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New York City


A New Girl in a City


My mom and her best friend from school and college, along with their family and myself… we all took a one nights trip to New York City. This was my first time experiencing the real city life in the best place in the world.

July 5, 2013 –

My first thoughts when driving into the city:

This is the time of my life where my dreams and reality are finally colliding and everything finally feels good…  

IMG_1003 Thoughts from my Hotel Window July 6, 12:58 am:

A new girl in a city, for some reason in the back of my mind, I always felt reaching the lights that shine onto tall buildings and walking on streets full of all kinds of people, would simple take many years. But here is reality where I am sitting on the ledge of a window at the Andaz Hotel on fifth avenue and simple smiling. I can’t believe it, I am actually in New York City. This city has no idea what kind of person has stepped foot on its concrete busy road.

The lens of my  camera is capturing every moment possible and my feet have never moved at the pace of the city of blinding lights… I am “city strucked”! Some said NY is dirty, chaotic, crowded and full of rude people. I see NY at a whole other perspective… It’s a piece of art work that has its own unique lifestyle that no other place in this world could ever have

July 6, 10:24 am outside on the steps of the New York Public Library:


Every step I take forward only makes my smile bigger and my dreams larger. I feel like I can stop dreaming what it’s all actually like and instead really live in the moment. Everything feels real and just the way I have always seen it in my head. I feel alive. It feels as if everything that always brought me down in life has suddenly lifted me. Everything feels good and right. I think from now till forever, I can be a better and positive person towards everything, big or small.


Its what I love. This city full of people who just walk, walk towards a certain destination or none at all. Walking mindlessly on endless streets is what makes this place so beautiful.

The New Girl in a City Story… 

Sometimes we have these dreams in life that we feel are so unrealistic. Sometimes we tell people we really want to do something, but nothing is done.

July 2013, Everything seems like it has been accomplished, and it is still hard for me to believe that all these dreams really happened. People ask me what I want to do with my life, I simply say I want to become successful and move to New York City. I had never been to New York, I only saw the city through both American & Indian films, pictures and all the things people tell me about the most amazing city in the world. I had this two day, one night, opportunity, to let my eyes gaze to the top of the buildings in New York and let my feet walk on the streets of New York. I still can’t believe it though… The city welcomed me with large arms and let me soak up every little and big moment I spent there. I saw the city for two days but it felt as if I was there forever and I surely did not want to leave.

When I departed from Raleigh, North Carolina to Newark, New Jersey… I was afraid my dreams would break and I would see something that was too unreal to see. I was afraid, I’d hate it and be disappointed. On the flip side, I was awed. I just cannot believe what I did see. I was able to walk aimlessly in the sunlight that gazed upon me. I was able to feel confidence beneath my feet and lift me up higher. I felt a whole part of me open up that was closed inside me for ten years. I felt like the positive parts of life just entered into my heart and mind and gave me strength. I felt alive…

I feel now my title as A New Girl in a City, finally has some true meaning to it. I can give more to it and more to my blog now. This new me plans on pulling through the life of education in the next two years and permanently setting my next destination to New York City. Whatever I plan on doing with my life, be it the Marketing Director of some top company or a film director, I plan on settling the first part of my career in the city that never sleeps.

On my one night stay, I sat at the windowsill in my hotel room from about 12:30 am-2:45 am and simple watched the city change from minute to minute. It was the most beautiful feeling. The lights never turned down, the cars didn’t stop and the people didn’t go home. Life was still going on… it was like people were really living in the moment. It was the most heart lifting moment for me because I felt like I could relate to all those people on the streets, they weren’t insomniacs but they were just people living life to the fullest.


There is very little I can write about a city so big. I wish I could explain more of my thoughts but it’s something I would simply like to cherish in my mind. I can surely say that my first film will no doubt be shot in New York City and the day this happens, this new girl in a city will be able to capture life on camera through an untold story. The only way I can share my first time experience for now is through photos I captured in these beautiful two days.

Click on the photos to enlarge and scroll through using your right and left arrow key 

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