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A Few of my Favorite Songs

This page will give you a little extra tune to the ear, and give you a taste of my favorite music, whether its Bollywood music or English music or some random tunes that I come across! Enjoy this section of the blog where you will also understand why some of these are my faovrites! Tell me which one is your favorite song!


Film: Wake Up Sid (2009)
Singer: Kavita Seth

“Iktara” has always been a tune that seems to be extremely close to me. The hook of the song:
“Jo barse sapne boond boond, naino ko moond moond, kaise mein chaloon, dekh na sakoon, anjaane rasaatein…” translates into, “when dreams pour down drop by drop, blocking my eyes, filling my eyes and covering my eyes, how can I walk these unknown paths…” then the song continues to tell how a person doesn’t know their destiny but should freely walk their dreams even without knowing what may happen ahead. The song inspires me every time I hear it and makes me feel a part of me is in the song itself.

Tumhi Ho Bandhu
Film: Cocktail
Singer: Kavita Seth & Neeraj Shridhar

This song is very close to me and adds life to my day when I hear it. The song simply says that every part of a persons day is incomplete without their companion and or friend and goes on saying, when my loved one cares for me then why should I care for the rest of the world.

Phir Le Aaya Dil
Film: Barfi!
Singer: Arjit Singh

The song is simple about loving someone you have always loved forever. Its about a story and memory that was left behind and where destiny and fate brings two together to love again. The melodious voice of Arjit Singh makes anyone fall in love, whether its with someone or just the simple changes of season and life…

Piya O Re Piya
Film: Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya
Singer: Atif Aslam & Shreya Ghoshal

The cinematography of this song is what takes my heart away. Whenever I hear this song, I pretty much fall in love with my fake “prince charming”. It’s so melodious and the voice of Atif and Shreya is just mesmerizing. In the future whenever I do get married I would want this song to be my featured ‘wedding song’, that’s just how much I love it.

Film: Student of The Year
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal, Udit Narayan & Vishal Dadlani

I remember in early summer of 2012 when Karan Johar was promoting his past new film Student of the Year and released this song “Radha”, I had just fallen in love with it. Almost reminded me of a typical Karan Johar ‘Bole Chudiyan’ or ‘Mahi Ve’ type of song. I knew after hearing this song that I had to make my next dance performance feature this song. With my very filmy mind set on things, this song could not look complete without having ‘co-actors or dancers’ in it. When I threw my mom’s surprise 50th Birthday in early January 2013, my best friends who happen to be all guys joined me in this song. Now every time I hear it, I just think of the insane practices we had together and the successful performance we did together when doing this song. They are my “dance partners in crime”!


Jane Kyun
Film: Dostana (2008)
Singer: Vishal Dadlani

Ever since the film Dostana was released, I enjoyed the friendship in this film. The concept of being with friends living life to the fullest with friends no matter what kind of problems may come by… just live it up! This is a song close to my heart where I could get up and just start dancing to.

U2 – City of Blinding Lights

I first heard this song in the film, “The Devils Wear Prada” right when the scene of Paris is introduced. Every since I heard the song and saw the visualization of it, it made me think of: New York City. This song is a song I had always wanted to play right when I flew into the city… and I surely did do it. It was a magical, goose bump feeling when I arrived.

Film: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Singer: Harshdeep & Arjit Singh 

The song that has meaning. I’m a person whose all about the lyrics, if the lyrics mean nothing to me, then I have no interest in the song. This beautiful song composed by music director, Pritam is melodious but meaningful. It would also be a song I would one day want to play at my wedding!

Film: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Singer: Arijit Singh

Ilahi, there are two meanings this word itself: ‘My God’ and Divine. In the context of the song it almost says both but mostly is using the phrase of ‘oh god’. The meaning of this song entirely is beautiful, the first couple of lines say…

The evenings are in full frenzy, The nights are like the tunnel. Then why only to these rebellious journeys, the desires of my heart lie, my god. 

There is a big question on tomorrow, I don’t know why, for living in such a nomadic way, the desires of my heart lie, my god. 

The song continues in it’s own way, through this journey as displayed in the film too. It describes the feeling of the character, his passion to travel and to turn against all that feel love because his only love for life is to travel and see the world…more similarly to the meaning of Wanderlust. 

My favorite stanza of this song is…

 “Mera falsafa, kandhe pe mera,
Basta chala main jahaan, le chala mujhe rastaa,
Boondon pe nahin, gehre samandar pe,
Ilahi mera jee aaye aaye…”


The philosophy on how to live life, lies on my shoulders, I started residing there, where the road took me, No one on the raindrops, but on the deep oceans, The desires of my heart life, My God..

This beautiful song by Arijit Singh and music by Pritam plays constantly in my ears when I reach wondering parts of my life and feel the need to explore and live life full the way I feel it should be lived.


Kahaan Hoon Main
Film: Highway
Singer: Jonita Gandhi

Kahaan Hoon Main, meaning, Where Am I? The film Highway is very close to my heart, especially where I stand in the current point of my life. Last year in 2013, the song Kabira was released where it’s about this selfish person who just wants to live for himself/herself. Kahaan Hoon Main depicts off that selfish person for me and is a way of showing here I am going on this unknown path with good feelings inside.

I am not saying I am 100% selfish like the charecter Kabir Thappar from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, but I am able to relate myself to the character Veera from Highway. She comes from a lifestyle where everything seems perfect on the outside but on the inside she is broken.  Her thoughts are simple, but life around her isn’t so simple.

In this song, Veera reaches that point of realization in her life that she has gained a sort of dependency on this special someone who also has a strange story behind him. She feels lost without him and when she’s with him, she is at peace. Along with the beautiful acting both Randeep Hooda & Alia Bhatt have displayed onscreen in this film and song, I am thoroughly in-love with the connection of the scenery around them. Both their sense of attachment to one another compliments them well with the scenic routs they take through this song…


Phir Se Ud Chala
Film: Rockstar
Singer: Mohit Chauhan

I remember in 2011 when I saw this film, I had goosebumps. Every time I listen to this song, those very same goosbumps come back. The first few lines of this song mean;

Phir se udd chala
Ud ke chhoda hai jahaan neeche main tumhare ab hoon hawale
ab door door log baag meelon door mil waadiyaan

I flew up again,
I have flown and left the world below, now I am all yours,
now people are miles away and all the valleys are away..

When I hear those lines, I think of myself in someways, how every time I reach a new destination in life, I leave what’s behind me.

Another stanza of this song which I really like;

Phir se ud chala
Mitti jaise sapne ye kitna bhi palko se jhaado
Phir aa jaate hain
Itne saare sapne kya kahoon kis tarah se maine
tode hain chhode hain kyun
Phir se tichhle michle nikude ye kyun

I flew up again,
these earth-like dreams, however much you dust them from eyelids,
they come back..
So many dreams, how should I say I have-
broken, left, and why..
Now why are they stirring again..


Samjhawan (both versions)
Film: Humpty Sharma Ki Dhulania
Singer: Arijit Singh & Shreya Ghoshal (Version 1)
Alia Bhatt (Version 2)

The original song, Samjhawan is composed by, Jawad Ahmad and sung by, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The song was then re-composed by, Sharib-Toshi for the film, Humpty Sharma Ki Dhulania. In the film version, Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal have sung the song. The amazing upcoming actress, Alia Bhatt who has shown her favorite talent of singing, also sang a modernized version of the song too.

I remember hearing this song when it first released during the promotions of the film, ‘Humpty Sharma..’ in the UK. I was sitting outside in a garden, I had just taken a shower and just sipping on my cup of tea enjoying the beautiful weather. When I got a notification on my phone from the new released song, I jumped with excitement and watched the live-stream of the new released song. Actor’s Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt themselves hosted the launch of the beautiful song and I watched.

Then I saw this different kind of emotion between Alia and Varun, sure one would say ‘they are together,’ but that’s not where I am going with this, I saw this emotional love between two friends which was beautiful. And when she sung the song she dedicated to her dear friend, I melted. So I hope, the day I find my soul-mate for life, I’ll be able to sing this romantic, loving song to that special someone. The words below explain themselves.

Now going into the meaning of the song, the main line of the song:

Main tenu samjhawan ki, Na tere bina lagda ji…
What do I explain to you, with you my mind and heart are unable to live without you… 

One of my favorite lines of the song is:

Jeena mera, hun hai tera, ki main kara,
I’ll live my life only with you, I can’t do anything about it, 

Tu kare aitebaar mera,
Have faith in me, 

Main karoon intezaar tera,
I’ll wait for you, 

Tu dil tuiyon jaan mei…
You are my heart, my soul, my everything… 

[Film Version]: By Arijit Singh & Shreya Ghoshal

[Unplugged Version]: By Alia Bhatt

Soch Na Sake
Film: Airlift
Singer: Arijit Singh & Tulsi Kumar 

Nothing more blissful than to hear a romantic track by Arijit Singh and with such beautiful lyrics too. Socha Na Sake is one of those tracks I haven’t stopped listening to since it released. I believe the lyrics and song itself resides from an original Punjabi song- but this is one of my all time favorites. It embraces love even when there is distance between you and your significant other.

Agar Tum Saath Ho
Film: Tamasha
Singers: Arijit Singh & Alka Yagnik

Yet another Arijit Singh track which has a bit of that painful love feel. But what’s even more beautiful about this track is Alka Yagnik’s voice with Arijit. To me this is a mix of my favorite 90’s playback singer infused with my favorite current singer, from such a beautiful film.

In addition to the track, this scene in the film Tamasha is an outbreak, and probably Director Imtiaz Ali’s ‘cut’. The emotion conveyed in this song is unbelievable, gives me goosebumps every time I see and hear the song.


Ikk Kudi (Club Mix)
Film: Udta Punjab
Singers: Diljit Dosanjh & Alia Bhatt

Another Alia Bhatt song that has swept me away. This track from Udta Punjab represents a large portion of the film itself, and the lyrics have such a beautiful meaning behind it. I specifically love this version of the song because of the vibe it gives off. My ideal version of ‘club music’ would totally be this song, and I’d be in a total trance if I were jamming out to this. Another favorite part of this song is Diljit Dosanjh, the singer and actor of this film. I am totally swept away with his charming appearance and soulful voice.

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