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Dreams & Reality Collide

March 14, 2013 

For the last few weeks I have been extremely bombarded with tests, quizzes and lots of papers. College. So pushing all that on that side for a few moments and bringing my thoughts onto the blog. I’ve been in quite an off mood lately, possibly because I haven’t had my mom’s home cooked Indian food for the last three weeks. Unfortunately we had a small fire in our kitchen the day before I left to South Carolina and I have never been so sick of outside food as much as I am right now. I have also been in a pretty “blah” mood lately because I haven’t seen a great new Hindi film which is making me feel pretty depressed… I’m hoping that there will be some good films this year. At the same time I really have not had a chance to make a trip to the theater to see any of the films.

I have been taking advantage of my best friends free Netflix trial though, saw two or three Hindi films but instead I have also seen a French film, two or three Hollywood independent films and some other genres. I saw a really intimate romantic French 2011 film For Lovers Only. The entire film was in black and white. It was quite an interesting film, two past lovers re-unite in the city of love, Paris. They fall in love all over again from the atmosphere, small talk and intimacy. Then I begun to think, what is that makes people fall in love? Is it the view or the small talk? I saw another film, Cairo Time. The entire film was in Egypt capital city, Cairo. An older woman comes to visit her husband who works for the UN, his shift got extended to stay longer and she gets carried away with the little things with her husbands friend. There are a handful of films I have been seeing while currently I am re-watching for probably the 60th time, 2011 Hindi films Love Breakups Zindagi. Once again in this film, its all about the little things and two people fall in love.

I know I live probably 75% of my life out of reality and see everything through a camera lens, but when the film world is so beautiful and just as realistic, might as well collide it all together! In today’s world kids my age get so caught up with the party life and try to do what everyone else does. I look at it all in a whole other perspective, a little simplicity, smiles and laughter. To me its all about the little things. We make life way too complicating and get quite philosophical about it, I know I do but once in a while its okay to step back and look at everything differently from everyone else.

On this beautiful sunny day in North Carolina, indulge yourself into the weather. Enjoy life and enjoy the little things.


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