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A Special Bond of Friendship

{25 Days till I leave for London} {43 Days till “The A Team Wedding} It’s a little over midnight in Raleigh, North Carolina and I have already finished watching my 4th Netflix movie this week and even saw a couple interviews. I still can’t sleep and I don’t have a schedule to follow on this […]

Waking Up on the other side of Bed

It’s Tuesday, May 6. I take my last exam in roughly about an hour and half and am extremely excited to get this semester done with. The next 6 days is when I get to experience the shortest summer vacation I have ever had in the 19 years of my life. But in these 6 […]

May, here we come!

Yesterday was my last day of classes of my second-ish year of college. I have about a semester and half left at Wake Tech Community College before I take off to become a 49er at UNC-Charlotte. And I have about two-and-half-years before I take off into my future plans. I have planned out my life […]