Story Nine

Story Nine

In these last eight days, I have written memories, moments and my journey of the ten years I have either survived without my father or the eight years I did spend with my father. In these eight days of June 2013, I have lived the strangest of moments; some consisted of death while others consisted of meeting stars of the Indian Film Industry and other moments consisted of my day-to-day stressful and tiring life I live and yet enjoy…

These stories have made me realize that time is precious. Life has made me realize that people in this world can only stick by your side so much.. to a certain extent you are just you and alone in a world full of possibilities and unanswered questions. I have realized that the person I am today is because of the strength I have held myself together with.

If I had to take the moment to speech to the world or local community here, I would list the groups and individuals that have helped me be who I am today… the list is as follow:

I would first start off with our family friends… The Devarajan’s, Kulkarni’s, Satsangi’s, Ghandhi’s, Chhabra’s and the rest of our ‘gang’. I being almost the youngest from the kids, I have grown up with smiles and laughs because of these people. Thanks to my mom being a “ready to meet new people” at any given time, she has built these friendships with some of the most kindest, amazing and loving friends. Our parents have been friends with all these families for the last 20 years or so. I don’t think my mom or my brother and I would have survived the toughest journey’s of life without any of them.

The next group of people I would personally thank is the former Staff of Douglas Elementary. The year my dad was on the hospital bed at home through Hospice, my mom was only going to work on select days or no days at all… my mom at the time was working at Douglas Elementary as a first grade teacher while I was also going to school there. I was in the third grade, I struggled my way through that year and just made it through. I mostly made it through because of the most amazing Principle of the school,  Mrs. Vicki Perry. She organized my car rides to be picked up in the mornings and taken home in the afternoons by the entire staff of the school. Those are moments I will never forget, ever since then, I have always had a soft corner and appreciation for teachers.

My dad’s office staff at the St. Albans Mortgage department office of Coastal Credit Union in Raleigh. They were the sweetest and down to earth people I had ever met. I remember around the time of Christmas in that last year, the entire staff had come over our house for a Christmas party and brought dozens and dozens of presents for my brother and I. I’m that kind of girl who just loves receiving gifts and boy was I the happiest child in the world! I still occasionally go and visit my dad’s old colleagues and till this day they say, “this office has always felt different since Anup left.” My dad was smart, intelligent and just a great person on a whole, he almost had no flaws and people always loved being around him.

Our neighbors, the Baileys. I remember whenever we needed immediate help at home when my dad was sick, my mom would not know what to do… the Bailey’s were always the first ones at our doorstep to help us out in the moment and give us assurance and support for us and they still are just the best neighbors anyone could have.

Lastly, my friends today from the SANBBR crew. Within the 15 years Bri and I have been friends, she has seen me through all states of mind and has always had my back even if I didn’t have hers. In the last 7 years Nitin, Akash and I have been friends, they have always helped me out at the drop of a text or call no matter what and so have their families. The last 3 years Sunny, Rushan and I have been friends, they have always listened to me. On a whole the five of you have been the bestest of friends I have ever had in my life, if I could wish for anything today it would be for the five of you to stay by my side and each other’s sides forever.

There are many, many more people in the Triangle Indian Community that have been there with us at all times, I will always appreciate those who have always and still are with us today.

On this day, June 9, 2013… I will be remembering my dad, like I do every day but through prayer and also through an public event for Breast Cancer through the American Cancer Association. In this month, I want to start working on building awareness for Brain Cancer in memory of my father and many other’s out there in this world who are fighting through this horrible thing that is given to some of the most greatest people in this world.

Sometimes in life, you have to let go of the past, accept your present and take on the future you want to have. Sometimes in life, we are given situations that are uncontrollable but that doesn’t mean to give up on life and instead fight it… 



3 comments on “Story Nine

  1. I wanted to download the “Ayesha’s confession of love-Wake up Sid” and somehow google made me come across this page. I started reading, by the time you had reached upto Story 4. Now that I’ve read all the stories, I wanted to thank you for sharing your pains and happy moments of your life in a very beautiful manner. I don’t know why but gradually, I was so concerned that I used to check out this page again and again for new stories. Now, I’ve bookmarked this.🙂
    It has always been said that ” A daughter is her dad’s lovely princess ” and here me inspite of being a boy I felt this pure bondage Of love. Thank you for making me feel good and inspired. I should say that you are no less than a princess for your daddy, a daughter who had managed her life so well.
    Bhavna, get going, there’s a long way to go to achieve things in life. In this very long journey, do cherish every moments you go through.
    Happy Journey,
    All the best,
    Keep sharing..

    Your recent reader,

  2. I got to your website through a link for the Shank/Ehsan/Loy concert report and how glad I am, I did!
    Writing these 9 stories so beautifully, you have paid the greatest tribute anybody can pay their Dad. Being a father myself, I can say that every kid must read these stories (my 16 and 9 year olds will read for sure) to appreciate the importance of time and more than that, how wonderful a daughter you are.
    Please do let us know if this can be shared on Facebook.

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