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Story Three

Story Three

Living in this life without having a father figure for ten years has been strange for me. I remember when I was 8 and everything had just happened in minutes. I didn’t even have time to say what I felt unfortunately I do not even remember what I felt. I being pretty much the youngest within family and friends, people would pretend to act like it’s all okay. At the age of 8 I felt like I was 18 already having to feel happiness…

Now that I am 18, I feel almost 25 and I need to accomplish everything I can in the next two years. This partially does motivate me for myself but there are days where I stop and think, what am I doing to myself? I have to tell myself, life is not a film, there’s no need to act in life. Sometimes I regret that I did not live the age I was in the last ten years and sometimes I feel if I did, then I would never be the way I am today. I’m quite content with myself and happy with who I am as a person, with time I have kept distance from people even those who are close to me because my dad lived by a simple motto, “don’t worry, everything is going to be perfectly fine”, if you knew my father you heard these words come out of his mouth quite often.

These words he occasionally uttered, have become a part of my life. Instead of showing sadness and feeling like I have lost the most important person of my life at a young age, I simply use his words and get through all the downs in life so that I can constantly keep my chin up and stay confident.

Because of these obstacles in life that I have faced in these ten years, I have been able to stay happy. Some would say it’s tough, some would question “how can you be happy” and some would simply admire… if I continue to live in the past then I will never be able to move forward in the future; who have to take the present that is given to you.


I Find Happiness in the Simplest of Things…

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