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Valentines Day with A New Girl in a City!

Readers & Fans! This Valentines Day, I am doing something a bit different. Typically, I post about my favorite romantic films, scenes or dialogues… This year I want to celebrate it with you! Do the following simple steps: 1. Take your phone or favorite camera 2. Record a 10-30 second video 3. Tell us what […]

Beach Rap…

“Beach Rap” We’re chillen like a villan at the beach spitten rhymes, we’re actin real foolish, but havin a good time. We be smokin sea-weed, …just kidding, we’re so lame! Hah! Bri and Bhavna got everything, but FAME! The next day we’re layin in the sand, listening to our favorite band, we’re gettin all tanned… […]

I am But a Leaf- By: Rupali Srivastava

I am but a leaf drifting in this vast world of trees. Turning. In this truth is light. Dark are the shadows that surround us. Hundreds of leaves, together still are no match for the tree from which they came. Some feel powerless, some feel safe. I am neither, but, here, I can be both. […]

I am But a Leaf- By: Bhavna Singh

I am but a leaf drifiting in this vast world of trees, This will be an adventurous poetic spree, And this poetic spree is influenced by Rupali I am but a leaf drifting in this vast world of trees, Where all I see is the city, Just friends and me I am but a leaf […]