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City Productions

~the Queen of Bollywood Productions

For the past 4 years or so, people begun to recognize me as ‘the Queen of Bollywood’. I have since then gone with that name. I took the name to another level after creating many home movie slide shows by creating my own unofficial production company. People love it!
Growing up in the US but being taught ever aspect of my culture through films and learning the language has created a close relationship with the film industry. When I talk about Hindi Cinema I talk as if its my second home, and it really is.
On the blog you will have the chance to read Movie reviews, know about great upcoming films in advanced and will always be aware of the top news of the industry. The one thing you will not read on my blog about the Hindi film Industry is the ‘scandals’. I feel an actors personal should stay at their home just like how yours and mine is. Fort hem acting is their job which they are fully passionate for, we watch them for entertainment, laughter and so much more but not about the scandals and false news, or at least I don’t. So if you were to meet me in a party or any place and begin the discussion “did you know that so in so is having an afair with so in so?” then I will be the first to walk out on the conversation.
Let’s get out of reality for a bit and just live in the world of Hindi Cinema!

~the Queen of Bollywood Productions

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