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Story Eight

Story Eight

My last memory, short and sweet. The car rides with my dad were my favorite. I loved my dads car, he drove seafoam green Ford Taurus.

If he ever drove me to school in the early mornings, then we would listen to the cassette tape of Bhajans (prayer songs). There was one that we both really liked, aside from the the religious purpose of listening to the songs… we really just loved the instrumental tunes. The tune fadingly plays in my head at random points in my life but I can never remember the exact song or words.

If dad and I were driving home from school or from his work then we would put in the cassette tape of the film 1999, Baadshah. We would fast forward on side B of the cassette tape to the third song called, Mein Toh Hoon Pagal. If you go on youtube and listen to the song, you would simply think… why? It was a happy, funny and silly song. If I could describe myself as a child, I was simply “silly” and when I was with my dad we were simply silly together.

When my dad left this world, my silliness faded away with time and I became more thoughtful, giving and deep in thought when alone. Parts of my dads life philosophies still live in me but the idea of him not being here to not tell me more life stories and experiences, only makes some days hard for me.

Cherish the moments you live today, you never know who will leave your side tomorrow…


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