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To all my Indian Friends living in America…

Today is Thursday January 23, 2014.

I was going through my timeline on Facebook, reading people posts, random objections to Justin Bieber being in jail, people objecting to the governments decisions, pictures from parties over the weekend and happy birthday posts. Then I came across some local peers who I’ve been to school with posting a status which reads (below):

facebook status

I normally don’t respond to people’s thoughts or opinion towards Indian Cinema due to my high biased opinions and how quickly my mind can get fired up over this topic… but the comments I read were quite obscured and I gave in by saying the following:

“Bhavna Singh: I must comment… Hollywood is completely incomparable to the Indian Film Industry… originally, “Bollywood” is called the Indian Film Industry…its the modern age people, in the last 5-7 years that people have turned it into, “Bollywood”. Why are they incomparable? Because Indian Cinema has dynamics in the filming process that Hollywood doesn’t and vice-versa. Most people only see the “superstar films” these days (in America) and never see the other films made in Indian Cinema and should take a step out of the “masala films” and watch the really good films that are not just about people breaking out into Bollywood dance numbers in the middle of nowhere. On a side note as far as ‘copying’ goes, all film industries in the world copy one another in-fact more stories and plots are copied from the South Indian Film industry and even other film industries around the world which we never really look into. I think comparing different languages of cinema and saying one is better than the other is absolutely absurd and shouldn’t be compared but simply appreciated, if you feel you can make a better film taking 126 days out of your life then go for it and don’t criticize the industries work but appreciate they all provide multiple levels of entertainment which in their case is part of their job to provide this service for all of us!”

So there’s a lot of bias-ness in my comment of course but when I hear Indian kids born in America talk about Indian cinema, not only do they bash the films but along-side they bash our culture. Some forget that the Indian Film industry which is the largest, leading Film Industry in the world… and NOT just because of money but because of how complex the industry is by itself. They forget that 50% of the Indian culture is made from Indian Cinema. I can vouch for myself and my cousins who have all been born in America that we are 100% influenced by the Indian Culture through our films. We remember seeing films like, Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham which taught us family values. And there are a lot of films that my generation of kids grew up on, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dilwale Dhulaniya Le Jayenge, and so on. But I can say that 80% of you have probably never seen quality Indian Cinema or if you have you saw them once and threw it over your shoulder because it wasn’t a “classic Bollywood film” with Shahrukh Khan singing with his flawless looking co-star, or it didn’t have a perfect Indian Wedding with lavish looking sets and a lavish lifestyle.

There are classic films like, 1971 Anand a film about a cancer patient who believe in living his life to the fullest. Also in 1971 there is a classic film, Kal Aaj Aur Kal, the title is an allegory to the ideological clash between three generations: Kal (Grandparent), Aaj (Parent) and Kal(Youth). There are thousands of Old Classic films I could list that are from our parents generations that most of you have never seen or heard of which are the films that built the lavishing look of “Bollywood”.

Skipping our generation of films and moving forward to 2001 when Lagaan was made, we all remember sitting at the edge of our seats and waiting for India to beat the British in the cricket match. In that same year, the film Zubeidaa, Nayak, Ajanabee & Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham were released. Reading this small list, you probably only remember seeing Lagaan & K3G which were both excellent films but so were the ones I listed which were all moving films for 2001 and which shaped the following years of Indian Cinema.

Coming to the last four years of Films…in 2010: phenomenal films like Raajneeti, Karthik Calling Karthik, Paathshaala, Aisha, We Are Family, Anjaana Anjaani & Break Ke Baad. These films were not the “Top Best Films” but they were highly recognized in India. I think of all these the only one that may have been a copy of a Hollywood film would be, We Are Family which is a well done copy of Stepmom.

In 2012, Indian cinema took a turn with films like Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, London Paris New York, Kahaani, Vicky Donor, Cocktail, Barfi!, English Vinglish & Talaash. Where not a single one of these is a copy of any movie and fresh from the mind of a creative writer and director. 

I could go on and list phenomenal Indian films from any year and any era and tell all of you who are reading that Instead of bashing the Indian Film Industry, which is part of your culture, make sure you know what you are talking about because you have only seen the Romantic, Bollywood Dance Numbers and dreamy Romantic dialogues. Get on Netflix one day or visit your closes Indian store and try watching one of the films I’ve listed above and you will be amazed by what the film Industry has created for the last 101 years of Cinema!

This is just an eye-opening message for all and take it in with a grain of salt!

 Lastly, if you’d like to see some great films of 2014 here’s a phenomenal film that’s coming to cinemas soon on
February 21, 2014
to read more about this film check out the page on my blog right in the link below:


| See You At The Movies |

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