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Asheville, NC

{My Wanderlust Moment}

Last Summer 2013 I made my way to New York City for the first time… after that trip all I wanted to do was travel the rest of my life that is also after watching Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. On February 21 when Highway released my desire to travel hit the point in me where I pushed my friends for us to make an unforgettable trip somewhere. Since we’re all students, money played a huge role in the scenario and since I’m an event planner, planning was a piece of cake!

Gathering a group of 9 of us we booked a cabin in Asheville, North Carolina just about 4 hours away from Raleigh, NC and made it a road trip. The entire time I was driving one exit closer to our destination, I felt butterflies in my stomach. For some strange reason I suddenly have created this strange connection with the simplicity of the outside world which is away from the busy-streets, going to school, work and being a robot…

I wanted to just go somewhere and step outside and enjoy the sound of the air.

…and I found that ‘somewhere’. It was the most beautiful moment and I will never regret spending the three days we spent there.


After watching Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani I had been thriving to have a trip with friends, new old or strangers and just live in the moment of things. I can say for once that something I have been seeing on-screen actually happened in reality and that life can be a “Bollywood film” if you make it happen. After seeing Highway I wanted to experience that moment of just going and not stopping… and that moment, feeling and experience happened.

It was Friday March 14, my friends and I had just finished eating lunch from Subway and packed the 9 of us in a mini-van and we started heading onto the 45 minute drive to Triple-Falls. It was so scenic and everything felt so transparent and smooth. We parked our car and I just started walking, I didn’t check if the friends were following me (which they did) but I just kept going forward. I really had my, ‘Wanderlust’ moment and it was just beautiful.


IMG_1245We started hiking and we reached this point where we saw the Triple-falls, I think I had a moment where the peoples voices around me faded away and all I could see was the top of the falls and all I could hear was the sounds of the water-falls. After that moment I told the group “let’s keep going” and we kept going and worked our way down to the falls and then I said to the group, “let’s go up”. I believe I heard from one of them, “when did she get so adventurous suddenly?” I think I asked myself the same question, but I just kept going and found myself climbing up the rocks and all the way to the top.

That moment brought a tear or two to my eyes and a brief smile to my face, I shut my eyes for a moment and felt like I just started an entire new beginning to my life…

In my short film, In Search of Simplicity the reality behind it is, I really am in search of simplicity in my life. I hadn’t felt that “don’t worry everything will be okay” moment ever since that roller-coaster ride with my father. I am constantly trying to find a way to do it all without having to worry. Since the beginning of 2014 I have come close to each day of the year and realized it is possible to enjoy life without having to worry about it.

I found a portion of simplicity at the highest point at Tripple-Falls and it was the most beautiful, simplistic moment I had experienced.

On another note though the reason this experience was so wonderful was because of the kind of people I spent it with. I spent these three days with some of IMG_1257my “old” best friends and some new friends I had just met that morning before leaving to drive to Asheville. Normally when I meet new people, I become very skeptic and strange ..like how normally any person would react, but I was even able to leave that portion of myself away. I felt like a whole new person and better person came about on this trip and I even managed to bring that person back with me.

Those moments we all had together, the insanity filled into the jokes we made and the friendship which became stronger with my old friends and the friendship I built with my new friends… I never, ever want to let go of these memories.

IMG_1430On the last day of our trip, March 15, we made our way to Asheville Downtown. I didn’t go with any expectations and nor did I look up a lot of what their downtown was like, but when we got there my “A New Girl in a City” moment came back and it was simply wonderful…

I don’t think I will ever get rid of my “City Girl” state-of-mind. It was beautiful, the city had it’s own character to it. It was busy and that chaotic-crowd of people were there but it had it’s own, southern-city environment and for a person like me, I got the best of both worlds with the Southern Hospitality in a place with tall buildings and extravagant food and endless streets to walk on.
So my thoughts at the end of this trip while we were driving back home had me questioning myself,

“have I finally connected back to my child-hood self of loving nature all over again?”

The answer was yes.

Then I asked myself,

“how do you love the city and love nature at once?”

I kept thinking the entire drive home how to answer myself and then I thought, why not? Why is it a problem to be in love with different things in life? I can enjoy the view of a water-fall, mountains and a lovely hike up and down and mountain. I can even enjoy the crowds on streets of a city, the timeless-lifestyle. The best thing is in both these places, I can just keep going and I will never reach an end… I can keep moving forward and find something new at every moment I approach.

I definitely would like to thank the group of friends that were part of these moments I experienced and would definitely not have had as much fun and endless laughs with any other people.

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