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A Special Bond of Friendship

{25 Days till I leave for London}
{43 Days till “The A Team Wedding}

It’s a little over midnight in Raleigh, North Carolina and I have already finished watching my 4th Netflix movie this week and even saw a couple interviews. I still can’t sleep and I don’t have a schedule to follow on this fine Friday…nor a film to watch unfortunately. So I decided to write because it’s the best therapy at this hour.

So a follower of my blog messaged me a few days ago and asked me a ton of questions about my life, my friends who are getting married soon and lot’s more. When I read it at first I thought, well that’s a lot of information for me to let out in one blog post, but then I started scrolling through my posts and I have not written a detailed personal post in a very long time.

I have trapped myself writing film review after film review and watching endless films and then planning peoples weddings every month, it has just been a roller coaster ride for me. Then I thought, I have never written about my friend who is getting married and if I have it was too long ago for me to remember.

Aparna Mark, born in London and about six or seven years older than me. Aparna and I have known each other since kids because our families are extremely close friends. Her mom’s brother and sister both live in NC and my family is extremely lucky to have their family in our lives. As a kid, Aparna was just another person who is older than me and probably thinks I am just a “kid”. In 2010 when I flew to Houston, Texas alone to attend one of her cousins wedding. I remember when flying for the first time on that plane alone I had no intentions or mindset of coming back home with something new to hold onto, I just went because they were family friends and I just love weddings. The moment I arrived at my hotel, the first person I saw was this tall gorgeous girl who I honestly thought was a model (not joking at all), she recognized me and I forgot who she was. Her British accent and her warm tight hug had me smiling and I had this feel-good kind of feeling in my heart. I remember running to my room quickly changing for that nights event and then the next three or four days I spent with this girl plus with the rest of the family had me going back home with a new friendship-bond that I could never let go in my life.

We kept in-touch for the next four years over Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp. She’s like an older sister to me and I feel honored to be part of her wedding and be one of her bridesmaids. Aparna, I cannot wait to see you in 25 days and I can’t wait to see you walk down that aisle in 43 days. I can’t wait to reunite with your warm hugs, cuddle with you (because you are the only girl that enjoys cuddling so much) and what I am extremely excited about is be part of all the wedding preparations to make your special day as wonderful as you. You are a very special person in my heart and even though London is home for you, I am quite excited to know you will only be a six-hour drive away from me soon in your soon to-be new home, Atlanta, Georgia.

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