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4,380 Days Without My Dad

4,380 Days Without My Dad

I have lived 4,380 days without my dad as of today and I wonder often how life would be if he was here with me every step of the way through my journey. I’ve talked about my dad here before, in fact my first short film and only film so far was sort of about him. […]

A New Month, A New Day!

A New Month, A New Day!

June has always been an interesting time of the year for me. Unfortunately it is always a time of the year where I begin to remember those I’ve lost in my life and it is unfortunate that in this past week that another close family friend has been taken away from us. Last night, I […]

Happy March!

Unfortunately down here in North Carolina, the beautiful March Spring weather has not kicked in quite yet. As I look at my window, I see patches of snow blankets everywhere and an occasional fall of rain or ice from the sky. I haven’t been to class for two weeks due to the weather and it […]

Built up Thoughts of February

Feberuary is one of those months I always forget exist. It’s that month that unnecessarily elongates burst of cold on our cheeks.  I typically dislike the cold wither, I haven’t had much of a problem with it this winter, but I am surely ready for some warm weather and less layering on my body. I […]

Personal Updates & more…

Personal Updates & more…

Good morning, evening, afternoon (or whatever time it is)! I want to apologize for lack of updates, film reviews, and just general ‘stuff’… from the last couple of months. No need to explain reason and what not. Obviously this is a very in-formal post and just a personal message to all my readers and fans! […]

A New Girl in a City’s 2014 Overview!

Here it is, my 2014 Overview-recap Video!  Lately I have ventured into putting everything in a video, slowly learning the amount of effort and time it takes to just make the right shot in a few minutes. It took me two days to perfect this, even though in my eyes I don’t think it’s perfect […]

Happy New Year to All!

Readers & Fans, Happy New Year! Welcome to the year of 2015! I remember when I first started my blog, I frequently kept a countdown towards big events, such us going into the next year. I found myself counting down only because I was ready for something new… Today, I woke up at 8am with a […]


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