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See You in London

Good afternoon readers & fans, It’s been too long since I have written anything and I am feeling a withdrawal by not informing people about what exactly is going on in my life. I have an excuse for my longing absence and I will just say, I needed a break from everything and I sure got it. After resting, sleeping and relaxing for about 2 weeks and then following that I had a huge wedding this past weekend to handle, I can confidently say I am back! I have lot’s to share… First I’d like to wish a belated Happy Birthday to my idol director and producer, Karan Johar. I never miss a single film of yours and never say no to help promote your films in my small city, Raleigh. I will always love your style of movie making and I hope I can one day work under your wing of production and film-making and be the next female-‘Karan Johar’.

A Tribute to Dharma Productions… 


Down memory lane Pt. 1 

My Favorite Dharma Moments…

“Pyar Dosti Hai”

“Alvida kehne se..” 

“Who are you?”

“The Wedding”

“Choose your world”


“Mast Magan”

And so my dreams to be a director continues and that is my destination in life and I won’t let anyone come in the way of that destination…

I continue my traveling journey this summer and it’s not a ‘road trip’ but something a but better, London. Yes, I am flying across the world, alone for the first time and I am doing everything to contain my excitement. This also isn’t a small trip, but I will be gone for a whole month. 29 days, I will be on the plane off to London heading to help prepare for one of my best friends weddings. And then after the wedding fiasco, I will spend 3 weeks traveling and touring the beautiful city.

I am excited to share my journey each day and I will have a corner set up on the blog where I will be posting live pictures, stories and experiences for all of you. I don’t think I will be able to watch movies in the month of July but if I manage to find a theater in London then I will surely make time to post reviews for all of you.

See You In London! 


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