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Atlanta, GA

{Back in the City}

April 27, 2014

About a week ago, I got an email from the TiE Atlanta chapter where the selected me as the top 5 finalist as a student entrepreneur from Atlanta, North Carolina & Tampa Bay. It was really last minute on my end but it was an opportunity for me to not let go of…except I almost did, I ran into a conflict which I have always been afraid to come to in my life and as a little of a conflict it may sound to others it was big for me. I had to miss my best friends birthday where originally I had planned a surprise birthday for him, I contemplated for hours the day I received the email, but if I had let go of this opportunity then I may have lost a great experience in my life.

So here I am in the car driving on April 25 to Atlanta, Georgia, a 6 hour drive from home (Raleigh). Friday night I made plans with a friend, Ankith who is my best friends fiance (Aparna who lives in London). Both of them are getting married this summer and I am extremely excited, so excited I think I may have startled Ankith by telling him there were only about 76 days till the BIG day! It was a great evening, we had dinner at an amazing Mexican restaurant, Taqueria Del Sol Decatur and then he showed me around the city. After my trip to Asheville, I enjoyed the scenery of nature, but after driving around the tall buildings all over again I realized I will never lose my love of the tall buildings and the chaotic streets of a city, it was just an un-explainable moment for me to be under the city lights all over again.

The next day I woke up at 7 am to head to the TiE Conference South East at the Renaissance. The conference was wonderful and enjoyed the experience that TiE has always provided to me since I have been part of it in 2010.  In fact my fist “new girl in a city” moment happened through TiE when I traveled to Boston in April 2010 and competed with other prospective high-school teams for the business plan competition. Today, in this organization they have recognized one of my many passions and that is my event planning business. Sometimes life gives you the most perfect opportunity once and you are set for life, TiE has been one of those opportunities for me and I have enjoyed all the events I have attended in the years. 

After the event I drove back to my friends apartment who I stayed with this weekend, Anamika. My childhood friend or more like “diaper buddies”. Anamika is a gem of a person, always so calm and nice to anyone she meets. I have always enjoyed her company and all the ‘Bollywood moments’ we have together! That evening me her and her friend who was visiting, Roshni went to Stone Mountain. When we drove to Stone Mountain, I had a flashback to Asheville and probably stated out-loud when we drove up to the mountain, “I found an inner part of myself when I went to Asheville” and I am pretty positive they were a bit weird-ed out by that statement. I just smiled at my weirdness and continued to look out the window and wondered what exactly this feeling is when I see a mountain now?

It was a short trip but a memorable one, nothing extravagant happened but being in those moments away from home made me fall in love with another city. I’ve actually been to Atlanta before, but have done mostly touristy things like going to the Coke Factory and Georgia Aquarium. I think the highlight of this trip had to be driving through the city at night.

I have had a very busy and chaotic lifestyle in the last few weeks and will be the next couple weeks and I really needed to get a break away from it all for a bit, driving around those buildings brought some sense of relaxation to my mind and worry-free smile. I felt happy that I had this feeling in me after a very long time.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to capture much of my trip on camera but I got a small handful of the moments on my phone camera and my regular camera.

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