed film had to be one of the most affective, dynamic, and reckless films I have ever seen. With all that the film has gone through prior to it hitting the screen, I had already felt lucky enough to be able to see it. Once the film began, I took in a deep breath and didn’t let it out till the credits began to scroll at the end. It was just that good, yet horrifying to see.

Horrifying because of the story that was being conveyed on-screen. I personally have no knowledge or first hand experience on the drug issue in Punjab, but from the little I have read and seen from just this film alone- if this is even one-percent close to what its like in the single state, it’s quite frightening. What I loved the most about how the drug topic was conveyed, was through different types of peoples lives.

Shahid Kapoor played the role of pop-star Tommy Singh. Most who hear about drugs say that a lot of artists like Tommy are the ‘type’ to get hooked onto them, so that was just one side of the story that maybe majority know of. But then there is the youth who looks up to Tommy, specifically like Bali played by Prabhjyot Singh. Then of course figuring out where these drugs are coming from, and who is letting them enter into the state…our police and political system are heavily covered upon this area. Diljit Dosanjh plays the role of a low-level cop, Sartaj Singh. He who realizes this is an issue to be fixed goes to Dr. Preet Sahni played by Kareena Kapoor to help him solve the problem as much as they can. And Alia Bhatt a small town village girl Mary Jane, from Bihar who once had the dream to be a hockey played and gets shifted to Punjab and her hands in the wrong place.

All these characters come from completely different backgrounds, but at the end, they end up in the same place- almost no where. Because that’s what the addiction does, it either kills, or leads you to no where. Each and every actor in this film created a high momentous vibe with their characters. From the four leads, to other roles- they all were phenomenal. Shahid Kapoor especially stood out the most. There wasn’t a single moment I felt like I was watching Shahid on-screen. I was introduced to Tommy in the first five minutes of the film, and was conveyed that Tommy is a totally real person. Alia’s entire persona is de-glammed, and she was extremely impactful every time she appeared on-screen. Diljit’s performance was so convincing, there were moments I felt he needed more support and help to achieve what he was doing.

I could go on about Udta Punjab. Of course this is not a film for children, but I do hope more young adults and adults catch this film this weekend. Its a must watch film. And of course I hope this opens up the eyes of the youth in Punjab, in India and all over. This is a film which conveys a very powerful message in a bittersweet way.

Lastly I am totally in-love with Amit Trivedi’s music of the film. I love all three versions of Ikk Kudi, especially the club mix. I also love the track Hass Nache-le.

A New Girl in a City’s review of Udta Punjab is

5 stars

Check out my favorite track from the film!


For my dad, and many more…

Being MIA from social media and my blog has been a trend, and I am not enjoying it too much.

I feel like all year I have been wedding hoping, and I practically am. Part of this is because I am a wedding planner and the other part is because friends from my generation are getting married…yikes!

As a wedding planner though, I see flowers get thrown away at the end of the night. Knowing what the cost of a wedding is and how much effort is put into every single little detail, it breaks my heart to see food, flowers, and extra ‘things’ get thrown in the trash.

About two weeks ago I came across a video on Facebook where a former wedding planner felt the same like myself and decided to save as many flowers as she could from events and donate them to hospice or nursing homes.

This definitely hit home for me.

This past weekend my mom and I planned quite a large wedding which included almost 4-5 thousand flowers. The day after the reception on Sunday June 5 I packed up my mom’s car with as many flowers as I could and- I think it was close to a thousand flowers, and we had our team make smaller bunches of the flowers. I called up Duke Hospital expressing what I wanted to do. It was becoming hard to do this, due to protocols of visiting patients, bacteria from flowers to patients, and much more. The administrator of the hospital told me to just bring them by and he was see what he can do.

My mom and I drove to Duke Hospital. We just figured we would drop them off and leave, but when I got to the front desk we were given two floors to deliver to- one being the delivery and birthing center. The second was the 9th floor which was awfully to familiar to us as it was the Cancer center.

13405556_10154874543587977_1814894109_oHaving the chance to go room to room and deliver a simple bouquet of flowers was the most magical moment for me. In that moment I had forgotten all about my wishes to be big, and my desires to see the world. I realized how grateful I should be because these flowers showed dreams, possibilities, and happiness to the cancer patients. I was tired, exhausted and also came down with horrible allergies that day, but all of that went out of my system when I saw the light I was able to bring on each individuals face. I stepped in the hospital doing this for my dad as he to has been on the 9th floor in similar conditions, but when I started knocking on doors and handing over flowers I just did it for each individual.

Appreciation is what I got out of this and being able to pass on a smile. In my day and age, I hear peers complaining about not having enough money when they have a roof on their head. I hear crying over being single, when you should be happy you can stand alone as a single person and see tomorrow. I hear ungratefulness for not having the newest cars and gadgets. But in reality we must be grateful for these petty things because we have the opportunity to complain about them. Some people in the world live to just smile again, and meet a stranger who can just bring light into their day by handing over a bouquet of flowers.

I didn’t do this to show off to the world what a great deed I have done, because this is the least I can do. I just want to share to the world that we need to appreciate what we have, because it is really true that not everyone has the luxury to see the world like some.

Special thanks to Katen Shah for the gorgeous flowers, and Vib & Jenny for letting us take their wedding flowers to Duke Hospital. 

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Housefull 3 – Review

A little late on Filmy Friday, but I made it to the movies after a long week of wedding planning chaos!

I could not miss the one comedy franchise movie I have enjoyed since the beginning, Housefull 3. How can one simply miss Boman Irani’s Gujju father madness intertwined with Chunky Pandey’s Akhri Pasta classic, “Imma joking…”?

It was just as good as part one and two, with even more comedy and even more housefull-ness.

The new additions, Lisa Haydon, Nargis Fakhri and Abhishek Bachchan were just as good as the ‘oldies’ from Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmuk, and Jaqueline Fernandez! The three fake disabled male stars were quirky along with a remarkable comic timing. The three glamorous, jaw dropping gorgeous actresses added to the quirkiness and the chaotic storyline. It was fun to see Jackie Shroff in a semi-villain-comedic role, and as always his on-screen appearance was evergreen.

In additon to the perfect comic timing performed by each individual, props to the writers of Housefull 3 Sajid and Farhad in addition to Rajan Agarwal. Writing in film is the most important, especially dialogue. But being able to write comedy dialogue is a whole other level of talent not a lot hold. The Housefull saga is known for its slap-stick comedy which keeps the audience rolling on the floor till the end of credits.

What more can one say about the colorful, full of confusion film? It felt rushed, in part one especially there was more confusion and chaos which I missed in this one. I felt more focus was placed on the fake disabilities Riteish, Abhishek and Akshay had. And more songs than needed. The songs were quite entertaining though, one in particular which sums up the film was Fake Ishq sung by Kailash Kher. The track is such a tease, one would think its a soulful emotional sufi track, but its full of fun-comical-emotional lyrics.

A New Girl in a City’s review of Housefull 3 is


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Sarabjit – Review

Omung Kumar’s second directorial film Sarabjit was an exemplifying experience.

The biographical film drama revolves around Sarabjit Singh Atiwal played by Randeep Hooda and his sister Dalbir Kaur played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Omung Kumar does not only tell us the journey of the fight Sarabjit’s sister takes on to free her brother, but also focuses on extremely small details of this story without making the storytelling experience slow. There is a lot of fight, sweat, and tears in this story. The film displays truth behind misconceptions about innocent Indians’s and Pakistani’s who have been behind bars for years. These innocent human beings are being framed as terrorists and more. Dalbir Kaur is one voice who till this date is fighting for those who have been in Sarabjit’s shoes.

I personally have not looked into the real story of Sarabjit, but what I saw on celluloid today deserves a long applause. This film does go in my top favorite Aishwarya Rai films. She brought power to her role. Randeep Hooda conveyed the courage that Sarabjit probably had through his time spent in cell-to-cell for twenty-one years. Richa Chaddha, who plays the role of Sarabjit’s wife, as always did an excellent job. Her dialogue delivery, body language, and expressions were as always up to par. And of course all the supporting actors were chosen well for their roles and executed them powerfully on-screen.The dialogues were the most powerful aspect of the film in addition the excellent performance.

While some may not enjoy the films originating around India-Pakistan, Sarabjit is a must watch film. It not only conveys how powerful one voice can be, but it also displays hope, courage, and fight. These elements are needed especially in both these countries. Where there is a lot of hatred, and misconceptions about the people from both these countries- at the end of the day we are first human. 

The music of the film meshed well with the film. My favorite track from the film has to be Nindiya by Arijit Singh, followed by Allah Hu Allah.

One thing that stood out the most in addition the acting, dialogue and music was the make-up and hair for Randeep Hooda. Every little detail on his body was studied, and embellished according to the time and situation. Props to his make-up hair team for turning him into Sarabjit.

A New Girl in a City’s review of Sarabjit is

4.5 stars out of 5


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