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Single Living – TAKE ONE!

I’ve moved to Wilmington and have pretty much adjusted myself to my ‘new home’. I’ve been here for almost a month now, with a few travels back home here and there, and have thoroughly faced a whole other world I never expected.

This is what happens when you literally watch WAY too many movies. This new section on the blog will entail my ‘single living’ stories, and all the things I face on a day-to-day basis while I live literally just two-hours away from home for the very first time.


Carolina Beach North End – Photo by Me!

Its been a strange, sudden, and crazy transition for me…but probably one of the best. Being quite an independent individual when it comes to handling multiple ‘things to do’ and jobs, I totally forgot all the things someone has to do when it comes to ‘living alone’. And they are just about the most simplest things that my mom has surely taught me, but I have taken so much advantage of. The fact that for twenty-one years my mom fed me, did or reminded me to do laundry, and all the other mom things that they do.

But then I’ve been thinking, I’m pretty self sufficient because I know how to do all these things and can deal with doing them. So what’s the problem? Why does it feel like there is a really small percentage of emptiness around me?

Back home (Raleigh) I always text my mom and keep her updated about where I am in town or what I’m doing, even if she’s downstairs and I’m upstairs in bed. And not because she’s my mom, but just because of the relationship we both hold. Today after work I sent her one of those updated texts out of habit and realized when I got home (Wilmington) that I’m not in Raleigh (insert monkey emoji covering its eyes)… I wasn’t saddened though, I just thought it was a bit funny that we usually just get so used to a certain routine in our lives and parting away from it to attach ourselves to a new one is seriously so strange.

As much as I am a ‘care free’ person and totally see myself traveling all around the world one day and not missing much of home (Raleigh) the only thing I would and do ever miss is my mom. We’re so inseparable, and to me its one of the best relationships I have with someone. So mom this first ‘Single Living’ post is for you and a huge thanks for raising me to be independent enough to not just be a good human being to people, but to also suck it up and do dishes, laundry and cook…

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Rustom – Review

Today I got to see two movies back-to-back, and saved Rustom for last. There’s no surprise when I entered the theater the house was full and the audience was all geared up to see Akshay Kumar in action as Commander Rustom Pavri.


I myself walked in with high hopes of the film being perfectly flawless. Unfortunately though I was quite disappointed…

The film coming from the makers of Wednesday and Special 26 had me hoping for another suspenseful thriller film, but I was not thrilled. The idea of the film was good, but it almost seemed plotless and extremely dragged. There were an unnecessary amount of slow-motion scenes which just felt like time was being filled. My eyes were only touched upon Akshay’s flawless look in his uniform, and Ilena D’cruz’s flawless beauty.

The film began with the much loved song sung by Atif Aslam Tere Sang Yaara and from there I hoped the film would kick-off well, but it turned into a dragging film. The audience got a kick from the court room scenes, and I was unable to focus on Rustom’s fight for pleading not guilty. Even then I still felt the film had potential and hoped for an impactful ending, but it felt so powerless at the end and I felt nothing.

The only thing that worked well in the film was its music, my favorite tracks have to be Tere Sang Yaara, Dekha Hazaro Dafaa, and Tay Hai. The films cinematography was just visually appealing. There were a few powerful dialogues delivered by Akshay’s character, but they were defused the moment the prosecution party spoke during the court trials.

I’m not sure if its worth seeing Rustom in cinemas…

A New Girl in a City’s review of Rustom is

2 stars

Check out my favorite track of the film!

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Mohenjo Daro – Review

From Lagaan to Swades to Jodha Akbar and now Mohenjo Daro.


I will go ahead and let you know I have no prior knowledge of Mohenjo Daro historically, and stepped into the movie like any other film. Going with the purpose that this is a fictional story inspired by historical events, the film surely kept me at the edge of my seat and the music was mesmerizing to the ear.

Director Ashutosh Gowarikar has a knack for selecting a great cast, and forming them into characters. There wasn’t a moment I felt like I was watching Hrithik Roshan, but instead I felt I was really watching Sarman reconnect with his childhood and save Mohnejo Daro. This goes with all the other actors like Pooja Hegde, Kabir Bedi and Arunoday Singh and more. These four actors specifically though stood out the most and truly matched their characters.

The films cinematography and visual effects were extremely impactful. I definitely felt while watching I was taken into the era of Mohenjo Daro and the help of AR Rahman’s music and background scoring definitely helped create that ambiance. I couldn’t stop staring at Pooja Hegde’s wardrobe and head-pieces, props to her costume designer!

What was disappointing though was the story, I felt like I was taken in the world of Lagaan and Swades combined. The only difference was the costumes, sets, and actors of course.

I wouldn’t say not to see Mohenjo Daro on digital big-screen. It was definitely experience I wouldn’t have enjoyed at home. I am glad that I have had the chance to witness all of Ashutosh’s best films on the big screen, but this one was not his best compared to Lagaan, Swades and Jodha Akbar.

A New Girl in a City’s review of Mohenjo Daro is


Check out my favorite track of the film!

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Top current Hindi songs you MUST add to your playlist now!

There is no doubt 2016 has had the best songs yet, and we really can’t stop listening to them. From Soch Na Sake from Airlift, to Ikk Kudi from Udta Punjab, to Kar Gayu Chul from Kapoor and Sons. But in the last few weeks there are more new and just as good songs that have released and you need to add them to your playlist now!

Song: Tere Sang Yaara 
Movie: Rustom (Releasing Aug. 12)

The Atif Aslam track is mesmerizing, romantic, and breathless. I can’t stop falling in love with this track and the picturization. In fact the entire soundtrack of Rustom is beautiful and so is the sad version of this track, Tere Bin Yaara sung by Arko.

Song: Tu Hai
Movie: Mohenjo Daro (Releasing Aug. 12)

There’s no doubt an AR Rahman soundtrack is just simply beautiful just like this song. Its melodious, and visually appealing. This has to be one of my top favorite tracks of the year.

Song: Jaaneman Aah
Movie: Dishoom (Released on July 29)

There’s not a lot to say other than jaaneman aah! Its hot, catchy, and a great track to jam out to at the next family party or just in the car!

Song: Zara Si Dosti
Movie: Happy Bhag Jayegi (Releasing Aug. 19)

Here’s a film I personally can’t wait for, and also am totally in love with the entire soundtrack of the film. This Arijit Singh track will not only have you fall for his voice for the millionth time, but also have you fall in love with your friend again.

Song: Sau Asmaan 
Movie: Baar Baar Dekho (Releasing Sept. 9)

Baar Baar Dekho has taken me up by a storm, and the entire soundtrack is on repeat for me right now! Sau Asmaan is such a fun loving ‘travel’ kind of song, and Armaan Malik and Neeti Mohan’s voices fuse so well together which makes it pleasant to listen to.

Song: Beat Pe Booty 
Movie: A Flying Jatt (Releasing Aug. 25)

I am not a super fan of the song visually, but its a catchy song and could totally see this being a popular track with fusion dance teams. Jacqueline no doubt looks hot!

Song: Sau Asmaan 
Movie: Kala Chashma (Releasing Sept. 9)

Saved the best for last and that’s everyone’s favorite track at the moment- Kala Chashma! Of course there’s the whole, why are Sid and Kat not wearing kale-chashme…? But they still look like a hot pair, and the song is way to catchy!

Keep Reading, Keep Watching, & See You At the Movies!

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#BaarBaarDekho & its unique marketing strategy!

Its safe to say that by 2016 Dharma Productions is known to be unique, and different when it comes to its films and promotional strategies.


When I decided I wanted to pursue cinema as my career, I always imagined being part of the marketing team of a production team like Dharma, but who knows where life will take me as I now pursue direction too.

That being said though, I still have an extremely high interest in marketing and public relations and it intrigues me when I see a new approach to film marketing especially in Indian cinema. Film teams have to go a whole extra mile to get their film out their no matter how small or big the production, actors, or director may be. Reason being is because we produce more films in a year than any other film industry and Friday-to-Friday more than just one film is releasing on that day in India especially and our audience wants to see more than just ‘masala’ type cinema, yet they still want to.

Baar Baar Dekho is a dual production film: Dharma Productions with Excel Entertainment for the very first time. And assistant director of DonNitya Mehra comes forward to direct her first film and it looks exquisitely beautiful. What has appalled me though is to see the entire approach to marketing the film thus far.

It went from a few behind the scene images posted on Siddharth Malhotra’s Instagram during shooting, or from else where. To promoting the extremely hot, catchy song Kala Chashma. The video track received 4.3 million views in 24 hours.

Then a few days later the team releases this unique motion poster which to me was more eye catching and different than anything else I have seen before.

It doesn’t end here! On the SAME day the team released a round table discussion with our two main stars- Siddharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif, along with our producers Karan Johar, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani plus debut director Nitya Mehra. The discussion was well executed and gave us enough answers to all our questions prior to the films trailer release.

Interestingly I made it to the movies yesterday to see Dishoom and while all the different film trailers were playing prior to the film, instead of seeing the Baar Baar Dekho trailer we got to see Kala Chashma on the big screen- which honestly is way more eye-catching and convincing to our screen audience to see the film in cinemas. Then I came home to review and while reviewing Dishoom the Baar Baar Dekho trailer released and my jaw dropped while viewing the trailer!


Right when I thought all the hype was over, I woke up this morning and saw the entire soundtrack of the film has been released. Its different, catchy, and leaves me with even more questions about the film.

I am way to excited to see this film as it genuinely looks different, interesting and ‘my type of film’. It looks like the Indian rom-com I have been craving to see on the big screen for years and I think its finally hear. This film definitely deserves an entire different approach to its promotional value as the film itself is so distinctive.

Baar Baar Dekho is set to release in cinemas on September 9, 2016! Stay tuned for more updates & remember see you at the movies!

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Dishoom – Reveiw

We caught the film Dishoom a bit later, but definitely did get to watch it and have a few mixed feelings about the film.

The Rohit Dhawan directed action adventure film truly was an adventure for me. I was taken into Rohit’s world of unrealistic action-thriller, and comical dialogues which were quite corny. The larger than life film had a some flaws, but there were still many aspects of the film that kept me in my seat and ready for the end to come.

For starters I’d have to say the film is extremely attractive. The on-screen eye candy both male and female was purely jaw-dropping. From John Abraham’s and Varun Dhawan’s speedo boxer short scene, to Nargis Fakhri’s hot bikini special appearance. Jacquline Fernandez’s perky-sexy character and of course the most talked song of the year Parineeti’s appearance in Jaaneman Aah. And how can we not forget to mention Akshay Khanna who returned to the big screen after a while totally held the suspenseful aspect of the film together.

The films story wasn’t anything super extraordinary, it was a combination of many action adventure films. But what had me at quite a shock was the dialogue delivery from every single actor on-screen including ones not mentioned above were extremely ‘scripted’. There wasn’t a point in the film where I felt Varun was actually Juniad and John was actually Kabir, and this goes the same with all the other characters. You see this occur in smaller independent films every now and then, but very rarely on the big screen. In addition the dialogues were quite corny and when Akshay Kumar appeared on-screen in a Scottish Kilt and a man-bun with the track Subha Hone Na De playing in the back…I was quite turned off.

Aside from all the attractive actors on-screen, the locations were gorgeous and cinematography of the film was really good. I think the other aspect which held the film together was the catchy upbeat music by none other than PritamSau Tarah Ke and Jaaneman Aah have to be my two favorite tracks of the film!

Dishoom was an entertaining film, but definitely not worth seeing it in cinemas. I definitely wish the dialogue delivery of the film was smoother and each individual actor put forth more towards their characters.

A New Girl in a City’s review of Dishoom is,

2 1.2 star


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Living Alone Thoughts…

Here I am in my new city, Wilmington, North Carolina where I have spent the entire day doing house chores, watching day-time TV, binged watched a new show on HBO, and ate a ton of food- which I made.




I guess in the midst and excitement of always dreaming to live in my own space, I forgot the whole doing everything yourself around the house part. And its not like my mother didn’t teach me anything, she taught me everything and I feel like every five minutes I am being my mom- picking up plates, cleaning the water stains off the table, putting the ingredients back where they came from, and well you get the point.

The good thing is I am living with a great roommate who I can have conversations with otherwise I’d go insane. And the good things is I’m at the beach so eventually when the heat isn’t so unbarring, I’ll be able to spend a free day near the ocean.

I am taking full advantage of this not-much-to-do lifestyle at the moment because I know once the fall semester begins, I am going to be doing more than needed and will be back in the lingo of my regular life. I’ve been living away from home (literally just two hours) for almost four-ish days now and its been pretty bittersweet.

The one thing that is annoying for me at the moment is not knowing really where anything is, so my plan is to aimlessly drive around and purposely get lost so I can find my way back… but back home in Raleigh, I can drive aimlessly all day, run errands, enjoy a cup of coffee in between and still come home with more things to do.

Another thing that I am working on, well me and my roommate is to make our house a home. And I am not able to just blast music when I’m alone quite yet(not sure why), but can’t wait till that day comes!

Lastly, I am eagerly awaiting to make the semi-new-city my own and be able to own it. I really love the people here and love the environment. Its extremely relaxing. I’m stepping away from all the hussle-bussle and just doing me. And I’ve never felt so relaxed so far…

Cool thing is though I just recently had my very first interview- like someone interviewed me!! And I am so stoked, because its been one of my dreams to get interviewed…(kind of lame). But here it is, check it out on Expierence Art Blog by Tej Yenamandra’s.


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