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A New Girl in a City – By: Bhavna Singh
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Do you ever feel the need to express your thoughts? Sometimes you can’t say the words you write, and you can’t write the words you say. Sometimes in life we have so many thoughts in our mind and we just need to put them somewhere. Thanks to the 21st century life we are able to do that today, express, share and read what others have to say about almost anything.

A New Girl in a City’ what does she have to say?    


She is really just a ‘small town girl’, she has dreams to go far in life and live life to the fullest. She cares for people. Her close friends and mom, brother and dog are the things that make her the happiest.  But, another thing that makes her the happiest is watching a new Indian Film on a Friday night. Her passion for Hindi Films also as known as Bollywood, brings out the filmy personality in her. She is even known as ‘~the Queen of Bollywood’ and is thriving to become a successful film-maker like Ayan Mukerji who has been her inspiration with the title of this blog, ‘A New Girl in a City’ from his 2009 film, Wake Up Sid. 

Almost every Friday, I write Film reviews for new Hindi Films. I update all my readers on new upcoming films and all the news on Indian Cinema from yesterday, today and tomorrow. This is not your gossip page but your one-stop Bollywood Destination to enjoy the entertainment the film industry gives to us every Friday in Cinemas. 

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6 comments on “About the Author

  1. You are a very interesting girl I just bottle all my thoughts?LOL

  2. The student of the year Radha looks interesting full spirit I’m waiting for it.

  3. Hey! I have a quick question about your blog. Could you please email me when you get a free moment? Thanks!

  4. Hello Bhavna…. Just love your blog….:)

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