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12 Days of Bollywood Romance

{12 Days of Bollywood Romance 2014}

The month of February is known for romance, relationships and strangers, friends, loved ones being tied together!

Valentines Days the ONE day people feel it is necessary to  dose their loved one with heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and expensive looking jewelry shaped like a heart…

BUT there is a better way to spend this special time of the year, and that is Bollywood Style!

I’ll be sharing my favorite romantic songs from Indian Cinema, from Black & White to Today’s romantic tunes. I’ll share some of my favorite dialogues and scenes from films and my inner thoughts about love, relationships and how relationship either build or break peoples lives…

February 3

aradhanaThey always say, “old is gold” and it truly is. Just about a few weeks ago, I pulled out an old gem Aradhana. If it is acceptable to say, Rajesh Khanna is definitely a heartthrob of all the leading actors of today’s cinema. It was such a beautiful film and what I loved the most that the romance was so simple and  elegant. Here’s a clip from a favorite romantic song from the film:

Reflecting off the simplistic part of relationships…. I see so many relationships in go and come by through friends and hear about them in parties, etc. I think what breaks young relations so quickly in this day and time of life is the freedom we all have to be able to mingle with anyone and talk to anyone we want. Unlike the old days where just going out the house to watch a film was a big deal…

In addition to a romantic song here is a favorite dialogue from one of my all time favorite love-stories, Hum Tum.  


February 4

My favorite scenes in Hindi films is when the girl or guy realize that their in love… it has to be one of the most beautiful moments in a film and has always been presented on-screen in a creative way where you as the audience watching it will also feel the persons uplifting moment of being in love. Why is there always a song in this moment? It’s simple, there are never enough words to express why you love someone, in that moment you just do and the best words to use to express your feeling in that moment is, I love you. 

I aisharemember watching this film Aisha has to be one of my favorite ‘Romantic-Comedy’ Hindi films. In this last scene of the film, Aisha (Sonam Kapoor) apologizes for all her mistakes she has made by simply just over-taking in peoples lives. This character Aisha always reminds me of myself as she is constantly trying to make others happy which makes her happy but sometimes when she starts making others happy it becomes over-baring and hurts a lot. With time she realizes that the match-making game she plays to make others lives happy, she forgets about herself and forgets what she loves and wants. It’s put together in a very obvious and cliche way as in she ends up falling in love with her best friend, the guy that annoys her the most but knows her too well.

Love is an interesting feeling and a feeling no one really can say “this is what loves feels like” because its a feeling that’s different for everyone!

February 5

During the relationship… what really goes on? In all my years of observing peoples relations ups and downs, I manage to always find this “nagging” thing that always happens. As a person who is watching the nagging it is quite irritating. Pointing out one another little faults and break ke baadcreating it into such a large problem, it almost seems like when people get into a relationship all they do is fight and never enjoy that feeling they had before getting into it.

In the film Break Ke Baad what happens after the “good feeling” is what is shown in this film. It has to be one of my favorite films that portrays all the downs in relationships and when the guy or girl says, “We need to take a break”.

In this song it shows the feelings and moments when the girl and guy are apart during their “break” and how lost they feel when apart. 

February 6

pataila houseHow do we ever express those built up feelings for someone close to us? It’s hard, I think when it comes to love we feel insecure and we hurt ourselves inside hoping to not hurt the other person or get hurt by the other persons thoughts.

In Indian films, they sometimes portray, during a person hardest times in their life, someone comes around to support them and give a shoulder to lean on and slowly, slowly that shoulder becomes a permanent pillar in one another’s lives and they eventually fall in love. In this film, Pataila House both the roles Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma play that role in each other’s lives and when things start to turn around for the good, they finally say the three letter phrase… “I love you”. 

February 7 & 8

On Friday February 7, I saw a beautiful love-story I had never really seen before. Something after that film had me thinking a lot and still is at this very moment. It wasn’t the sad songs, or the great weddings songs that are putting this feeling in me but the simple feeling that was shown on screen between two characters and simply trying to understand the fundamentals of Love…

I have very little to say except for the fact… if you love someone, just say it. Don’t beat around the bush and wait for something to happen because what will happen is you will hurt yourself inside and feel lost. Check out my film review of Hasee Toh Phasee: https://newgirlinacity.com/2014/02/08/hasee-toh-phasee-film-review/ and here’s two songs from the film which I just love, one is a “sad song” where the character comes to realize what really matters to him and what doesn’t. And the second song, Zehnaseeb which means destiny is a simple love song which is saying, somewhere in our lives we are destined for one another in every-way possible. 

February 9

Yeh Pyar Kya Hai? (What is love?)

Somewhere in every Hindi Film this question is asked or looked upon in the films. What makes the best romance in Hindi Cinema, I must honestly say is the music. I come across so many beautiful romantic songs and if someone asked choose one which is your favorite, I would not know what to choose from.

In Bollywood, love is doing strange things that come off to be impressive to someone else. Saying the best Decalogue ever heard to someone. Singing a song in your mind to someone or dancing together to the best dance song out there and performing together in-front of your guests. Doing the most extraordinary things, which people do not expect out of you for someone else. Give your all, giving your heart and mind and life to someone… In Bollywood to simply be filmy to someone you love will sweep them off their feet & why doesn’t this happen in reality?

I think it does really happen though, being a wedding planner I hear so many different unique love-stories and they make me think… if this really happens to them, then it can happen to me or anyone else.

Love is an undefined sensation which we feel in our veins which lead to our heart. 

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February 10:

Seasons of love… no matter what kind of day is, young love can be enjoyed in any kind of weather, any environment at any time. That is the beauty of love! There are some girls who would prefer the “perfect” date to be at the most expensive restaurant and there are guys who have the idea in mind to give expensive jewelry is the way to “win” his loved ones heart. But the more simple, the better. That’s how they portray it in all the Bollywood films. The mos extraordinary and best love stories are in the rain, in a field of flowers, on the street or even in a car, bus, taxi or anywhere that doesn’t need a lot of enhancement. Why is this? Because, fancy cars, restaurants and expensive gifts only define the price of your relationship and not the meaning of your relationship.

A lot of people tell me, “oh you’re so filmy, you probably want the perfect proposal in a fancy place” and in my mind all I keep saying is, “no, no and no!” In fact, as beautiful proposals are, I would just love to just fall in love and just move forward with the beauty of the relationship rather than being stressed about how I want someone to propose to me or how the wedding should be, etc. On Friday February 7 when I saw, Hasee Toh Phasee, there was a dialogue that went something like this… your relationship does not define having a wedding and and making it official on paper that you are now a married couple but your relationship is about what happens after marriage.

chal pichur banate hainSpending quality time, understanding one another’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and all the little things is what makes love beautiful.

Here’s a song from a very low-budget film which I actually have never seen but have always tried to get my hands on a copy of this film, Chal Pichur Banate Hain. I came across this song around the release of the film back in 2012 and thoroughly fell in love with it and the little dialogues in the song too.

February 11:

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, a film I saw over and over and over again at the age of 4 up till this date. For me this is a classic film and every piece of it is, perfect. There are two dialogues in this film which completely fall under my beliefs when it comes to love.

The first one is,  the concept of, “Pyar, dosti hai”(Love is, friendship)  In my mind, I don’t think arranged marriages, love at first sight and all those many sayings really ever come to my mind. I find it more beautiful when one is close friends to their loved one and then later on in that friendship, it turns into love. It’s a simple concept but it is very real and can and has happened to many people in this world.

The second concept is, which also happens to be Director, Ayan Mukerji’s favorite scene to:  the dialogue in this scene which is my favorite it, “hum ek bar jeete hai, ek bar marte hai, shaadi ek bar hoti hai aur pyar…ek hi bar hoti hai” Of course in this film, Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) breaks this idea of getting married once and falling in love once but I really believe in this idea here in the non-film world. These days, young people my age take marriage and love so lightly that it has lost the meaning behind it. It’s a life time commitment but a happy one… when people say, “you know you’re going to have to live with this person your whole life” they get terrified but why should you be, if you love them enough you should be able to live with them forever.

Love is timeless, love only really happens once to every person in the world and love is simply friendship…

February 12: 

silsilaThere are only 2 days before that time of the year people express there feelings and emotions towards another person. If anyone had to pick the most romantic Hindi Song in the world, which is truly just the hardest thing to do, but I searched and searched and found that ONE song.

When I hear of this song I think of two things… the film itself, Silsila and the gorgeous tulip fields that you only find in a Yash Raj Film, movie. The second thing I think of are my parents, they did not have a love marriage but if I had to tell a story about “love at first sight” they would be the story I’d tell. Their marriage was arranged and in the small time they met for the first time, they immediately said yes with good feelings inside. When I go through pictures at the time when they first got married, I think of this song from Silsila. Mostly because they have picture when they both went to a similar place I believe in Harrisburg and this is one my parents favorite songs.

Love is beautiful in the moment we feel it, love is a feeling created by the environment two people are in, love is love…

February 13: 

Love at its simplistic point…

Wake Up Sid, if you’re a common reader on the blog you know one of my #1 favorite films is, Wake Up Sid. If I had to choose my love story, I would hope it to be as simple, as crazy and as beautiful like the love story between Sid & Aisha. Every point, every moment Sid and Aisha spend together from strangers to friends to heart-breaks and realization that it’s all simply just love and care for one another…

wake up sid


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